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Replacement girl Final Episode

EPISODE 33 (final)
Life they say is not bed of roses, for that reason even the riches cry too. Alhamdulillah (thanks be to God), I happened to be one of the wives of a very wealthy man, Ahmad the CEO of Zaki Group. He was also my cousin brother, and my first love as well.
My rival, Humairah was a good woman, I senior her with six good years while Ahmad senior her with nine. The difference was clear but Humairah sometimes used to act like she senior everyone in the house and Ahmad never cared to correct her. Maybe it was because of the triplets she bore for him.
Everyday, she would come to my room as early as possible reminding me about prayer. As if I told her I didn’t know or I had forgotten. She would sometimes force my children to pray and go to Islamiyyah (Islamic school) together with hers. I didn’t like the idea of what she was doing but what could I do? If Ahmad could not talk about it, who was I to talk? Sometimes I used to think he loved her more, although many people used to say he loved me more.
Two weeks ago, Humairah soundly delivered a bouncing baby boy. Ahmad was so very happy, he now had three boys. Two from me and one from Humairah. He named him Mus’ab, after Humairah’s father. Gradually, children were filling our house. Four from Humairah and very soon I would deliver my third.
Buzzz… Buzzz…. Over the horizon…
My phone began ringing and vibrating, it was Ahmad so I did not hesitate in picking the call.
“Hello” I said.
“Hi, where are you?” He asked.
“I am in the guests section, the center room” I said.
“Alone? What are you doing there?” He asked.
“I just need some rest from those kids” I said.
“Okay, I am coming…” He said and hanged off.
The center guest room was my favourite hiding place whenever my kids pushed me to the wall with “Mummy this, mummy that…”
In less than a minute, Ahmad was already in the room too. He locked the door and walked over to me. I was laying on the bed thus, he hopped on the bed and drew himself closer to me.
“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked. I actually knew what he wanted but why not in the night when people are asleep? Afternoon was odd. By the way it wasn’t really my turn, so…?
“Hmm” He sighed. “I can’t hold on and you know, Humairah needs time to heal herself”
“Did you took permission from her?” I asked.
“She was the one that asked me to see you” He said looking straight into my eyes, I could see how eager he was to sleep with me.
“Hmm” I heaved a sigh. “I am all yours then!”
“That’s my queen” He uttered about kissing me when I quickly remembered something…
“Wait, Ahmad” I halted him.
“What?” He asked.
“You must know that this isn’t night, so…”
“I understand, I will do it gently” He intruded with a smile and began doing what pleasured him more in life.

Indeed marriage isn’t all about sex but sex is part of marriage. Please if your husband is horny like Ahmad, don’t get tired of making yourself available for him. Chat FIRSTLADY on plus two two eight ninety one fifty four three thousand to be added on a story group And if you can’t handle the situation, allow him to add another wife. A man is entitled to four wives, remember?
Allah has created us all differently, if you can control yourself… some can’t . Don’t judge a situation you’ve never been through, don’t say your husband like sex like animal. It’s not his fault, have mercy on him by understanding his condition. Ahmad loved sex a lot, I was surprised when I heard he had never for once masturbated in his life. Well, Humairah and I would make sure he doesn’t lack sex at all.
Humairah might be doing what I didn’t like but I still liked her, I knew whatever she was doing was right but sometimes I just used to feel like she was annoying. Could you imagine my kids loved being around her than around me? She was always there for them whenever I run to the guests section. Ya Allah, bless our marriage and all the marriages in this world.
Ya Allah, give us the strength and power to endure our partners. Protect us from Zina, masturbation, and any act that goes against You, Ya Allah. And give us long and healthy life so that we can serve You better.
Ameen Ya Allah


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