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Refugees 3 episode 33 & 34

🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃refugees 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃
🙅Tales of two worlds 🚶
🐴Season 3 🐴
🌹 Chapter 33 & 34 🌹
📝 Written by Goddy Francis📝

. The following morning , I made pasta for breakfast which I’m very sure Arden is gonna freak out. I don’t even remember when last I cook , or if I’ve even cooked at all.

My mind drift to yesterday. I sort of felt bad for not giving him a reply at all. I’m not really ready to be a wife. I have a lot to handle back home and I really don’t wanna freak them out more. I switch off the cooker and rush back to the room.

I stood behind the doorframe staring at Arden’s figure. He’s still sleeping like a baby. I giggle and walk inside the room picking up a pillow , I smack it on his face.

” Alita not now.”

” Get up.” I smack the pillow on his face.” I’m the one who got laid.” I tease and climb on top of him.

” Up.” He sigh and open his eyes. He smiled broadly and grab the pillow from me before tossing it aside.

” Is this my hoodie ?” He grin.

” Don’t I have a right ?” I ask and furrow my brows.

He chuckle and slide his hands under the hoodie.

” No p@nties.” He grin and bites his l!p.

He grab my hips and hover on top of me.

I’m still sore.” I whimper.

” I wasn’t really h@rd on you…” He whisper klzzing my neck.

” What do you want ?” He ask and bites my neck. I giggle and stroke his hair.

” Stop asking me that. Go and bathe , I made pasta.”

” Woah. When did you start cooking ?”

” Three minutes ago.” I shrug and snap my f!ng£rs.

” Did you…”

” No, you don’t use magics to cook.”

He laughs and lean closer to klzz me again. I’m still trying to survive from yesterday because he succeeded two times In one night.

” What about my proposal yesterday ?” He ask.

I sigh and play with his hair.

” I’m not ready to be a wife. I’m just scared.”

He klzzed my forehead and lean his forehead on mine.

” Why are you scared to be ?” He ask with his eyes on mine.

” Maybe I’m just not perfect enough and I’m not prepared either.”

” You love me right ?”

I nodded and smile broadly. ” I do. Very much.” He nip on my bottom l!p and klzzes me deeply.

I shut my eyes and klzz back.

” I’m gonna wait till you’re ready. When ever your ready , I’m ready too.”

I nod abs£ntly and sit up to klzz him. His hands grab my hips touching my bare thighs. He gently push me back to the bed still klzzing me. I g@sp as his hands trail on my inner thigh.

” Arden..” I g@sp again and he slide in one f!ng£r.

” Are you still sore ?” He bites his bottom l!p and slowly push his f!ng£r further.

I giggle in his mouth and shake my head sideways. His f!ng£r slide in and out of me and I m0@n.

He push out his f!ng£r and klzz me.

” I need to shower.” He klzz my forehead and hop out of the bed.

” Yeah , you smell like s£×.” I chuckle. Arden smack a pillow on my face as I laugh.

” I can’t wait to eat your pasta.”

” Go ahead and tell every single person that I’m not a good cook.” He laughs and scoff.

” I didn’t say that. Just surprised that you cook something.”

I roll my eyes and pout.

” I’m sorry.” He says sitting back on the bed.

Why ?”

” Maybe for talking about your pasta.” He shrug an arm and laugh.

” I hate you.”

” You wish.” He slide his hands under the hoodie I’m wearing as he klzzed me.

His hands trail around my hips and then my butt.

” Did you notice something ?” I ask.

” Maybe.”

” What ?”

” That I didn’t react to your v!rg!nity.” I giggle and punch his arm.

” Yeah. It’s weird.”

” Maybe you’re weird.” He stood up and turn to the bathroom.

” You’re weirder.” He laughs and shut the bathroom door.

I reach for his phone and play video game with it.

” Derek’s calling…” I shouted.

” Answer, I’m bathing.” I roll my eyes and click the answer icon.

” Alita..” I heard that familiar nagging voice.

” Elna.”

” Shut up.” She chuckle on the phone.

” Aww. I missed you @sshole.”

” Yeah ? How are you hanging with getting laid ?” I snort and blush. Imagine telling her about last night. Eww.

” Great.”

” Great ? You got laid ?” She squeal on the phone.

” Sort of.” I bite my l!p and roll my eyes again. She shout on the phone like a little girl.

” How was it ?”

” Idiot. Seriously ? Why are you using Derek’s phone ?”

” Because , we’re together and I don’t have your boyfriend’s number. Don’t try to sneak out of the question. How was it ?”

” Great.” I answer and bit the inside of my cheek.

” Great ? Buddy got laid.”

” Will you stop yelling ?” I whisper yell at her.

” Why ? I feel like going to city center and tell the world.” So gross. I tap my palm on my forehead and gr0@n.

“Whatever. That’s a great news . Second reason , are you aware Derek’s Arden’s older brother ?” Oh !

” What ?”

” Shut up. You joked about it the other time and lied. How come you didn’t tell me ?”

I sigh.” Maybe because I don’t wanna tell you first. It’s called snitching and leaking. Did he tell you ?”

” Yeah, he did. And i freaked out.”

” Why ?”

” Because I hated royalty. If he’s their older brother , then I’m being queen.”

” There’s nothing wrong with that.” I whine.

” You’re serious ? There’s a whole lot wrong with that. Psst.”

” I’m sorry.”

” That was supposed to be you.”

” It’s past Elna.”

” fv¢k you.” I nod to her speech.

” When are you going home ?”

” This weekend. You’re coming right ?”

She sigh deeply like someone who’s thinking. ” I don’t know. I’m scared.”

” Why ?”

” Alita , fangs.” She brush me off and scoff.

” Ohh… It’s cool.”

” They will freak out.”

” Elna , you’re not staying, just checking on them.”

“Same thing. But it’s fine. Just go ahead and tell me the details when you’re back.”

” Akeelah is going.” I decide to tell her.

” Don’t care.”

“You hate her ?”

” No. She’s being acting like a pvzzy ever since I got fangs. I mean she’s always acting like a pvzzy but , it was terrible this time with her sarcastic attitude. Always saying shit.”

“That’s not an excuse.” I turn to look at Arden who already showered. His hair is a bit damp but he looks good.

” It is.” I sigh and giggle at Arden who mouthed “I’m clean now.”

” Alita, did you hear what I said ?” Elna snap at me on the phone. Of course I was lost in Arden teasing on my almost n@k£d self.

“Yeah… sure.” I m0@n and arch my back. How could he be eating down my s£nsitive part and I’m making a call.

“Are you having s£× ?” She ask and I wasn’t ready to answer, not with what I’m feeling.

“No.. I mean..” I m0@n again and abs£ntly rake my hands on his almost w€t hair.

I bit my l!p to hold back the m0@n but it escape.

” Oh my goodness…” Elna squeal on the phone.

” Okay. I’m just gonna get the hell out of here. Two horny @ssholes.” Without she ending the call , I toss the phone aside and m0@n everything I’ve been swallowing.

His right hand already cup my br£@st as he continued to eat me up. He stops and smirk leaning closer to me. I g@sp a little as he s√¢k on my neck giving me another hickey.

“Let’s go and eat.” He whisper to my ears and pull me up to his arm.

He carried me downstairs to the kitchen and sit me on the counter.


. Arden sat opposite me on the kitchen counter as we eat my pasta.

” So who taught you this ?” He ask.

” Just my inner woman. I know it taste bad , don’t mock me.”

” No , shit. It’s good , I like it. It’s not a compliment but the truth.” He wink and that seems to boost my morale.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . Arden took me out to watch a movie. I hated it ,cause it was too emotional. I had to cry and mess up my lashes. He had to buy me a cotton candy for me to ignore the trashy movie. " It was terrible.." I whine on our way back home since its nightfall. Arden is such a wreck in disguise of a driver. The speed is always suffocating. " It's a romance movie and ladies liked romance." He reply. " Ladies ? I had to cry." I reply taking off my shoes and pulling my knees to my chest. "Doesn't matter. You wanted it." " Whatever." I turn on the radio as we drive down the lonely road. " Are you mad about the movie ?" " No. It's just too emotional. Their love story was too emotional. I sort of liked 'everyone likes Ben' more than this." "You've watched that movie ?" He ask and glance at me still handling the wheel. I giggle and nodded." Dylan took me to watch it the day you saw us at the theater with Jasmin." I wink at the memory. I remove my shoes and pull my knees to my chest. He smirk and laugh softly. "Yeah ?" "Mm hm.." I stretch my legs and rest it on his lap leaning my back on the tinted window. "Wow. It's worth being a favorite movie. It's cute you liked that." He reply. I abs£ntly m@ssage my feets on his lower body and he flinched a bit. " I overheard you telling Elna you're going home this weekend." I bit my l!p to his behavior on my teasing. "Yeah , and you're coming with me." I felt his h@rd-on under my feet as I giggle. " Are you enjoying that ?" He ask pointing to my foot on his generation. "I bet you're." I said and gently rub my feet on it. " That's a damn foot job." He smirk at me and i didn't notice the speed of the car has slowed down a bit. "You wanna play ?" I wink and pull down the strap of my dress. " You're not trying to have s£× in a car." "Ooh , that's a great idea." I smirk and crawl to his lap straddling him. "Babe , I'm driving. You're gonna get us killed." He says. " I'm not sore anymore." I whisper in his ears and grind on his h@rdness. "You're gonna get us.." I klzzed him before he could reply. Without thinking twice he klzzed back with his hands gripping to the wheel. The car slow down a bit as I turn on the volume of the car. "You really wanna do this ?" I smirk and grind on his h@rdness trying to pop out of his jeans. I reach for the hem of my dress and take it off. Of course he can't resist me half n@k£d. "Damn." " You can stop the car if you want or leave it to drive us." I said rather too seductive. I take his hands and release it from the wheel and wrap it around my hips. "You're gonna get us killed." I giggle and shake my head sideways. "Already handled that." I klzzed him and removed his jacket tossing it on the backseat. I removed his shirt and klzzed him again. His hands rub on my n@k£d back as he klzz my neck. He trail his klzzes to my chest and take in my n!pp!e in his mouth. I m0@n out softly and bite my l!p in the process. He grab my butt and nip on my n!pp!e biting it. I hastily get out of his lap and take off my p@nties. I removed his belt and remove the button of his trousers pushing the zipper down. I crawl back to his leg and resume klzzing him. I push down his trousers a bit revealing his h@rd-on. I smirk and klzz him again before pushing myself inside him. I g@sp and wrap my hands around his neck. Arden grip gently on my waist and helped me lean on him. Once I was fully seated , my eyes flutter shut to the s£nsation. I m0@n as his grip on my hips made me ride slowly at first. He gr0@n and klzz my neck thrusting in and out of me. I release my hand from his neck and grip to the car seat cussing and m0@ning. Thank God for the music on the radio. My entire body heat up and stomach churn a bit. My w€tness rub around our meeting point as I continue humping on him. He grab my hips and pull me up a bit as he begin thrusting from the bottom. My legs were shaky and I couldn't keep up with the position. He slow down a bit and klzz my l!ps locking eyes with me. "You're so beautiful..." He m0@n on my neck and grab my butt helping me with my hump. I slow down a bit and grind back and forth feeling my almost neared org@sm. "I don't wanna loose you...." I smile and reply for once. " Me neither...." . *** . I stood on the hill and look ahead. Nothing has changed about home. I brush my hand against my skin and sigh. "Are you scared ?" Akeelah ask me and nudge me with her arm. I turn to look at her as she give me an @ssuring smile. "You'll be fine." "I feel like they've forgotten about me." I reply sincerely. "Let's go." I look at Arden who nodded. "I'm just gonna stay here and watch. I really can't withstand being murdered." He said. " No one's killing you." I tell him. " Oh I wish." Akeelah snort and smirk. " I see she still hates me." Arden shove his hands in his pocket staring at Akeelah. "I'm rethinking about that. Come on sis ." She reach for my arm to take it. I sigh and hug Arden before klzzing him. "Stay here , I'll be back soon." I klzz his cheek. "So gross." Akeelah chuckle and run ahead of me. I give him one last smile and pursue suit. Akeelah was almost far gone as I try to keep up with her pace . The evening breeze brush against my messy bun as I race down the hill. Things felt awkward to me. Maybe because it's be long I left. I saw dad talking to the villagers while mom stood close to our home. She looks pale and sad. I missed them. On stepping to the gathering , we halt as my heart race to my feet. My mother's pale face turn to look at me as she freeze. " Alita..." She g@sp as everyone turn to look at me. " Alita." Dad stood to his feet at once as everyone stare at me. I didn't know when I start to cry. "Father... Mother.." I race to my feet and hug them at once. My mom cried and pour all her tears on my shoulders. " It's really you.." mom coo still hugging me. " I missed you." I said. They squeeze me to themselves and release me at once. Everyone g@sp for some awkward reasons. I turn around and look at the commotion. Oh shit ! Dylan, Arden and Derek was being escorted by three other female warriors as a girl hide behind Derek and Dylan. Elna ? " The Caucasians..." Everyone g@sp. Arden smirk and pout at me with his hands still hanging in the air as surrender. " Father.." " Seize them all !" Damnit , this won't go well. . 🌹chapter 34🌹 📝Written by Goddy Francis📝 ."Father.." I tried to speak to him but he cut me shut. "Alita , shut up. Take then to where they belong." Dad said with authority as they pull them away. "Are you trying to lock them up ?" " Do you know what you're saying ? Alita those men are different from us. You... Wait , what happened to your clothes ?" Mom ask with wide eyes. I sigh and scoff. " Are those..." " Shoes..." The villagers g@sp. "Story time over everyone. Go to bed now." I order as every hurry out in fright. " Akeelah , you too. And Elna." " Oh.." Elna blink her eyes and fiddle her f!ng£rs. "What's going on ?" Mom ask and cross her arm. "I'm going to bed." I state and walk past my father. "Alita." Dad called. "Later Dada." I sigh and entered the house. . **** It's not like I'm s@ssy but everything feels different here. It's been long i left and I'm here , back home to where I originally belong. I'm fv¢ked. I couldn't sleep thinking about the guys being held captive. It's nightfall and I could hear chatters from people outside. Seth and Adriel entered my room and smiled broadly at me. I sit up on the old arm chair and pull my knees to my chest. " Am I the only one or she really looks different." Seth compliments. I laugh and shrug. The room isn't that dark because the moon outside illuminated the room and my lantern. " Hey sis." Adriel walk to my side and play with my hair. " Chief is back." Seth chuckle. " Come on , stop it guys." " Guys ?" Oh shit. " Look , I'm really sorry about what happened." I begin. "What happened to you ? What changed you ?" " The life out there isn't same thing as here." I shrug. "So they dress super weird and also fancy , huh ?" Seth ask with a smirk. "Doesn't really matter." " Who were those three men ?" Adriel asks. "Friends." "Friends ? And you brought them here ? The last time they visited they took you and Elna including Len. So why will you call those people friends ?" Adriel ask. I sigh and slump my shoulders defeatedly. Talking about Len , he's back. Seems he escape and returned home. " It's not what you think. They are nice people." "And they smell different. Like they aren't humans." Damn.. I dare not explain anything. "Maybe because you think they are weird." I lie ." They are good people." "They wear shoes. Weird type of shoes and outfits like you. Why would you change yourself ? We thought we've lost you." I sigh. They would never understand. " I already explained. The life out there is totally different from the one here. People had to dress different in other to mend with their ways. They saved me and here i am. Alive.." I remark hoping they'd understand. " Go to sleep. You have a lot to talk about tomorrow. The villagers are still freaking out. Their chief is back but really different. She also brought male Caucasians with her , that's funny." Seth stroke my hair playfully. I smiled and nodded. They smile back and left. I gr0@n mentally and smack my head. How am I supposed to explain tomorrow ? . 😎ARDEN:😎 . This is weird. If I'm told that I'll definitely end up in a damned cell , I'm never gonna believe that. I sigh and run my f!ng£rs down my hair. I look forsaken. " This is weird." Dylan mutter looking at his tied wrists. "Anyone can easily break out of this bounds." Derek mention referring to his wrists that was tied together. "Not everyone. A human can't." I said as they scoff. "You know I'd never thought I had end up in a prison as a captive. I've learnt a lot of lessons." Dylan smirk and chuckle. "Suits the prince right.." Derek laughs."I remembered when he locked Alita behind bars at the palace. A vampire cell to be precise. This is crazy." "Yeah , I thought about that too. I think the world goes around." "Alright , I really haven't locked someone behind bars before , now here I am." Dylan mutter. " This place looks beautiful. Like lost Atlantis." Derek mutter looking at the far view through the bars. It's totally pretty. The nature in here is worth causing a war and I've not even seen a lot. " Her mother is pretty , just like her." Dylan smile and bites his bottom l!p. I raise my brows and glare at him . "What ?" " You have a crush on her mother ?" "No, shit. Just saying the truth. She's pretty and all that." " I thought you admired Akeelah too." Derek said. I furrow my brows and chuckle. "No way. She's a witch. I mean she's literally a witch but a witch in the other way. She's too tough and we're never gonna get along." Dylan shake his head sideways. "She's pretty." Derek says. "Every single lady in here is pretty." Dylan murmur."Akeelah is cute and all that but she looks like Lucifer's ex bride." "Dylan..." "Talk of Lucifer's ex bride." Derek tilts his head. She walk to our cell and lean her hand on the free space of the bars. " Sup buddies ? Having fun ?" She ask sarcastically. Now I know what Dylan's talking about. "Yeah. Thanks for caring." Dylan reply her. I chuckle and look at both guys who seems taken by Akeelah. She's really fierce. I mean without seeing, you'd think Akeelah's gonna beat the hell out of Alita. She's mysterious. " You know, I wish you're the only one stuck here." She scowl at Dylan. "So that you'd hang out , hmm ?" Derek ask with a smirk. "So gross. Your brother is a little fv¢ker. And annoying." She says and flick Dylan's nose. Dylan gr0@n helplessly and tried to pinch the spot Akeelah snap at. I laugh at his funny face and kept quiet. "I'm just gonna leave. Your girlfriend is gonna be here soon. Family meeting." She scoff and turn to leave as Alita walks in. Akeelah smile lightly and left. She turn to look at us and back to Akeelah that's far gone. "She came to taunt Dylan a little." Alita giggle to Derek's statement. "She's an @ss with a good @ss , probably." Dylan murmur. Alita chuckle and punch his arm lightly. "It was wrong of you to have stared that much." "Please scold my eyes. I always tried to talk to him." Dylan says. Derek and Alita laugh and I couldn't help but stare at her. She glows at night and really pretty. " I'm really sorry guys.." She sigh and slowly disappear through the bars. The guys look startle as she smile at us. "That's not new." She says sitting close to me."hey boyfriend." She coo leaning on my shoulder. I smile." Hey." "I'm really sorry guys. For this cell bullshit." " It's fine. We deserved it at least. They think we're stalking." Derek said as Dylan abs£ntly nods. " So what did they say ?" " I didn't talk to them. I've been indoors trying to sleep but i couldn't. I really wanted to see you guys." She sigh and open her hand lighting up a magical glow ball on her palm and it brighten up the almost dark cell. "Better ?" She ask and smiled at us. "I'm jealous." Dylan said with a laugh. " Me six." Derek shrugs and sit down too. " Will this ever ends well ?" " Yeah." " What if they never allows you to marry my brother ?" Dylan ask. " They don't have a choice. I'm no longer a v!rg!n." I said without even counting my words. " What ?" Derek and Dylan giggle and that seems to make me flush. "Arden.." they both mouthed. "Seriously guys , it's not what you think.." we both protests. " So that's all about the Hawaii trip ?" Dylan grin. "Silly..." I laugh. . *** . 🚨💌ALITA💌🚨 . It's morning and as usual it's busy out here. I look around and every single person is busy with one thing or the other. I looked different. I mean with my clothing and almost everything about my feature. I saw zee fighting with her twin sister, Lee with sticks. Practice. "Alita." They squeal as they rush to me. I lift up zee and tickle her before dropping her. I carried Lee and tickle her too. They giggle and laugh. "Fighting ?" I ask squatting to their heights. "Yeah. We're practicing to be great warriors. I wanna be like you when I grow up. Bambi said if I wanna be like you then I needed real good training and h@rd-work." Zee says. "Me too. We wanna be like you when we grow up. I wanna be pretty like you and confident like you." Lee said. "Aww so adorable." I smile. "Who would wanna be like the new alita ? Weird clothing and of course brought three men to our island. She's full of sin now and I bet Diana forbids her soul." A girl said. I stand up to look at her and I recognize her as Luna. I blink my eyes and cross my arms. " What ? You're supposed to be next chief so what ? You're nothing compared to the others. You're just locally famous." She continues. I wanted to punch her nose h@rdly and make sure she bleeds badly but hell no , I'm a princess. " You need any help princess ?" Akeelah ask standing close to me with Elna. "Side kicks huh ?" Luna ask and cross her arms. "Is she bothering you ?" Elna ask and smirk. "Obviously , I know she can't fight. She's just a little s√¢ker and..." Akeelah seal her mouth with a punch across her face. Zee and Lee g@sp as they cover their mouths. " Look away.." I whisper to the little girls. They nod and close their eyes. "Are you okay ?" Elna grimace staring at Luna who's perplexed. " How dare you ?" " Move before you're beaten to death." " You know you..." Elna shut her up again with another punch. She wince and crash on the floor. The busy villagers seems to notice as they turn to look at us. " We're okay. Just practicing." I smile @ssuring them. They smiled back and return to their business. " Move." She cry and run away. " That was fun." " Are we obviously different now ?" I ask the girls. " Because of clothes ?" Elna scoff . " I don't know." "Maybe you should try and dress like your old self if that's gonna make you notice you're just like them." I roll my eyes and look at the twins who were already grinning at me. " You wanna tutor us ?" They ask handing me their sticks. I look at the girls as they nod. " Sure." I smile and take their sticks. " I'll leave you girls alone. Seth and I have a talk." " Akeelah , do you like my brother ?" I ask. " What !" She ask clearly taken aback. "No way. We're just friends. First it was Dylan and now Seth. Nah wrong. I'm basically attracted to cute people." " So you're accepting that you sort of like Dylan ?" Elna ask and ¢0¢k her brows. " I gotta go." She laughs and walk away. " Let's go." I motion to the twins and lead them to the hill. I haven't talk to the guys today. Elna sit under a tree with her knees to her chest while I tutor Lee and Zee. "Try to be confident and focused." I say watching the girls fight. Zee smack her stick on Lee's ribs as she wince. "Zee , take it easy on her. No physical hurting." I scold. She nods and apologize to her sister. Their grunting filled the cold air alongside the noise from their sticks. " You know You would have been a good leader." Elna stated. " Yeah ?" She shrug and laugh. " I still feel different." " Why ?" She sigh and secretly showed me her fangs. " I'm scared. I don't want my people to hate me. I'm no longer a witch , no longer a v!rg!n, no longer an amazonian and I brought a Caucasian as groom. I'm fv¢ked." " Break girls." I smile at them. Zee and Lee giggle as they stop. " Go and wash yourself down the river. We continue later this evening." I smile as they squeal before they raise down the hill. I sigh and sit close to Elna. "You'll be fine. I'm here and we're gonna sort this out. I promise." She nods and smile. " Over here. The palace needs us." Akeelah said coming into view. I nudge Elna as she stands up. . ••••••••••••••••••• . " What happened to the three of you ?" Father ask. Elna look at me and then Akeelah. " How come you smell different Elna ?" Mom ask. Elna gulp and itch her nape. " I don't understand." " You don't smell like a witch Elna. You smell different entirely." She sigh. " What happened to the three of you ? You Know those men at the cell ?" " They are our friends and they've been good to us." I decide to answer. " What happened to you after you got kidnapped ?" My father ask. " We were sold to slavery. But they saved us. The Caucasians." " They don't save people." My mom retorts. "They do." Akeelah answer. " And what happened to you ?" They ask Akeelah." You just disappeared and never showed up." " I went to explore the real world since my real friends aren't here anymore." She points at Elna and I. " So who are they ?" " They are princes." " Princes ?" " Yes princes. Their father is a king. And one of them is the heir. They are good people. "Is that why Elna smell like them ? Like some vicious creatures. They are not human , including you Elna." She gulp and look at me. Father grab elna's hand as she flinch but couldn't escape from his grasp. He squeeze her wrist strongly as she gr0@n quietly. " Father." "Elna what happened to you ?" My father ask releasing elna's hand. He look deeply into her eyes and shake his head. "What did they do to her , Alita ?" "I'm sorry." Elna sob. She open her mouth and showed them her fangs. " My heart." My mother g@sp as she clutch her chest moving backwards including my dad. Oh no. " Serene." Father shouted. A female warrior rush into our meeting. " Lock Elna up. She must be beheaded in noon after letting the sun scorch her badly. She must die , she doesn't belong here..." ........ T B C


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