Rebound Girl – episode 2

Episode 2

The next day she called offering to take me to the cinema with the bills on her. I accept but the African pride in me wouldn’t let me allow a woman pay for my relaxation. When we met, her she looked different pretty as always but her outfit was simple a polo shi-t and jeans her makeup wasn’t as thick as before but it was beautiful and herl-ips instead of been painted red were covered in gloss and I felt a little pump in veins as my mouth water for a taste of them We got pop corn and when in for the movie. It’s a Horror movie and in this p@rticular scene a monster gr-abs the head of its victim in a fear she cuddles towards me with a firm grip and laughter. It was obvious she felt safe in my arms so I hold her a bit close so she would feel the warmth of my strong arms. She smiles places her f!nger delicately on my n£¢k and begins to stro-ke it. It tickles and I blus-h a bit and steal a k!ss. As I redraw my ton-gue I felt light warm pressure on my chic bones as she held my face in position and we k!ssa little longer forgetting the movie for a while. After dropping her off and going home I la-id on my be-d thinking what a wonderful day it had been and just then she called we talk about movie we just seen then k!sses me good night throu-gh the phone.

Day by day we called each other on the phone, having long conversations and saying our good nights. One evening I decided we should meet up somewhere for some drinks. When I saw her my jaw almost dropped her skin shined brightly in the dimness of the blue light and she was dressed in a yellow tube go-wn which clanged to her b©dy her flesh p@rts where perfectly covered but they bulged from all angles in an organized from, perfect I whispered to myself as I expressed my appreciation of her stunning look to her. After a few drinks I urged her to drink more but she refuses normally she enjoyed competition with me or my friends in drinking bouts but here she was sipping it easy. I began to tease her claiming the long abs£nce of me in her life has made her kidney weak but she only laughs and ru-bs her nose against mine and announced that nothing I say would make her drink more.
We go back to my place i squee-ze her behind gently, as my f!ngerspressed de-eply into its soft lump of flesh she laughs and sl@ps them off. I giggle and place them back once again but she brushes them off and goes to into the bathroom. She comes out with nothing but a towel tied above her bosom I steered at the expo-sed p@rts of her b©dy and I saw water droplets floating down her smooth skin, it was a sight to behold. She puts on some music on her phone and she begins to dance winding her w@!st and teasing me. She re-moves the towel slowly and even though I had seen it all before the way she did it drove me crazy I couldn’t wait anymore.
I went for a t©uçh, but she gr-abs my hands lightly and tie them together behind my back with the towel. She pushes me to the be-d and places me in a sitting position then she brushes her n—-e on my fore head and I could feel them ha-rd and pointy as she drove them down to my nose and to myl-ips. Myl-ips press together towards it and my ton-gue got a taste of their soothing feel but she pu-lls it out with a smile.

Right now I am feeling vulnerable and helpless but truly excited she climb on my l@ps and cross her legs on me, then she li-cks my ears and they tickle then she begins to un-bu-tton my shi-t . She places her hand on my che-st and stokes it tenderly I let out a light m0@n and she giggles. She unZi-ps me and feels my bulge throu-gh my bo-xers. She changes the music and begins to grind on it. I try to let lose my hands from the towel but it was well tied.

She walks away living me in bewilderment and comes back with a bottle of beer feeds me it all at once. She k!sses me ha-rd and violent then she turns of light and the only illumination we have if a dim bluish light provided by the television. She places a cloth on t©p of it and it gets darker. I could see her entire figure but not every detail. She t©uçhes’ me and I felt as if my s-en-se of t©uçh got heighten to compensate for my lose of clear vision for I’ve never felt a t©uçh so good. I could feel herl-ips on it.

I begged her to re-lease my hands but she refused and kept on teasing me. She sits directly into me and begins to move up and down slowly and wiggling, my hands begged for a feel of her b©dy but they were still tra-pped. I enjoyed every bit of it but I couldn’t help but wonder the types of movies she that inspire her to do S-xy craze s–t like this probably some ha-rd score next level BD-SM. I didn’t wonder for long the smooth sound of her voice as she cli-maxed had an effect which trigger an eruptions. She lets loose of my hands forwards they stretched and made themselves comfortable on her bu-ttocks she laughs and whispers teasing my likeness for her bu-m. I k!ssher then we go take a shower talk for a while then fall asleep in each other’s arms.


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