Reason to live Episode 9 & 10

🤰🤱🤰 Reason To Live 🤰🤱🤰
📝📔📝 Chapter Nine 9️⃣ 📝📔📝
Just as the Bible says weeping may endure for a night but joy should come in the morning…. Never look down on anyone day because of their current situation…. Piece of Advice ……..
🏯🕍🏯 Rayan Williams 🏯🕍🏯
As soon as my eyes meet with Tiwa’s eyes I was shocked. I greeted her actually and told Stephanie that I will be in my room.
So what the people can be saying that you can run away from your shallow is really really True…. Hmmm
Rayan you have fv¢k up! $h!t! Damn it!!!
I don’t really know how to start with the first step …. Wowwwww
Right now I’m kinda of hungry but I don’t have the appetite to eat anything…. All I can see right now is Tiwa…
One p@rt of me is telling me to go and explain my evil deeds and ask for forgiveness why the other p@rt is telling me to act like a man and just act as if nothing happened.
⌚🕰️⏰ FLASH BACK ⌚🕰️⏰
On that faithful Friday evening, it was raining and me and my friends decided to go to the Club….
When we arrived at the club, my friends ordered for enough drinks for us. While drinking, I got drun!kafter drinking 5 bottles 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 of strong Wind.
I looked around but I couldn’t find any of my friends, I think they all left with their girlfriends.
I decided to go home since they weren’t around. On my way going home, I saw this beautiful girl.
I saw her along walking along the road side. As soon as I see her, I decided to help her with a flat which she wasn’t agreeing to.
It’s getting late and this street is bad hours like this, can’t you see. I told her.
I don’t nee-d your help , she told me.
Since I tried to be a gentleman but she was refusing, I call one of my bad friend, and I showed him the location of the area I was.
I told my friend to bring two black gloves and that he should bring slee-ping pills and a drink so I can carry on my plans.
With in a Jeff, my friend arrived and then I started my Operation.
I drove my car in speed and I saw her almost at the end of the street junction. My friend got down from my car and injected her with the injection l told him to bring along with him.
I took her to my pri-vate gang house and injected her again then she was awake and she started shouting..
We pointed a gun at her and I gave her the drink that contained the pills. As soon as she drink the jui-ce I give her, she started acting funny.
There and then I had S-x with her… At some time she started shouting and telling me to take it easy with her and before I knew it, blood stink were all on her clothes and in her p@n-ts.
I drove her to her gate as my friend instructed . My friend was kinda familiar with her though.
Since that day, after three months, my father decided to be to be relocated.
This is my past that is always hunting me. Each time when I used to go to be-d, I will see her in my dream crying profusely.
Until now that I have seen her real life in our house again…. Most times when I see her in my dream, she will always be saying:
Why did you take my vir-ginity away from me…. You have now made me a laughing stock…. My name is Tiwa…. You make my world miserable…. Why why why………
That is what she can be telling me in my dreams.
Though my father and my sister will be angry with me, I still have to tell this my story to them and ask Tiwa for forgiveness..
🤰🤱🤰 Tiwa 🤰🤱🤰
Something is telling that Stephanie brother is the boy who devir-ginized me.
Something is telling me that he is the one I can see in my dreams every single night….
But why couldn’t l remembered his face, why….
All this while, I have been praying and wishing for him to show up and tell everyone that he was the one who R@p£d me…
At least that will mean a whole lot to me….
God, I’m begging you, if he is the owner of my child in my wo-mb, let him come up and talk it. It will mean a whole lot to me.. pls papa..
At least where ever my parents are, they’ll be happy. I haven’t l@ya eye on my parents… Danielle said they’re dead while Mercy said, they’re in prison…
Well I’m happy for where I am right now…
This home is almost like my own home.. because they’re treating me like their own child oo.
Stephanie was not able to cook good but since she’s a friendly person, I decided to help her by teaching her and now she can cook good.
I’m in my nine months now and Mr. Williams and his daughter Stephanie have alre-ady started buying baby things…
Stephanie even change my name to her bestie.. She can called me bestie and I can called her bestie…
Bestie you’re called by dad for family meeting in the dinning room..
Mr. Williams said I shouldn’t call him by his name so I should Call him Dad which I have started doing…
Okay tell Dad that I’m coming…. I c@m£ in my room here because my stomach was hurting me that’s why…
My room in this house is almost like Mr. and Mrs. Anthony’s home
👨‍👦🕺👨‍👦 Rayan Williams 👨‍👦🕺👨‍👦
Dad, Stephanie and Tiwa, I called all of your here to apologize to Tiwa for what I did in the past…
I explained everything that happened to them and they were all shock hearing my Story…
Tiwa pls forgive me, I have been having a sleepless nights because of this…
Pls forgive me…
My dad was really mad at me that he left the living room and went his way but to my auto most surprise, my dad c@m£ back with a ring.
Tiwa was crying but my sister, father and I knew down to beg her for forgiveness…
She later agree and there and then, me and her with Stephanie decided to go for shopping….
We bought enough baby stuff and now we’re sitting in our small lecture room.
Suddenly Tiwa become to shout saying the baby is coming……
Chapter Ten 🔟
🤱🤱🤱 TIWA 🤱🤱🤱
Rayan….!!!! Rayan….!!!! Rayan…..!! My baby is coming…
Mmmhhhh…. Rayan… Rushed me to the best hospital in town…
Don’t allow any foolish nurses to kill my ‘Only Reason To Live…
This child is my struggle, my happiness, my best friend and my pains…
Rayan was driving slow… Not really the way I wanted him to.. so I push him very ha-rd in the stomach….
You fool… If you make my only source of happiness to Die, I personal will kill you… Because after all you cause it…
…………… At The Hospital…………..
Push….. Push…. Push… The doctor and the nurses told me….
……….few hours pas-s… Hmmm ………..
🕺🕺🕺 Rayan.. 🕺🕺🕺
Doctor.. 👩‍⚕️ How’s she… I asked
Ohh… Congrats man.. you are a real man… She put to birth a bouncing baby boy….. The Doctor said while shaking my hand……..
Oh God.. Thank you For answering my prayers… ..
Firstly… you connect me back to the girl I devir-ginized…
Secondly… You Calm her heart to forgive me…
And now… You give her safe delivery…
I’m so so Grateful….🙏🙏🙏… For all you’ve done for me…
Doctor, Can I see them?
Yes you can… The doctor answered…
First before I enter, let me call Stephanie and Dad to tell them about Tiwa… because they wanted to follow us,
especially Stephanie but I told them to prepared my surprise p@rty for Tiwa.. because I want to surprise her…
📞” Hello Steph… Your Bestie just put to birth ooo”.. I’m now on my way to her room to see them..
The doctor said, it’s a boy child…
📞” Oh My God…. ” I’m so so so very very very much Happy for my one and only bestie mehn….. Praise God for her..
📞” No Steph… Pls don’t come, we will soon be home.. The doctor said, her case was not bad like other patients cases.. so she will go home today…
📞” Woowwo, should I called Dad’s close friend, Mr. Anthony to come for the surprise p@rty?? Steph ask..
📞” Yes, why not… And pls tell him to come along with his family and even Daniella’s own family too.. Also Victoria… ”
📞 Ok bye Steph ….
OMG!!!! He’s so handsome… Wowwwww Praise God…
Yes oo.. at last… God has answer my Secret prayers…

Now. I’m on my way to Tiwa’s wall in the hospital…
As soon as I opened the door, I see the baby lying like an angel in a baby’s be-d… And Tiwa is looking at him with smile on her face
Wowwwww … I’m so happy for you… Thank God for safe delivery…
Yes oo I’m so grateful right now… Papa God, all thanks and honor goes to you…. Tiwa’s said
I’m so happy right now.. lying near my baby… Only God one know what I pas-sed throu-gh with him…
But where is my bestie and dad?? She ask
I just talked with her not too long.. She’s so happy.. she and dad wanted to come but I told them that we are on our way home..
Ok… I’m taking Tiwa home right now because the doctor said.. Her case is different from other patients cases…
So she will go home today..
Back To The House…
🤱🍼🤱 Tiwa 🤱🍼🤱
Rayan… Are you really sure this is the house… I ask him..
Yes it is… He answer
Everything looks strange to me right now.. our house is well decorated just like someone is getting marry…
Wait o don’t tell me Stephanie has started keeping secret from me..
Don’t tell me today is my own bestie wedding day and she didn’t tell me… I said
No Tiwa.. today is not her wedding day.. and infact she’s not re-ady to get marry yet… He answer
Uhnn pls excuse me… I’m going to meet someone.. Rayan said while walking away..
Right now I’m So so tire.. all I nee-d is to bath..
Upon opening the door to enter the house, I saw a beautiful girl..
She rushed to me and opened the door for me..
Who are you? And where is Stephanie..
My name is Tera.. I’m the new maid.. and Madam Stephanie is doing something in the basement… She said
So how may I help you..? I asked
I’m here ma to take you to your new room ma.. Tera said..
When I opened my new room door, my mouth open straight
The room is very beautiful… Right now, I don’t have enough strength to describe this room..
Pls called Stephanie for me. I said to the maid
Okay ma, your wish is my command… She said
I la-id my love on the be-d and went straight to in the bathroom
When I c@m£ our of the bathroom, I’m seeing different things again oo
I mean something strange.. My baby is well dress.
Who dress my love? I asked..
Ma.. Everyone is waiting for you in the basement….