Refugees 3 episode 7

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🐴Season 3 🐴

🌹 Chapter 7🌹

📝Written by Goddy Francis📝


😎.ARDEN😎 :


I’ve never been hurt to that extend before. I felt like a coward who’s been used. Funny p@rt, I felt jealous that Dylan t©uçhed her. Even if I don’t wanna believe it , something in me can’t overlook it. I was jealous even if it might not be true.


I mean she had to k!ssDylan in front of me because she wanted to get me jealous and then she succeeded. I can’t believe being attra-cted to someone can make you miserable. The fv¢k I hate her and I damn like her. I watched her walk to Dylan as they talk for a second. Dylan walk over to me and i ignored him before leaving. Connor made this happen. He wanted me to come to a stupid college bonfire p@rty .


This is one of my worse nights ever. I had to watch my brother k!ssher and she made me k!ssJens£n. That as-s-hole punk.


” fv¢k..” I mutter resting my hand on the window sill.


Connor stared at me as he sigh. He was driving and always staring at me. Like he knew I’m fv¢ked.


” You look broken. You care to talk about it ?” He ask grinning. He’s trying to make things worse for me.


I don’t feel like talking to anyone it’s gonna make me weak and I hate showing my weakness. It makes me feel like a woman. I remain quiet and increa-sed the radio. It’s definitely gonna help.


” Arden .” Connor called again. I rest perfectly on the car seat and tried to think something different. It’s not working. Jealousy and anger is eating me up and that’s unusual of me.


I felt insulted. * Arden , you’re not my type.* $h!t. I can’t believe I was used and embarras-sed by Alita, a pet to me. Oh $h!t , that affected me a lot.


You know the painful p@rt ?


* I had to fake the m0@n s to make you feel like the boss. Each time you t©uçhed me , I had to imagine Dylan tou-ching me so that I can get we-t enough..” it burned my ego.


Nob©dy has ever told me that. Every single one nightstand was always coming back. How dare she ? But why does it even hurt ?


” Arden , st©p being a pvzzy. Is it about the game ? I’m sorry for taking you to Jens£n’s.” Like it matters. Yeah he’s an as-s. He was behind everything.


I exhale and look out of the window . Connor looked disturbe-d since I didn’t indulge him in a conversation. He sigh and focus on the road . Few minutes pas-sed and he halt the car outside. I walk out and walk into my house.


” I nee-d a drink.” I mutter.


I reached for the bar and take out a wine . Without using a glas-s, I opened it and drown the content.


” You always drink like that when you’re depressed.” Connor said and he’s damn right. But why am I even depressed ?


” You burned my night.” I said without looking at me.


” I’m sorry. For taking you to Jens£n’s.”


” Yeah ?” I scoff and sat down.


” Is it because of the dare ? Dylan and Alita ?” He ask sitting on the other couch.


I ru-b my temple and gulp down the wine again.


” This is serious. What happened ?”


” Alita..” I managed to say.


” Oh..” he chuckle. I turn to look at Connor and he Zi-pped his mouth.


” She said something and that hurt a lot. I felt jealous.”


” What did she say ?”


” That she had S-x with Dylan.”


” Damn , man.” Connor chuckle. ” Don’t tell me you believed her.”


” I didn’t but my conscience took everything and it’s eating me up.” I sigh and rest my head on the couch.


” I’m really sorry about that. Is that the only problem ?”


I can’t believe I’m running temperature. I t©uçhed my forehead and sigh.


” She said Dylan always make her m0@n and I was a coward , I couldn’t t©uçh her well. I don’t even know what I’m saying..”


” Wait , I’m really sorry. Have you been tou-ching her ?” Connor ask and narrowed his eyes.


I bit my l!pand sigh. So where should i start from ? Discussing being inti-mate with alita to Connor. I mean it’s normal , he’s my closest friend.


” We always k!ss.”


” And , did you smash her ? Have you been fv¢king her dude ?”


” $h!t , no. We..” I sigh.” Okay fine I haven’t sle-pt with her. I sort of gave her head once.”


” Head ? You. Oh my damn.. what else ?”


I chewed on my bo-ttoml!pand ru-b the back of my n£¢k.


” Arden..”


” What ? I just …. You know..”


” f!nger ?” I chuckle and sm-irk.


” You’re an as-s-hole.” He laughed.


” Yeah. She’s always tempting and always re-ady.”


” So she told you she had S-x with Dylan and he made her m0@n while you can’t.”


I itch my eyelids and sigh. I just don’t wanna imagine Dylan ri-ding her. This won’t be good.


” You know the worse ? She said each time I t©uçhed her , she always imagine Dylan as the one in other to make her we-t enough. That’s the worse insult any man can receive.”


” What did you do to deserve all these insults ?”


” Maybe , nothing.”


” Maybe ?” Connor ask. I looked at him and scoff.


” She asked me if i missed her and I said no.”


” And you did. Why did you lie ?”


” I didn’t. I just…”


” Dawg , st©p lying , you silly punk.”


I reached for the wine and drank it. I sit it back on the table as Connor sm-irk at me.


” What am I supposed to tell her ? That I missed her ? What do you want her to see me as ?”


” I hate your pride.” He said and gulp the wine.


” You’re dying Arden.”


” No I’m not.”


” Yes you’re. When are you willing to tell her you have feelings for her ?”


” Feelings ? Bro , I don’t even know what that $h!t is.”


I scoff.” If I’m being sincere , then i sort of want her. Like want her to be with me always. I always wanna k!ssher. I’m attra-cted to her. That $h!t ain’t love Connor. There are a lot of things involved when two people are attra-cted to each other , that’s not love.”


Connor chuckle and bit hisl-ips.” I get it. So what are you gonna do about your attra-ction ?” He ask and bulge his eyes.


” I don’t know.”


” You don’t know ? You know you’re the heir to your father’s throne right ? And you’re getting married to Jasmin except you’re willing to step down from the throne. Your family won’t allow it. So I’m asking , what are you gonna do about your so called attra-ction ?”


” She’s with Dylan so I’m ba-rely gonna see her. She’s getting involved with Dylan alre-ady and I am just gonna overlook it.”


” Overlook ? You’re such a pvzzy.” Connor scoff and stand up. I watched him walk to the kitchen while my subconsciousness murdered me. I hate him.


. 💌🚨 ALITA 🚨💌:


. I sit opposite Dylan and abs£ntly stab my fork on my pancakes. I was thinking about that game and what I told Arden. I just wanted to hurt him , I hate his so called pride.


” If I were that pancake , then I’m definitely gonna scream. You’re killing it.” Dylan said. I chuckle and smiled.


” I’m sorry.” I smiled and drank my water.


” What happened between you and Arden last night ? He refused to talk to me and he was mad.”


I roll my eyes and shove the pancake on my fork into my mouth.” He ask why I k!$$£d you.”


” Seriously ?” I nodded and sm-irk.


” Why did you made me k!ssyou in front of Arden ? He was hurt , jealous and angry. He couldn’t say it out because we were outside.”


” He’s an as-s-hole. What type of egoistic man is Arden ? I hate his bossy attitude.” I scoff.


” I bet that was the thing that attra-cted you to him.”


I nodded.” True.”


” He likes you a lot , he’s actually scared to show it.”


” It’s normal. Anyone can like anyone.”


Dylan chuckle.” I think. But he cares about you , really.”


I smiled.” Thanks , Dylan.”


” Derek’s coming today. I ask him to come.”


” I’ve been waiting like forever.” I said. He laughs and eat his pancakes.


” I really wish you could relate properly with Arden.” I remark.


” We will. Just time. He’s going throu-gh a lot of $h!t lately. Council pressure , family pressure and all that $h!tty stuff.”


I smiled and nodded.” I un-derstand. I think family pressure is the worse.”


We laugh.” Yeah. I remembered my mom asking me if I have a girlfriend and she wants me to be committed instead of always studying or whatever..” Dylan pointed .


I laugh quitely.” Yeah , it’s annoying sometimes.”


Dylan smiled as someone knocked. We dart our head to the door as Derek walked in.


” Sorry I disturbe-d the moment. Hi Dylan , hey Alita.”


” Hi..” I smiled broadly.


” Derek , plea-se sit.”


” No I’m good. I’m just gonna go back to the living room and wait.” He smiled at me and left.


” Your Derek is here.” I laughed and stand up.


” Thanks Dylan.” I quic-kly wash my plate and wipe it dry. I smiled at Dylan before leaving. Derek was sitting on a couch when I entered.


” Hi..” I smiled and sit next to him.


” You’re done alre-ady ?”


I nodded.” What’s up with you ?”


He shyly smile and nod abs£ntly. ” I’m fine . What about you ?”


” I’m not good. I’ve been thinking about a book about a witch and I thought you might wanna help.”


” A witch ?” I nodded.


” Himiko ?” He ask.


” Yeah. You have any idea about her.”


” I’m sure it’s the same idea you know. A bethroted witch who got cursed.”


I sigh and nodded. I pla-yed with my f!nger and looked at Derek who’s staring at me.


” I want you to look at something.” I said and turn around.


” What’s those writings ?” He ask.


” That’s what I want you to look at.” I said looking at him above my shoulders.


He sigh.” It looks like Sumerian.” He stated.


” What’s Sumerian ?” Dylan ask walking into the living room.


I turn around and look at Dylan before looking at Derek.


” It’s an ancient language of most early men. I think it’s been existing since BC.”


” Can you re-ad it ? Like translate it ?” Dylan ask.


” No. But , maybe we can. You just nee-d a journal and write them out.”


” Write them out ?” I ask. He nodded as I sigh.


” Thanks , Derek.” He smiled before standing up.


” I’m really sorry , I just gotta return to the palace. You can call me once you write them out .”


” Sure. Thanks man.” Dylan said to Derek as he followed him to the door.


” So ?” Dylan asked with his hands in his pockets.


” You should write them out.”


” What ? No way. You’re definitely gonna str!p , that’s the only way I can write them out. I’m calling Arden.”


” What ? No , it’s fruitless.”


” He has been inti-mate with you right ?” Dylan ask. I brush my palm on my arms and sigh.


He chuckle.” You don’t have to be shy , it’s normal.”


” No. He doesn’t sleep with me.”


” Yeah , I know.” He smiled and walk close to me.


” I can’t ask you to go n-ked because I nee-d to write those weird words out. I nee-d to call Arden , at least you know why.”


” Yeah. He has seen me n-ked before.” I scoff and roll my eyes.


He chuckle and smiled. ” I’m gonna call him.”


” We’re fighting. I said something really bad to him and he’s really angry at me. He might not even pick your call.”


” Okay , I’m just gonna drive to his house and ask him to come and settle things with you.”


” Dylan , you won’t do that.” He smiled and k!$$£d my cheek before climbing upstairs. I sit on the couch as Dylan returned with his jacket on his shoulders.


” I’ll be back soon.” He said. I smiled and nodded before he left.







I ate my cereal and go throu-gh my phone. I remembered Alita. If she was here , she would be sitting right across the table. Dylan walked into my kitchen as I remembered yesterday.


” What are you doing here ?” I ask without staring at him.


” I just wanna talk to you.” Dylan replied sitting opposite me. I look up at him and glared at him.


” What do you want ?”


” Will you st©p acting like a pvzzy? We sort of nee-d you to write out those writings from Alita’s spine.”


” Why should I do that ?”


” Because you like her , because you have feelings for her Arden.” I chuckle and scoff.


” Seriously ? What’s up with you ? You alre-ady mate with her why don’t you write them out.”


Dylan narrowed his eyes and huff. He poured water on a glas-s and drank it.


” Did she tell you that ? I’m not an as-s. I can’t take advantage of her.”


” Oh yeah ?” I scoff and go throu-gh my phone.


” Arden..”


” Dylan , leave.”


” When are you willing to tell her you love her ?”


” What’s up with everyone of you ? Why don’t you d@t£ her ? Don’t try to f0rç£ me to love her.”


” Oh really ? Wow. Okay. I’m just gonna leave and walk back to my house and tell Alita how i feel about her…”


I raise my head and chuckle. He’s such an as-s.


” I’m just gonna tell her how I feel about her. How she’s got the world’s perfect b©dy and how she’s so enchanting. And l will definitely have S-x with her and you’ll bury yourself in shame…..”