Refugees 3 episode 11

????Refugees ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ??????


? Tales of two worlds ?

?Season 3 ?

? Chapter 11?

? Written by Goddy Francis?


Everything was void. I tried to open my eyes but it was damn impossible. I saw myself in darkness wandering about. I was n-ked and void. Like I know nothing. And then I saw her smiling at me. Her hair is naturally white , her skin is pale and she was a definition of beauty.


With each step she takes , the trees seems to worsh!pher. I saw her in a temple worsh!pping the great Goddess of the Athens , a tiny Town close to clay. She was the envy of women truly. She was adored , she was a warrior. And then there c@m£ a war. They took her and str!p her and then took her to cl@yas a slave. She cried and cuss her soul cause she was supposed to die as a vir-gin.


I saw her being harrased by the vampire prince , but that night i think he refused to sleep with her by f0rç£. I saw everything. How she got cursed to the dark. She sigh and sm-irk at me from where she’s standing.


” They don’t want you . They would never want a witch…” She murmur as she walk slowly to me.


” Don’t be fooled. He will just sleep with you , maybe d@t£ you and then you’ll be killed too. Vampires are demons and they would never care about a witch.” She says and st©p in front of me.


” Especially a slave witch..” she grin and turned into smoke.


I couldn’t breathe , I felt something traveled into me and sealed up. I g@sp for air as I crash unto the floor. I opened my eyes only to find myself in a room. My room at Dylan’s. I sit up at once and gaze at both brothers.


” You’re re-ady to talk ?” Was the first question that escape out of Arden’s mouth.


I roll my eyes and sit up properly on the be-d observing any scar or anything , but there was nothing.


” Alita..” Arden called again as Dylan watched.


” This isn’t talking time. It’s coffee time . I want something to drink.” Arden look at Dylan as he walk out of the room.


” You care to talk about it ?”


” What did you do to Kylie ?”


” Punished her.”


” Punished her ? I mean why would you do that ?”


” Seriously. You guys went out and then you were found in an alley with Shiloh trying to kill you.” Arden yell.


” Don’t yell at me.” I snap at him.


” Oh wow. You’re back to this stupid old self of yours. What don’t you un-derstand.”


” I don’t want you to tell me what to do.” I breathe in and out and look away from him.


” So I always told you what to do ? You almost got killed for fv¢k sake. What don’t you un-derstand ?”


I raise my head to look at him and glared at him . Dylan walked in and give me a cu-p of coffee.


” Thanks.” I tell him and drank the coffee.


” What happened ?” Asked Dylan.


” Nothing much.”


” You almost got killed by Shiloh in an alley. How did you get there ? I thought you said you wanted a tour.” Dylan pressure.


” That was p@rt of the tour.”


Arden scoff.” A fight with Shiloh ?”


” Alita , st©p being stubborn. Why are you being ha-rd on yourself ? We wanna know what’s going on. You’re telling us.” Dylan ordered.


I looked at both of them and sigh. I sip the coffee and look at Arden who’s glaring at me.


” What happened to Kylie ? Did Arden get to punish her ?”


” She was grounded. Never to leave the palace for now. You’ll be grounded soon if you won’t talk.” Arden said.


” You won’t ground me.”


” Of course we will. If that will make you safer.” That was Dylan. Why is he acting like Arden all of a sudden.


” Okay fine.” I sigh and drop the cu-p on the nightstand.


” That day at the p@rty , I saw a lady. The lady said a lot of weird $h!t. p@rt of it was himiko. She said himiko was gonna kill me.”


” So…”


I scoff.” I ask Kylie who’s himiko and she told me it was a legendary witch of cl@ywho got bethroted. I was eager , I wanted to know something about her. I found this libr@ry and a woman. She told me about himiko. She said same thing too , that I was gonna get killed by her.” That’s the least I could say. I don’t wanna tell them , the witch at the libr@ry said Arden was gonna die if i ever sleep with him. That’s far near possible.


” And you believed them ?” Dylan ask sitting close to me.


” I don’t know what to believe. They sounded fair.”


” You’ll be fine. No one’s gonna hurt you as long as you don’t sneak out without telling us. At least if I can’t look out for you…” Dylan trail and looked at Arden. ” He will.”


” What about the Shiloh p@rt ? The guy at the alley ?” Arden ask.


” Kylie wanted to feed and I wanted to look around. I saw him wave at me and then walk into the alley. I followed and we got into a fight because he wanted to feed from me.”


” Why would he wanna feed from you ?”


” I don’t know. He said he wanted to steal some powers from me . And he talked about a pending war.”


” Shiloh..” Arden mutter and exhale.


” Are you hungry ?” Dylan ask.


” Yeah..” I quic-kly nodded.


He smiled and walk out. I turn to look at Arden who look so pale. It’s like he has been worried over me.


” You look pale..”


” Yeah ?” He scoff and sit on the couch .


” Yeah. You were worried and that always made me feel important.”


” So you thought you weren’t important ?” Arden ask.


” No , I thought you don’t care about me sometimes.”


He sm-irks and stare at me.


” You’re weird.” He said.



I roll my eyes and continuously bit myl-ip.


” I’ve been wondering , am I still your pet ?”


” What do you wanna be ?”


” Arden , that didn’t answer my question. Just tell me.”


” Yeah , you’re still my pet.”


” Arden , you gave me freedom.”


” Then why are you fv¢kin asking ?” He glared and sm-irk.


” I mean , I let you go but yet you still wished to be a pet to me.”


” What ?”


” I heard your thoughts. How you wish to be a pet. A pet who’s gonna be for her master even in be-d.” He sm-irk and scoff.


” How could you even hear that ? I blocked you from my head.” I scoff and felt embarras-sed. He’s always fond of sneaking into my head.


” I want you to come over tonight. Your ex house.” He said at once. I turn to look at him and silently laugh.


” Why am I supposed to come ? What am I doing back there ?”


He laughs and stand to sit next to me. I refused to meet his eyes but his taunting eyes made me look at him.


” There’s a p@rty this weekend , I’m sure you’re coming with Dylan.”


” What p@rty ?”


” Royal ball. A vampire prince is about getting married and we’re invited. You should come too because we wouldn’t let you stay at home alone.”


” I’ll be fine.”


” But yet you got beaten by Shiloh.” He mocks and laughs.


” I didn’t get beaten. I drank something stupid and it ate me up. How was I supposed to fight like a person.”


” That’s not an excuse. A warrior should always be prepared for war , we-ther poisoned or not.”


” And I feel like punching you right now.” I gr0@nand hiss.


He laughs genuinely at least for the third time I think. He looks cute as usual , just an annoying as-s.


” Sorry about Shiloh. I’ll talk to him myself.”


I roll my eyes and scoff. I bit my l!pand pl@yabs£ntly with my thumb.


” Will you come tonight ? My house ?”


” Arden , why should I come ?”


” I don’t wanna have S-x with you , you’re too tiny.” He bit his l!pand look at my eyes and then myself.


I remembered that witch lady , I can’t think of hurting Arden because I let him sleep with me.


” Why would you call me tiny ?” I sm-irk and bit myl-ip.


” You should st©p doing that. Don’t sm-irk at me b!tt!g yourl-ips. You really don’t know what you’re doing to me.” I chuckle and smiled.


” So why did you call me tiny ?”


” If you come over and I’ll tell you why you’re tiny and why I want you to come. Dylan and I have a surprise for you at that crazy p@rty. You’re gonna freak out.” He chuckle.


” What surprise ?”


” Don’t be dumb. It’s a surprise and it’s not meant to be declared. Silly as-s.”


I gr0@nand punched him on the arm.


” Damn , what happened to your fist ? it’s so tiny, just like you. ” He mocked.


” Let’s see yours then.”


He shyly laugh and smile at me.


” Nice shi-t.” He complemented.


” Seriously..”


He smiled and shrug. I chuckle and nodded abs£ntly. I raise my head to look at him but his eyes were alre-ady locked with mine.


” You look tensed.” He said.


” Maybe because you’re staring at me right now.” I reply softly and bit myl-ip.


” You’re pretty and I ba-rely could take my eyes off you.” He replied and look away.


” Am I supposed to blus-h ?” I bit my l!pand look at the be-d like it’s the most interesting thing to look at right now. My cheeks alre-ady heat up as I sulk in my nervousness.


” So , what about Jasmin and blue ? How are they ?”


He bit his l!pand smiled. I didn’t even notice we were really close.


” Why do you care all of a sudden ?” He asks not taking his gaze off me.


I chuckle.” Maybe because you’re mating with both of them.” I reply softly.


He sm-irk at me and smiles. In some awkward ways it melts my heart. He’s an as-s and a total j£rk. He knows how to get into my head and my mind. Without even knowing , i think he had me wra-pped around his f!ngers.


” You talk like you’re jealous.” He stated.


” Why would I ?” I muse and bit myl-ip.


” St©p doing that.” He said looking away from my gaze.


” Why should I ?” My tone is different and it’s like I’m flir-ting with him.


He turn to look at me as my breath hitch. His cologne is breath taking and it’s really weird. He tuck my invisible loosed strands of hair behind my ear and sm-irk slightly brushing his thumb on my cheek. Just a tiny stro-ke and continual gazing at him gave me goosebu-mps.


He bit his l!pthis time and slowly run his f!ngersdown my cheek .


” I owe you a secret.” He whispers looking intensely at myl-ips.


” But I won’t tell you now.” He adds. Why is he taking so much time to k!ssme ?


” I heard that.” I blink my eyes and look away from his alluring eyes.


” Then what are you waiting for ?” I ask softly locking eyes with him. He lean closer to me and k!$$£d me at once.


That made my entire nervous system explode. I run my f!ngersdown his hair and k!$$£d back. And now I want him to rip my clothes ap@rt but that weird lady is ma-king me scared.


” Oh…” We st©p and dart our eyes to the door. ” I’m sorry , I’m just gonna leave.” Dylan smiled and walk out of the room.


I shyly chuckle and look at my f!ngers. We didn’t say a word as I slowly raise my head to meet his eyes.


” Why do we keep on doing this if it’s futile ?” I said.


” Doing what ?”


I shrug my bit my upper l!pthis time. ” You know what I mean.”


He sighs .” Few minutes ago , you said if you were still my pet. What else do you like to be ?” His voice is soft and calm.


I chuckle and smiled.” What do want me to be ?”


” I don’t know. You wanna be a girlfriend ?” He ask still finding it ha-rd to look at my eyes.


” Is that your own way of asking me out ?” I sm-irk as he chuckles.


” Maybe I’m just tired of our silly dramas.” He said and meet my eyes. ” Is it gonna sound stupid that my heart sort of beat for you ? I don’t wanna say it over some stupid reasons.” He chuckles.


My heart skip a beat at that statement. So I actually made his heart beats. Does that mean he’s in love with me ?


” What if I ask you out on a normal d@t£ ? I want you to be my plus one on that stupid vampire p@rty this weekend.”


I blu-shed and silently laughs. Is he $h!tting me ? His eyes locked with mine as our heart beat did the talking. He slowly nip on myl-ips and k!$$£d me again. I’m always in the mood for him so I just k!$$£d back. He st©pped and k!$$£d my n£¢k , that usually turn me on easily.


” I want you. I want you to be mine forever without getting to share you with anyone…” He whisper against my n£¢k. With every tiny k!ssplanted on my n£¢k it gives me goosebu-mps.


” I want you Alita. plea-se go out on a d@t£ with me…”