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Ria Episode 13 & 14

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♠ RIA ♠





AUTHOR’S POV ????????

Ian looked wonderful as he got out of the car and came up to Ria front door though – casual and comfortable in a fitting pair of pencil black jeans and a body hugging round neck top that hugged his broad shoulders and well sculpted chest.

“Miss Ria! Sir Ian is here!” Mrs Elise said excitedly “he came with a Bentley” she whispered before rushing to the door. Ria opted in for a black pants and white turtle neck top to hide her body. She doesn’t like the idea of any man stopping to stare at her. Ria has a beautiful glowing skin.. Mrs Elsie has once said that any man would stop to stare at her if they were too exposed..her beauty and full breast is enough to stop every car on the highway. So Ria would always wear long clothes to avoid such things anytime she was heading out. When Mrs Elise said Ian came with a Bentley… Ria hoped none of her neighbours were around to see the car that pulled up in the front of her house at exactly 8 in the morning. It would cause no end talk and she didn’t relish being the subject of neighbourhood gossip any more than she already

had been as the resident blind lady

“Good Morning Mrs Elise” Ian greeted the moment Mrs Elise opened the door

“Oh Mr Ian Good Morning.. Please come in” Ria rose to her feet with her hands locked. She tried to relax just like the day she had when Mr Griffin was here

“Miss Ria..Mr Ian is here”

“Good morning” she greeted trying all her best to put on a good smile on her face. Ian looked at her taking in her good features. No matter how she had tried to hide herself and look so old fashioned.. She still looked beautiful. But to say she was beautiful was an understatement…she was actually gorgeous. He knew that there was some inexplicable something about Ria that he couldn’t explain

“Good Morning Ria” he looked at Mrs Elise who was now beside Ria

“Introduce yourself” she gestured to him and Ian moved closed a bit

“I am Ian Bryant.. It nice to meet you again” he eyed Mrs Elise to see if it was fine for him to shake Ria..but she already stretched her hand even before Mrs Elise could reply

“Ria Robert” Ian took her hand in his “nice to meet you too”

And then she withdrew quickly

“Miss Ria is ready

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to go with you Sir”

“Aren’t you coming with us?”

Ria asked

“Ah..no remember we have dresses to sew..so I will stay back and face them”

Ria moved away like she wanted to get something.. But she was only trying to let air refill her lungs. It being long since she had a contact

with a man…and she had succeeded in calming herself and controlling her body that Ian wasn’t a man like Lucas. After the inhaling process she went in search for her walk stick

“Do you need anything Miss Ria?”

“Yes..my walk stick”

“You don’t need that..Mr Ian will lead and guide you”

“Mrs Elise just tell me where it is?”

“Okay” Mrs Elise picked the stick from the couch

She was hoping that Ria wouldn’t need the stick since Ian will be there to hold her. She was supposed to go with them but Mrs Elise decided that it would be best for them to be alone together

“Here” she gave the stick to Ria

“Thank You”

“Doctor Hawn called me a while ago and said that an optician is ready at the hospital to attend to you”


“Shall we Mrs Elise?”

“Yeah..sure..lemme go with you to the car”

“My purse Mrs Elise”

“Here you go” she gave Ria the black purse under her armpit. They walked out of the house to the car with Mrs Elise guiding Ria’s steps. Ian was ahead of them

“If the children come back before me..please make sure that they do their home works Mrs Elise before doing the dresses”

“Okay Miss Ria”

Ian was now waiting with the car door opened

“Take care Miss Ria” she kissed her cheeks before Ian helped Ria into the car

“Thank You” she said to him and he moved to the other side after shutting the door

“Bye Miss Ria” Ria turned and waved blindly at Mrs Elise before Ian wined up the glass and drove away

“Which hospital are we heading?..Mrs Elise didn’t give me a specific name”

“Ainsley Hospital where we met the second -”

“Yes I know” she cuts him off

“You were at the hospital that day for a check up right?”

“No” she replied sharply

The last thing Ria wanted to do was having a conversation with man

“So for what? if I may ask”

“Phoebe ate shrimps at school during Lunch…she didn’t know that she was allergic to shrimps. So her teacher called to inform us about it”

“Okay… Mrs Elise said that you adopted them”


“And what about their parents?”

She didn’t respond. Ian realized that he was pushing her too much to have this conversation. So it was to just let her be

“It fine if you don’t want to have any conversation with me” he said even though he was dying to know many things about her. Ria was glad he said that but a little voice at the back of her mind said “that’s so unfair”. She shook her head instead

“Their mom left their dad 3years ago and he also did the same months back”

“Why….is that?”

“Mr Lawson didn’t have a good job to take care of his children. He dropped a note and said they were a burden to him” she tried to be brief

“So he left because of that?”


“And so you took them in?”

“Yes..since they’d rather die of starvation than go the the children centre..and I don’t want them to get hurt so I had no choice but to take them in”

Ian looked at her for a second before focusing his attention on the road ahead. Ria held her phone and purse to her chest with her walk stick in between her thighs. They lapsed into silence for about a minute before Ian spoke up

“I’d like to know about your health problems..Doctor Hawn asked for the cause of your blindness but I couldn’t give him any”

“I was born blind”

“Yes..I told him that..”

“And I’m like this because of the cataracts on my lenses..”

“Cataracts?” Ian recalled that Doctor Hawn had mentioned something like that

“Yes..that why you see the patch over my lens..instead of the usual eye color”

Ian wondered what would have been her initial eyes color without the cataracts in them

“When last did you check into an eye clinic?”

“I haven’t checked in since the last four months”

“Why?” He looked at Ria whose purse was now paying on her laps but her phone still in her hands

“Nothing” she responded but Ian knew there was more to the nothing

“Is it because of money?” She didn’t rely then he knew it was because of money. Ria spoke up before Ian could say anything

“Not that..I don’t have the money to check into an eye clinic…”

“Then why?”

“I used whatever money I make on the children..not all but I still have to pay some bills..their fees and also buy things for them” Ian heart went out to her. She neglected her health and focused on the kids

“What about Mrs Elise?..she doesn’t help in paying any bills?”

“Raising the kids was my decision. And we all rely on my sewing business. Also Mrs Elise works as a nanny during weekend but it doesn’t pay well”

“Do you pay her?”

“Yes..she refused my payment but I had to convince her to accept it… Cause I know she has to pay bills too”

“Okay” he looked away from her and focused on the drive. The rest of the drive to the hospital was silent.




I pulled up in front of the hospital where a man in uniform directed me to park in to the driveway. I stopped the car and got out to help Ria but she was already out before I came to her side. Now how do I lead her in when she doesn’t want me to touch her?. Ria stood waiting for me to make a move.. But I wasn’t sure of how to lead her in

“Why aren’t we going in?” She asked me. I swallowed hard

“I don’t know if you want me to hold you?”

“It fine..” She said in a low tone

“Okay..” I moved closer and put my arm in hers that she leaned closed to me. I felt her trembled a bit and then she relaxed

“Are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine”

We moved to the glass entrance and walked in. We were welcomed by Doctor Hawn who was waiting at the reception.

“Good morning CEO Ian”

“morning doctor”

“Morning Miss” She smiled a bit at him

“Ria Robert”

“Doctor Hawn”

“Well Mr Ian..the optician is waiting at the eye centre”

“What gender?” I whispered


“I mean can we get a female optician instead of a male”

I simply don’t want Ria to feel comfortable during test

“The eye doctor is a female”


“And Doctor Alisa is waiting for you”

“Please lead the way” he led is to the eye centre

“Mr Ian meet Doctor Alisa” The doctor smiled and we exchanged pleasantries

“Ian Bryant and she is Ria Robert”

“Good to have you here…please seat”

We settled in the chairs facing her directly

“Firstly,Miss Ria I’d like to know your conditions..I mean the defects”

“I was born blind”

“What’s the cause?”


“And when last did you check in to an eye centre”

“It been a while”

“Doctor please can you tell me what cataracts means?”

“Mr Ian Cataracts is a condition in which a part of the eye (called the lens) becomes cloudy”

“Miss Ria can you see anything?” Doctor Hawn asked


“So doctor what’s actually the cause of the cataract?”

“It is a result of tissues breakdown and protein clumping. Cataract affects the centre of the lens that why you can see the patch on her lenses”

“Do we get an eye test done today?”

“Not really since we already know the cause. Now we just have to discuss the solutions and run test later”

“So what the remedy?”

“Surgery is the only means to treating cataracts. We have to extract the cloudy lenses and replace them with artificial Lenses called ” Intraocular Lens” and after that she will use eye drops containing Lanosterol to clean the vision”

“Aside extracting the cataracts and fixing artificial lenses… What other option do we have? We need a permanent solution so she doesn’t have to change lenses all the time”

“There is another way Mr Ian but it expensive and too experimental”

“Doctor I don’t care about the price of the surgery…we’ll go for it if we have the assurance that she will see again”

“Okay then Stem cell transplant is the best solution”

“And how does that works?”

“Cataracts can be cured by using a patients own stem cells to regrow a “living Lens” in their eye,restoring sight in just three months or before that. Holoclar is currently the only clinically approved stem cell treatment for the eye. It restores vision to patients with damaged Corneas which is the clear uttermost part of the eyes by transplanting Lab grown limbal stem cells into the areas of the eye lacking cells. This therapy could cure certain types of blindness and it the latest therapy in China. It is advisable to get the surgery done in China”

“We have to travel to China?”

“Yes Mr Ian”

“So how much will the surgery cost?”


“What?! That’s a lot of money” Ria said loudly

“Yes it is..but I recommend it for you Miss Ria”

“So how do we go about it?”

“I will refer her to the centre in China” Doctor Alisa Answered

“I can help in contacting a Doctor friend of mine at the centre. Doctor Lui is the stem cell specialist and director of the centre”

“Then we just have to prepare for the flight and medical bills”


“I will go for the artificial lens surgery since it -”

“Ria we don’t have to go for a temporary solution.. Let’s go for the permanent one”

“It expensive.. I can get the lenses here and live with it but talking of going to China for a surgery..the flight,the bills and -”

“It not too much Ria..this is about your health so let’s take care of it once and for all. Remember I agreed to pay the bills…I’m not changing my mind on that”

She didn’t say a word after that

“So doctor what else do we have to do?”

“A check up for a day or two so I can be able to mail it to the centre”

“When can we leave for China after all that is done?”

“I will let you know…”

“What are the side effects of the treatment?”

“She will go through conditioning treatment which may include chemotherapy/ radiation.. Mouth sore,nausea,vomiting,diarrhea,fatigue,dry mouth,hair loss and breathing problems.. But she can scale through all of that if she heals fast”

“I suggest we do a check up today,tomorrow and the next and probably you should be able to leave the country by Saturday or next week Monday” Doctor Hawn suggested


“Then I’ll be right back”

Doctor Alisa excused herself

“I will go to my office and put a call through Doctor Lui”

“Okay” Doctor Hawn too left the room

“Are you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine but..I think we need to talk”

“You don’t have have to worry the side effects.. You won’t go through all that”

“It not about that..it about the bills”

“I will pay for it”

“Well initially I planned to the a loan from the bank next week..” She paused

“So I will refund your money… Just like I loaned it”

“No Ria I don’t want you to refund it. I’m offering to help you without a pay back”

“I’m sorry but i can’t let you do that..Like they say..life is about give and take”

“No Ria..life is not always about that..I’m doing this because I want to and I won’t ask for anything in return. I want to do it because.. I care”

“You care?”

“Yes I care and I feel concerned that’s why I want to help. Ria you’re skilful and no one will believe someone like you can do a work normal people can..it extraordinary and I like that fact about you that’s why I want to help”

“Thank You but I don’t think it a good idea for you to pay all the bills”

“Why not Ria? I have more than enough to -”

“I will refund your money.. And I’m not changing my mind Mr Ian”

“Just call me Ian” the door opened and doctor Alisa walked in

“Sorry for keeping you waiting” she apologized

“No problem”

“Please let move to the lab”


I helped Ria to the lab



“What the condition now?”

“I don’t think artificial lenses is suitable for her eyes. I’d rather suggest that she go for the stem cell transplant which will heal every damaged cell of the eyes”

“Can we go make it to China in two days time?”

“Yes..if you are ready. For us we know what the problem is…so you have to bring her to the hospital tomorrow afternoon”

“Thank You” Doctor Alisa

We stood up. I shake hands with her before walking out with Ria

“We’re not done with our discussion” Ria said when we settled in the Car “I want you refund whatever you will spend on this surgery”

“How do you intend to pay it back?”

“If I can see Mr Ian everything will work out fine for me. I’m sure of that”

“Okay..then I will prepare the paperwork on how you will payback”

“Thank You”

I don’t want a refund but since she insist then I have to accept it. Her reason for wanting to payback is best known to her and there is absolutely no way on how to convince Ria since her mind was made up.



“Mommy!Mommy!” The kids ran down the stairs to meet Ria. A smile formed on her lips immediately as she open her arms wide to accommodate them. We were stuck in traffic for hours that I’d thought we won’t make it back home. A fully loaded truck broke down on the highway so it had taken them hours to moved it.

“How are you doing?” Ria asked

“Fine mom” they chorused

“What took you so long mom?” Phoenix asked

“We got stuck in the traffic”

Mrs Elise joined us

“Welcome back” I nodded at her

“I’ll go ahead now” I said

“Thanks for today Mr Ian” Mrs Elise said but I only responded with a smile. Ria turned away from the kids and faced me

“Thank You”

“You’re welcome”

“Mom, Mrs Elise promised to attend our PTA meeting” Phoebe said

“Yes and that was why we came home early..we closed by 1:00 cause meeting starts by 2:30” I looked at my watch the time was 2:00

“Okay..let’s go in and talk about what happened at school today”

“Yes!” Phoenix screamed as they led Ria back to the house. A little voice whispered at the back of my mind as I watched her with the Kids “she will make a good mother”. A smile formed on my lips as I watched her walk away. Mrs Elise cleared her throat..I totally forgot she was still here.

” I will take my leave now” I walked to my car and waved at Mrs Elise before entering the car. What had Ria done to me? That I can’t stop thinking about her..what’s this feeling?.


“You’ll be my beast then maybe I will your beauty

Are you the one who’s gonna rescue me?

Tell me is it you?

Come and rescue

Will you rescue me baby?”

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♠ RIA ♠





RIA POV ????‍

“I already sent the test result to the stem cell centre.. And so Miss Ria I’m glad to inform you that you can get the surgery done in China” Doctor Alisa said to us as she walked into the private ward

“Thank You Doctor” I replied with a smile

“So Doctor when can we leave?”

“Whenever you are ready Sir.. I only have to prepare a transfer note which you will present at the centre”

“Can we leave tomorrow if the flight is ready?” Ian asked and a frown formed on my face quickly

“Yes..if you’re prepared to leave”

“No..no I don’t think tomorrow is a better option Mr Ian” I said loudly

“Why Ria?”

“I want to spend some time with my kids before leaving”

“Okay..what about the day after tomorrow?… You can spend the while day with them tomorrow then I will come and pick you up the next day”

“That’s better” I replied in a low tone

“Okay..so doctor can we leave now?”

“Yes..she’s good to go”

“Thank you doctor Alisa”

“You’re welcome”

“Take care Miss Ria”

I nodded and heard the door closed

“Are you sure you are okay with the day I fixed?..we can move it till next week so you can spend more time with the kids since we will be gone for weeks”

“It fine by me..but what do you mean by we?”

“We…means that I’m going to China”

“With me?”



“I want to be there with you”

“You don’t have to go with me..Mrs Elise can go -”

“I don’t think she’s a better option this time..who will look after the kids if Mrs Elise is with you”

Oh yeah! That’s true..I totally forgot the kids will need someone to take care of them

“So if you’re coming along…what about your business?”

“I will run it while in China”

“And will that be convenient for you?”

“More than Convenient Ria”

“Why..why don’t you just help me hire a care worker that go with me…I will pay for her service” I don’t want him to leave his work and just go with me to China. It doesn’t sound good to me. I felt more pressure on the bed and I knew Ian was close

“You don’t need a care worker Ria..I am enough to be your care worker. And you can actually pay me the same amount you wanna pay a care worker… If you aren’t comfortable with me caring for Free. I will accept the pay” I didn’t respond..why? Because I don’t know what to say to him!

Is he saying this now? Who is this Guy?! Why won’t he just give up and leave? And why on earth does he want to neglect his duties at work and go with me to China? I find that strange! Really Strange! I know my words won’t stop him from changing his mind.

“So what do we about our flight?”

I asked changing the topic

“I will prepare a private Jet that will take us to China”

“You..have a private Jet?”



“You have a renewed passport?”

“Yes..so what about the Visas?”

“I will prepare the necessary things. I’ll make some important calls to avoid any delay”


“So what do I have to do?”

“Just prepare for the trip”

“Okay Mr Ian”

“I told you that I’m fine with just Ian”

“O..okay..can we leave now?”


I hopped out of bed while Ian helped me with my walk stick

“I will hold your purse and phone too”

“No..you don’t have to..I can -”

“Of course I want to” he replied and I didn’t argue with him. I just let him hold it for me



I pulled up in front of Ria house. Then again she was already out of the car before I came to her side to open the door

“You should have waited -”

“It my sight that’s affected not my hands”


“Thanks for today”

“You’re welcome”

And she nodded

“Bye” she was almost walking away but I stopped her. I latched my hand on her arm and immediately a chill went through me and now I was standing like an idiot. Ria froze in her spot and moved her eyes down to where my hand was still pressed against her arm.

“Sorry” I withdrew quickly

“Is Mrs Elise home?”

“No..she went to see an old friend of hers”

“So..you will be in alone?”


“Will you be fine alone?”

“Yes..I’ll just pack my stuffs”

Can she actually do that? Like selecting and packing clothes Into a box..well I shouldn’t doubt her since she can use the machine. But I don’t feel too comfortable leaving her alone.

“Okay” I said

My phone beeped in my pocket. I brought it out and saw “My mom” as the caller ID

“I’ll go ahead now”

“Okay” she nodded

“See you on Friday”

“Yeah” I walked around my car and entered. I pressed the horn and she waved like she could see me. Sting of tears formed at the corners of my eyes immediately but I blinked it. Soon Ria! I said to myself. Soon! Ria will see! She will see the world! And I will be there.. I will be by her side to show her the world.


I traced my steps to the porch and searched for the keys in my purse. I found it and twisted the knob and walked in. I sat on the couch to rest. But when I thought I was going to take a nap Ian Bryant popped up in my mind. A strong desire to know how he look like surged through me. What’s wrong with me? I shouldn’t be concerned about how he looked..but what is this desire of knowing him too?. Our earlier conversation at the hospital occupied my mind. He offered to pay the bills without a refund..but who does that? Or what does that mean?. I will surely refund his money as soon as i get my surgery done.. If not all but little by little i will be pay so i won’t feel indebted to him.

Ian want to be a care worker and… Even leave his duties at work and go with me to China..does that mean he’s being Nice? Or is that how Philanthropist behaves towards those they help? Or should i really call this a Miracle?..the kind I hate now offered to help me. I let out a huge sigh of frustration and slapped my forehead at the thought of having a change of view about men.

“Don’t think about that Ria Robert. Don’t keep Ian on your mind.. Remember Men are not trustworthy. They are horrible”

I chanted and turned on my side to sleep. Soon I drifted into sleep



I turned the SUV off the main road onto the private Driveway. The driveway in my family home was lined on both sides by Red oak trees. I came out of the car and made my way to the main entrance. My mom said she wanted to see me for some important issues. I wondered what the issue is that she can talk about it on phone. Wait up.. Maybe Lorna called already to inform her what happened at my office. I hope they don’t believe that I’m sleeping with Grace. On stepping into the house I was met my several gazes..Family meeting I guess? Everyone was present in the big living room

“Son” my mom met me halfway and kissed my cheeks

“How are you mom?”

“I’m fine”

“Ma’am the food is ready” a maid announced with her head bowed

“Oh! We’ll be right there Lea”

My mom replied with a smile

“Let all move to the dinning table” she said again and the rest stood up and did as mom instructed

“What’s the emergency?”

She shook her head slowly

“Whatever we discussed today..I want you to know that I will always support you in whatever decision you make okay?”

I managed to nod. But her sentence didn’t give me the right answer to my question. We all settled at the dinning and waited for the maids to serve us. I sat next to Josie, while Lauren sat next to Piper on the other side that we sat facing ourselves. Our parents sat at far ends. We all ate in silence for minutes until dad cleared his throat

“Ian -” he called and I looked up

“Yes dad”

“What happened between you and Lorna?”

I knew it..this meeting was because of Lorna

“She called you”

“No her father called me”

“Good then”

“Are you truly having an affair with your secretary?”

He asked out of blues. The champagne in Piper mouth sputtered messing the whole table

“Sorry..” Her eyes widened slightly showing her surprise. Then she began to laugh. Lauren and Josie stared at me in disbelief. The maids came around the table to clean up Piper’s mess. I didn’t respond until they were done packing

“Tell us kiddy ..is that true?”

Piper asked giving me a disgusting look

“And do you think I can do that?” I asked no one in particular but my mom answered

“I know you can’t do such.. Sleeping with your employee is not your thing. I told your dad that Lorna was mistaken”

“But he didn’t deny it” dad said in a deep voice

“Yes I didn’t deny it because I wanted to put Lorna in her place”

“By accepting such nonsense” he barked

“That was the only way Dad Lorna thinks she’s above any orders. Not only that, she came into my office and beat up my Secretary”

“Really…she did that?” My dad asked


“But her dad didn’t mention anything like that”

“She slapped Grace and threatened some workers when they wanted to save Grace. Lorna caused such serious fuss because Grace didn’t let her into my office”

“You gave the order right?”

“Yes mom..I was too busy so I instructed Grace no to let anyone in”

“Can you hear that Jack?…why is it so hard for Lorna to follow his orders?”

“But.. You should have left the task and attend to your wife to be” Piper teased me

“Piper!” My mom screamed at her

“What mom? Am i wrong? No I’m not! Lorna is his wife to be”

“Says who?”

“Are you asking me? Kiddy Dad already stamped it. You are getting marked to Lorna so stop wasting time and take your bride to the altar” Piper laughed and I clenched my fist under the table. She knows that the only thing that can piss me off. I won’t let her go just like that..

“Is what about you big sis?” I snorted

“Won’t you get married?.. Let’s see according to what I heard two of your friends got married last month.. But you are almost hitting thirty and you are still home alone…”

“Hmm I have a boyfriend -”

“I see.. A boyfriend not even a fiancé” I managed to laugh just to hurt her with my words

“That’s what you’re good at..having series of boyfriends but failing at bringing in company’s reports”

“Ian -”

Josie placed her hand on my laps

“That’s enough” she commanded and i obeyed

“1-1 Bro.. But you aren’t going to beat me..”

“Piper” Lauren called at her but she don’t stop

“At least my current boyfriend is a notable person in the state…he is better off than a blind one” She laughed out loud. A wicked one. A blind one? Where did she get that from?

“Blind?” I repeated. How did she find out?. I looked up again and saw no evident of surprise on their faces. They all know about Ria.

“So what’s the goal now…? I win!” Piper tapped the table. She passed her cellphone to me. I saw a picture of me and Ria at the hospital.. Just our back view..from the outfit it was yesterday’s picture. I swiped and saw four more pictures.

“How long have you been spying on me Piper?”

“No..not spying exactly..I just saw you with her. Come on don’t give me that look Kiddy. I should have called you when I saw you at the hospital with the Lady.. But I don’t want to disturb your sweet moment with her so I just took pictures instead”

“Who is she son?” My mom asked

What should I say to them? How do I explain things now? In a way that they will understand. I didn’t think that they would find out about Ria soon

“Remember what I told you son” mom added

“Her name is Ria” I said slowly

“And she is blind?” Josie asked and I gave a short nod

“So what were you doing with a blind Lady?” My dad asked and I hated the look on his face

“She is my new investment”

Piper clapped her hands but was soon silenced by a glare from my mom

“What do you mean son?”

“I..I want to partner with Ria”

“Partner?” They gasped

“With a blind lady?” my dad asked with a deep frown on his face

“Yes..Ria is not just a blind Lady”

“Then what is she?”

“Ria is a seamstress”

“How is that even possible?” Josie raised an eyebrow at me

“Wait up Ian..is she the same seamstress that made Cassidy’s dress?” Lauren asked

“Yes” oh yeah! Thank God I already told someone about Ria

“Unbelievable” she gasped in shock

I sent Cassidy to Lauren’s place when she insisted that she wanted to make a dress for Cassidy too. I instructed Cassidy to go with the dress Ria made for her to convince Lauren that the seamstress was good. Though leaving the detail that Ria was blind cause I knew Lauren might not want make that dress. She had liked the dress Ria made and even promised to make one for her child Mia. That was my plan before Mrs Elise helped me

“Just a seamstress..” My dad chuckled

“Ria is blind but she Make dresses”

“You shouldn’t partner with irrelevant people” he grounded. Anger wailed up inside of me. I stood up from my chair. I can’t sit back and watch him talk shit about Ria. There is no point In telling him anything about Ria or my plans for her since he regarded her as a nobody cause she is blind

“Son” my mom called. I stopped beside my dad’s chair on my way out

“Ria is relevant.. Never judge a book by it cover”

Then I walked away.. Out of the house to the driveway


I was almost in my car when I saw my mom

“Ian..wait up” I stopped and waited for her to meet up

“Mom..I’m not changing about Ria”

“Yes..yes I know.. And I’m not here to change your mind. Let’s talk”

We entered my car and settled in. I waited for her to talk but she didn’t for a few seconds

“Tell me about this lady..Ria. I know you never go after something that is irrelevant. You’ve partnered with great people.. Ones with good dreams and those who believe in hard work. And that has made you a good CEO”

Our hands locked as she waited for me to talk

“I want to know about Ria too”

I sighed and told her about Ria, her sight and our plans to travel to China for the surgery. She wasn’t mad at me for planning to leave the country without informing her.. My mom listened without any interruption.. One of the reason why I love her. She has always been to to support me and listen to me even when the whole world seem to be against me.

“So..have you paid the bills?”

“Yes..mom I already called my bank manager to get the transaction done…but -”

“But what?”

“Ria wants to refund all the money we’ll spend on the trip to China”


“I’m not sure about the reason Mom”

“Then let her refund it if she wants”

“No..it a whole lot of money”

“I know…listen Ian some people don’t like to Be indebted to others..so you have to do what she want”

“I don’t want her to refund it”

“Then do something about it”

“Yeah you’re right mom”

“So what about partnering with Ria?”

“Nothing much..haven’t come up with the best idea.. Just simple plans of enlarging her sewing business once she regain her sight”

“And you think Ria will allow you do that for her?”

“Actually she won’t mom…so I will tell her I want to partner with her. Help her get the necessary things for the sewing business and we strike a deal after. The textile company can always supply her with quality materials. Does that sound like partnership?”

“Yes..it a good idea..And I’m sure with that..Ria won’t turn you down”

“Well I hope so”

“Uhmmm so..is this whole things just about partnership and investing in her business?..or you feel something for her?”

“Oh mom..there you go again”

“Always” we chuckled

“You know mom.. The same thought had been going through my since the minutes I’d left the park..”

“So you like her?” She cuts me off

“Yes mom..but don’t get me wrong. I’m not doing all this to win her heart.. I just want to help her”

My mom sighed

“What about Lorna?”

“I don’t love her mom..I never even liked in such way..just as Friends..just friends and I told her that in her 18th birthday that nothing can work between us”

“I knew it.. But you don’t have to worry about her now..or your dad. I will make sure that he doesn’t pressure you to marrying Lorna”

“You will do that for me?

“Of course! Now that I know you love someone”

I hugged her immediately

“Thank you Mom…You’re the best!”

I kissed her forehead before letting go

“I will help at the company while you in China..like visiting from time to time and make sure that the necessary files are sent to your system”

“Thank You”

“Anything for you”

She winked and I giggled like a child


“I’ve found a love

For me

Darling just dive right in

And follow my lead

Well I’ve found a girl,beautiful and sweet

I never knew you were that someone waiting for me..”




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