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Ria Episode 27 & 28

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IAN POV ????

“Sir Ian -” Ramsey popped his head in

“Yes” I looked up from my system

“I just received a call from the interior designers” he walked in

“So what did they say?”

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“they are ready to check out the place”

“Send the address to them. You still have the keys right?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good…” I tapped on my desk softly

“Do i still have any meeting today?” Ramsey’s eyes were now glued to the tablet

“Limos Company sent a mail around 5:00am. The CEO wants to see you”

He isn’t ready to give in to my demand of 40% so that can wait.

“I will attend to that later -”

Setting up Ria’s place is more important to me. Even though she thinks we are just Business Partners! Keeping things just strictly Business!

deal! So I will just go with the flow and see how the thing goes.

I was super relief and excited when Ria didn’t yell at me last night for my plan.

Thank Goodness I was able to man up and explain things to her. My make up plans would have involved taking her on a date or a picnic.. But Ria wants things on Business level!

Strictly Business!

“Send a mail to Limos..tell them we are not changing our mind. It 40% or no deal”

“Okay Sir..anything else?”

“No meetings..” I checked my watch. 10:45am! Ria hasn’t called!

I told her I’d be free by 10:00am…or has she taken a taxi to the store?


“Yes sir”

“Go and meet those Designers while i go and see Ria. You wait for us at the place”

“Okay sir” he exited

I picked up my phone and dialed Ria’s number but she wasn’t picking.

What’s wrong?

I dialed Mrs Elise number and she picked on the first ring.

“Hello Mrs Elise”

I sighed when she picked

“Mr Ian..how are you?”

“I’m fine..is Ria there with you?”

“No..is she not with you?” She asked in return

“No. We both agreed that I would come and pick her up by 10:00 or anytime she was ready to go to the store”

“Oh may be she’s still at the kids school”

“Is everything okay with the kids?”

“Yes..the school principal called today and said that she wants Miss Ria to make a new design for the uniform”

“So she will be at the school?”

“Yes..but I was hoping she would have called and told you about it. But… maybe she didn’t want to stress you. I can send the school address to you”

“I’d love that Mrs Elise”

“Okay I will do that now”

“Thanks” i hang up

I stood up from my desk and walked out of my office.

“Ramsey tell Ben to bring the keys to me downstairs”

“Okay Sir”

My phone beeped. A message from Mrs Elise.



RIA POV ????‍

I listened to Principal Brenda as she talked

“The parents complained that the school uniform is old fashioned. They want something smart on the kids”

I nodded

“Something like this..” She showed me a design on her phone

“A parent suggested this at the meeting but…this is too short for the kids”

The dress was short! There is no way I will allow Phoebe come to school in something like this.

“We can Make it longer..pass knee length and add another design to it”

“Yeah you’re right”

“So are you changing the color?”

“No..just the style and pattern”

“Okay” I nodded

“How do we go about it?”

“Will you be the one buying the material?”

“Yes please”

“I’ll be busy for sometime -”

“So you won’t be able to help us?”

“I will. As soon as I finish the work at hand. I will start if you’re ready”

“I’m ready..Miss Ria I’m tired of receiving calls from parents”

“Okay then get the materials..I will make a sample so you can show it to the parents”

“I think that’s better”

I brought out a notepad and pencil and wrote down the necessary things to make a sample.

“Thank you”

She collected the paper from me

“I will call you as soon as I select a material”

“Okay” I stood up

Mrs Brenda followed me out of the Office down the silent hallway and out of the building.

“Thanks once again Miss Ria”

“You’re welcome”

Then Principal Brenda walked back inside.

Ian must be very worried. We agreed that he would bring me to the store but plans changed after I received Principle Brenda call. I couldn’t turn her down, so i had to see her first.

I saw 6 missed calls from Ian and 2 missed calls from Mrs Elise. I didn’t hear it ring cause it was on silent.

Perhaps is he at home waiting for me?

I shouldn’t have agreed to him driving me to the store.

My phone vibrated. It was Ian!

“Were you ignoring my calls?” He said when I picked

“No. I’m sorry I was busy -”

“Where are you?”

“I’m at the kids school”

“Stay right there I’m coming to fetch you”

“No..no Ian you don’t have to come. I’m outside the building -”

“Ria wait for me I’m almost there”

No it cant be! He still at the office he just wants me to Wait!

“I’m in a taxi now” I lied

I was still trying to stop one.

I don’t want him stressing him self. Driving from the office to this place.. Then to the store and back to my place before he leaves for his place too.

“What? You’re in a taxi?”

Now that sounded like he knew I was lying

“Ah yes”

Ian chuckled

“Turn around”


“Turn right Ria”

I did as he said and I saw him leaning against his car on the other side. He waved at me!

What have I done?

How did he get here?

Mrs Elise must have given him the address.

He entered his car and drove to my side.. Stopping in front of me. He motioned to me to come in but I was too embarrassed. I lied and he caught me in the act!

“You can pay me if you don’t Want a free Ride” he said with a bright smile

Him acting like he didn’t know I lied to him made thing awkward for me. I slipped into the car while avoiding his gaze.

“To the store or your place?”

He asked when the car moved into motion

“To the store”

I whispered

“I’m not familiar with the stores.. So be precise”

“Downtown side line 12”

I rubbed my palms together

“Don’t give me that look Ria”

He said

Our gaze met but I looked away quickly

“It doesn’t suit you”

I swallowed hard trying to find the right words to say to him.

“I’m..sorry” I stuttered

“for what? If I may ask”

“For..not calling you on time to tell you plans changed and -”

“So why didn’t call me?”

I shrugged

“I just felt that..it would be a whole lot of work for you. Driving to my place,to the school..to the store and back home – I don’t want you to go -”

“I suggested it Ria”

But I didn’t want him to go through all that because of me

“I am the one driving and I’m not complaining. You should have called me”

“I was just -”

“Remember what I told you in China?”

I tried to recall what he said during those periods

“I told you the type of person i am..i don’t back out on my words, I do whatever it is I set my mind on and i do all it takes to make it happen. So please keep that in mind”

Perhaps does Ian have this feeling that I’m doubting his care and being nice to me?

I gave him a hard nod

“So now you have to make up for saying that you were already in the taxi when you’re not. I don’t want to use that word -” he paused

Lying I guess!

“Is that a fair deal?..making things up to each other”

“All right”

I said

but how do i make it up to him?

“You don’t have to make up at the moment. You can do it some other time”

I think that’s better!

“But when the time comes..i hope you make up by having dinner with me..or a picnic on the beach..something like -”

My forehead creased

I looked at him as our gaze met again but Ian looked away.

He cleared his throat

“Never mind”

He focused on the road ahead

“Forget i said that..”

Then i nodded slowly. It better that way I will act like I didn’t hear him say that!

But then a voice said in mind

“It’d be cool! Dinner or picnic with Ian!”

“Apart from the store will you be visiting any other place?”

“No.. just the store but we might check in to other stores if I don’t get the silk and lace at the store I’m familiar with”

“Okay..so we will head right to your place after picking up the materials at the store”


“The designers are waiting at the place to check and know what you want”

“Have you met them?”

“No but Ramsey is with them now”


“Is what’s up with Phoebe school?”

“They want to change the the school uniform”

He nodded

“But how did they find out you can do it? Are they aware that you’re a seamstress?”

“No it was Phoebe. She told her teacher about me and even took my collections to school without me knowing..just to show her teacher that I could make the uniform”

“She’s smart!and she’s just trying to help out”

I nodded

“So her teacher told the principal. Then i received a call from her this morning”

“So will you be able to do the two at the same time..I mean the foundation work and uniform”

“I already told her that I will be busy in the next two weeks but I offered to make a sample so if she likes it then I will take the job after I’m done with the foundation work”

“Good..but you still need extra hand to help aside Mrs Elise”

“Yeah..Mrs Elise and I planned to place an advert on our website”

“For a seamstress?”


“What about Cassidy? She once told me that she’d like to work with you”

Oh yeah! Oh my God!

I totally forgot that I promised to call Cassidy!

“I doubt it If she would be chanced to help cause of school works”

“You’re right but why don’t you talk to her first”

“Okay..I will call her by the end of the day”




CASSIDY POV ????‍????

“What’s up sis?”

My twin brother Caleb greeted me. He flopped down on the couch and groaned..

“I’m good..you?”

“Fine..” I grabbed the TV remote before he reached for it

“Don’t you even think about it”

I hid the remote under my skirt. Caleb stood up and came to the couch I sat on.


“Cassidy..lemme have the remote I wanna watch soccer”

He tried to find the remote

“Go and watch soccer in your room”

I pushed him away and he fell back on the couch.

“If you don’t give it to me then I will take it” he pointed to my skirt

“You dare not -”

Then I was already up from the couch before Caleb could grab me. I circled the couches as he tried to catch me

“Catch me if you can..big boy!” I stick out my tongue at him

“Can I have a moment of peace in this house?”

I stopped running around when I heard my mom’s voice.

“It Cassidy” he pointed


“She won’t allow me watch soccer. Silly girl watching cartoons at your age”

“Caleb -” my mom called out to him when he grabbed me

“Let me go!”

He raised me up and placed me on his shoulder

“I will teach you how to be a good girl”

“Let go of me Jerk!” I screamed as he spined me around

“Caleb!” My mom screamed and he stopped

Everywhere was going in circles when he dumped me on the couch. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. Caleb snatched the remote from the couch and tuned in to a soccer station

“Why can’t you watch that soccer in your room?” Mom asked

“My TV stopped working”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know mom”

I folded my arms and thought of how to get back at Caleb.

“Can we talk?” Mom asked

I nodded while Caleb hummed a response without looking away from the Tv

“Your Aunt wants to move to Chicago” mom said

“Which Aunt?” Caleb asked with a raised eyebrow

“My sister Loretta”

“Oh no..not aunt Loretta” he rolled his eyes

Aunt Loretta lives in Denver. She is the seamstress I told Miss Ria about. She taught me how to use the machine.

“Is she moving in with us?” I asked


Caleb grumbled

He doesn’t like Aunt Loretta cause he thinks she’s too strict

“Oh mom please tell me you’re kidding” he said

“I’m not..Loretta is moving in with us”

Whats wrong? The Aunt Loretta I know will never think of leaving Denver. She likes her hometown..too much. That even mom had persuaded her to move in to Chicago a long time ago but she refused.

“But..why the sudden change of mind?” I asked

“Her ex husband won’t let her rest. He wants to get back with her”


“He is psycho” Caleb added

“So she realized that leaving Denver is the only way to avoid his trouble and make him stay away finally”

Aunt Loretta husband cheated on her. He met his high school love and fell in love with her again. He requested for a divorce and Aunt Loretta had no choice but to let him go. Four years now and he wants to get back with her.

What happened to his high school Love?

Moving out of Denver is the best option for Aunt Loretta.

“Mom did you suggest the moving in with us?” Caleb asked

“Yes She wanted to get a place but I told her not do that..”

“Why mom?”

My mom raised her brow at Caleb

“Well it obvious someone doesn’t want Aunt Loretta here”

i said with glare

“Mom our place is big enough to accommodate Aunt Loretta..everyone” I added

“Yes. I don’t want her to stay alone” mom said

“Mom let her move in with us”

It would be fun to have Aunt Loretta Around!

Thinking of it now..Aunt Loretta can work with Miss Ria!

“Yes she’s coming in tomorrow”

“Tomorrow?!” Caleb gasped I shock

“Do you have any problem with my sister moving in with us” She said

Annoyance clear in her voice

“He’s just scared that he won’t be able to keep late nights, hang out with his friends and do anyhow with Aunt Loretta being around!”

I laughed

Caleb shot me a bad look

“What?….You can as well move out of the house and move in With your rich girlfriend”

Mom shot me a surprised look

Caleb frown deepened and I managed to stiff a laugh.

Aunt Loretta is moving in! Caleb won’t be the boss anymore! No snatching of remotes and taking the larger share of everything!

I’m even super excited that I will introduce Miss Ria to my aunt!

Talking of Miss Ria..I should call her and tell her about my aunt! Or maybe I should go and see her!

“Mom..I’m heading out” I stood up from the couch

“Where are you off to?”

“Miss Ria’s place”


“Who is Miss…Ria?”

Caleb asked

“None of your business!”

I screamed as I made my way to my room.





RIA POV ????‍

“Will you come in and have tea..or coffee or soda?” I asked when Ian pulled up in front of my home. I think inviting him in for a drink is fair enough to make it up to him.

Our visit to the store went well..I was able to pick out good materials to make the Sample for Amber Foundation Dress. Ian was there with me and he was even the one that picked the ivory colored silk at the store. We went to the workplace after buying the necessary materials. Ramsey introduced the designers to us and we were able to discuss on how the place should be.

On our way back home I told Ian my plans of using whatever I make from the Amber Deal to pay the designers. But Ian insisted that i save it up and use it to purchase the equipments I will be needing. He just wants to pay to the setting Up!

So we agreed that he would pay for the setting up cause I don’t have any money to set up such place.

And I simply don’t know how to thank Ian for everything he’s done!

Ian checked his wristwatch

“We can do that some other time” he replied

Did he just say No?! I never expected him to reject my offer for a drink!

He went on studying me with those eyes that were so intense.

“I need to see someone before calling it a day”

See someone again?

And who is he seeing this time?

I shouldn’t be bothered about it! We are just business Partners – whoever he’s seeing is none of my business!

“All right” I said to him

“Just give me a call if you need anything”

I nodded even if I won’t be calling him for anything .

Ian started the car and drove away.

I met Cassidy when I stepped into the house.

“Hello Miss Ria” she said with a bright smile

“How’re you Cassidy?”

“I’m fine”

“Oh Cassidy..I’m really sorry for not calling -”

“I understand. Mrs Elise told me that you’ve been busy”


“What do you have in there?”

Mrs Elise pointed to the bag I was holding

“It’s the materials for the Sample”

She collected it and set it down on the couch

“Mrs Elise told me about your contract with Mrs Perla”

“Yes Cassidy…I planned to call you to ask if you would be chanced to help Me”

“Oh yes! I’d love to Miss Ria”

“But what about school?”

“We’re on break now”


“Yeah 2weeks break”

So that means Cassidy will join me and Mrs Elise to make those Dresses!

“And..Miss Ria remember that my Aunt I told you about? The one in Denver”

“Uhmmm..your Aunt that taught you how to sew”

“Yes..yes..she’s moving in with us tomorrow. I can talk to her to help you with Work”

“Is she a seamstress?”

Mrs Elise


“That’s a good idea Miss Ria! We don’t need to place an advert on the site anymore. Cassidy can talk to her Aunt to work with us!” She clapped excitedly


“Well..you’re right, But will your Aunt agree to work with us?..you know she’s An experienced seamstress. She might just decide to work on her own here”

“No my mom didn’t mention it that She’s going to start her sewing business here in Chicago. And Miss Ria..your designs are amazing! I’m sure my Aunt will be glad to work with you!”

“Okay..then talk to her about it”

“Should I bring her over if she agrees?”

“Sure Cassidy”


“This color of silk is pretty..” Mrs Elise said

“Ian picked that Color”

“Really?!” They gasped

“The lace and color of silk fits in perfectly”

Cassidy said

“And I’m sure the kids will like when it’s done!” She added

“No..not just the kids but Mrs Perla, Madam Charity and everyone at the Event!” Mrs Elise answered

“And when Miss Ria’s place is ready..people will patronize us…rich and classy people” she clapped

“Celebrities too” Mrs Elise added and we all laughed

“So what was the outcome of the meeting with the designers?”

“They said the place will be ready in a month time if they get paid soon”

“About the payment.. We can’t pay them yet because we’re still yet to discuss price with Mrs Perla..and I wish I had the money so i can pay them and they can start work soon”

She said soberly

“Ian promised to pay them”

“Really?!” Her eyes widened


“Oh! That so kind of him!”

Her face brightened

“We both agreed that he would pay for setting up while i take care of the equipments”

“That’s how he is..I mean Mr Ian..” Cassidy said

“He is really kind..and nice” she completed

“Cassidy..how are you related to Ian? Cause I found out that Mr Griffin is not your dad”

She and Mrs Elise exchanged glances

“I’m sorry Miss Ria”

“It okay Cassidy..you don’t have to feel bad about it” she nodded

“I’m not related to Mr Ian or Mr Griffin. Mr Ian used to be friends with my late brother. After my elder brother died Mr Ian took on our responsibility. He’s the one paying for our college fees,he gives us monthly allowances and also paying bills too”

“He’s doing all that for your family?” Mrs Elise asked

“Yes. He said that his making it up to my brother for being a good friend to him”

Making things up to people must be part of Ian. I thought he was only doing it with me.. But I was wrong!

being nice and kind must be part of him too!

“Miss Ria don’t be surprise if Mr Ian insists on doing everything for you..that the way he is. And i want you to know that He is not pretending to you! He really wants to help”

She is right! I realized that a long time ago. Ian isn’t a pretender!

Everything Cassidy said about Ian proves a lot about him which I’ve seen but refuse to acknowledge it.

I still doubted him,

But not anymore!

I accept that Ian is the nicest Man on earth!

Surprise that’s coming from me? Yea I am too!

But maybe there are still good men in the world.

Men like Ian and not the type of men I knew.

The category of men in met were monstrous in Nature. I saw men as Beasts!

But maybe things would have been different if I didn’t go through what i went through Six years ago.




RIA POV ????‍

“Good Morning Miss Ria!”

Cassidy greeted cheerfully and we exchanged pleasantries before she introduced the woman she brought along.

“Miss Ria meet my Aunt”

“Loretta” the woman said

“Ria Robert”

I shook hands with her.

She should be about the same age with Mrs Elise..or probably in her 40’s.

“Nice to meet you Miss Ria”

“Please take your seat” i led her to the couch

“Where is Mrs Elise?” Cassidy asked

“She went to pick an old lady’s dress down the street. She should be back soon”

“Okay….so what are you doing?”

“Still on Amber’s work”

“What do i need to do?”

“Just relax a bit. Mrs Elise already shared our works.. You will start work when she comes” Cassidy rolled her eyes

“Just show it to me..”

“We have a visitor Cassidy”

“Oh! Sorry Aunt Loretta”

“Please get juice for her”

“Okay” she walked into the kitchen

“She can be very naughty” Loretta said

“And sweet at the same time”

She nodded in agreement

“Cassidy told me about you… and the Amber’s work”

I nodded

“You can just tell me more..and what I need to do”

I explained in details.

Yes..I made a sample of the dress. I finished it the day before and sent it to Mrs Perla. She liked it! And she called to tell me that she want the dress for the kids!

I went to her store and We agreed on a price which is for her to pay $200 for a dress. But Mrs Perla said the dress was worth than that..so she paid $300 for a dress. The pay was good! Enough to buy more machines and do some other things like paying Mrs Elise and Cassidy and now Mrs Loretta. Mrs Perla even gave me the option of buying materials from their textile branch at a lower price. She gave me the number of her daughter in charge of the branch but I was directed to the manager by her Secretary.

It pays well buying from the Textile branch than the Store!

“They will deliver the rest of the materials soon so we’ll start work fully”

“Have you taken the kids measurement?”

“Yes..we went there yesterday..didn’t Cassidy’s tell you We went there yesterday”

“We didn’t talk much.. I’ve been busy with my sister”


“Can I see the design?”

Cassidy gave her a glass of lemon juice


I went to the large table and took the sample I made.

“It nice” she complimented after checking the dress out

“I told you Aunt!” Cassidy exclaimed

“I said she’s good” she added

Loretta nodded

The door opened and Mrs Elise stepped in.

“Hi Mrs Elise” Cassidy greeted her

“Hello Cas -” her voice trailed when her gaze fell on Loretta who also arched her brows

“Loretta…Hill?” She said

That sounded like she knows Mrs Loretta

“Elise” She stood up from the couch

“Do you know each other?” Cassidy asked

And we exchanged confused looks

“Perhaps are you Loretta Hill?”


“Oh my God!” She placed her palm on her mouth

“Elise!” They both hugged

Oh yeah they know each other.. but how?

Oh my God! I know the connection!

Mrs Elise used to live in Denver with her Foster mom before she moved to study in the College in Chicago!

“It so good to see you again Elise!”

“What a small world” Cassidy Muttered

“Where have you been all this while Elise?! You just disappeared in Denver without any trace!” Loretta said

“Oh no come on Loretta..I was in Denver three years ago when Mrs Hope died”

“Can someone please explain the connection?” Cassidy whispered

“We used to classmate in high school..” Elise said

“sit partners..until she left Denver to study in Chicago” Loretta added

“Oh! Now I understand!” Cassidy responded

These few words explains it all!

They both sank onto the couch

“And..don’t I get a reward for bring you guys back together?” Cassidy pouted

“Of course!” Elise said

“A token for you when we get back home” Loretta added and we all laughed

“Are you into sewing too?” She asked Mrs Elise

“Yes..she taught me. And I’m working with her”

“That’s good Elise”

Hmm Now I think this two needs some space.

There’s a lot of catching up to do!

And I don’t see us talking business now!

“Uhmmm Cassidy let’s get down to the store quickly”

“Want to buy something?”

“Yes..yes..I’m yet to buy the zips and buttons. And I also wanna withdraw some cash at the machine”


I grabbed my purse from the table

“Mrs Elise I will be right back. Mrs Loretta please feel at home”


“See you later!” Cassidy said before we walked out of the House

“Hmm you’re actually leaving because them” she said when we stood on the porch

“Yes..they need to chat..and catch up”

“Yeah you are Right Miss Ria”

I nodded before we bounced down the small stairs.!



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