Reason to live Episode 7 & 8

🤰🤱🤰 Reason To Live 🤰🤱🤰
📝📔📝 Chapter Seven 7️⃣ 📝📔
🤰🤱🤰 Tiwa 🤰🤱🤰
I don’t know where the strength will come from, all I know is that God will not give you what you can not handle
Sunday 4:00pm
At exactly 2pm The Williams arrived but I wasn’t allowed to see them according to Aunty Esther’s instruction.
So I just sat down in my room relaxing and at the same time listening to third conversation.
“Mercy the last time I saw you, you were still very young. Look at you now, all grown up”
“Thank you sir” Mercy replied
“David, do you remember when Mercy misplaced your wallet and she cried like a baby because she thought there was money in it”
“Of course I do! Her expression that day was priceless”
“And I was just laughing while she was crying because I knew there was nothing in the wallet”
“Ahh, you’re ma-king jest of my daughter?” Mr. Anthony said jokingly
“No, we were just reminding her that she was such a cry baby”
“I was young then! I can’t cry over things like that now”
“For real?”
They continued laughing and talking for what seemed like hours and when I got tired of listening to their conversation I decided to sleep.
Just as I was about to close my eyes, the door opened and a beautiful girl that I was probably my age mate walked in. I was surprised and I could tell she was surprised too.
“Hi, how may I help you?” I asked confusion evident in my voice and on my face
“Sorry, I guess I entered the wrong room. I was looking for Mercy”
“Oh, her room is the last one by the left”
“Okay, thanks”
“You’re welcome”
“Uhmm, sorry what’s your name? I don’t think I’ve seen you before”
“My name is Tiwa, Tiwa Lewis” I answered
“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady”
“Ahh, I’m not looking bad but beautiful is a strong word”
“To be honest you’re pretty and pregnant, that’s a double blessing” she complimented me again and myl-ips curled up into a smile
“Thank you and you haven’t told me your name” i said
“Oops! My name is Stephanie Williams” she said
“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady” I said sm-irking
“You’re using my words against me huh?”
“You can say that again”
She was about to open her mouth to say something when Mercy walked in.
“Stephanie I heard you were looking for me, what are you doing here?”
“Yeah, I entered her room instead of yours and we were just talking. Is anything wrong with that?”
“Yes, something is wrong”
What’s wrong?”
“Look at me Stephanie, you’re not on the same level with this girl. You shouldn’t be talking to her at all” Mercy said
“What do you mean? She’s human and I’m human too”
“That doesn’t matter Stephanie. Let’s get out of here” Mercy whispered yelled as she gr@bb£d Stephanie’s hand but she snatched her hand away from her
“I don’t know why you’re speaking poorly of her and surprisingly right in her pres£nce”
“Stephanie let’s get out of here and join others in the parlour”
“What’s she doing in your house? It’s very obvious you don’t like her so what’s she doing here?”
“She’s just someone that nee-ds help and my parents are just helping her” Mercy said
I just sat there listening to both of them talking about me as if I was not there.
“But she’s your cousin” Stephanie postulated taking both I and Mercy by surprise
“What?… How did…She…She’s not my—–”
“Before you twist anything and tell me she’s your maid her name is Tiwa Lewis right?”
“How did—-”
“You once told me about her. Tiwa Lewis your cousin that stays in the north”
“Yes..yeah she…uhmm she was once my cousin”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” ..
“She was adopted! She’s not my uncle’s daughter. We just found out”
“So? You grew up thinking she was your cousin. You loved her then what happened? Is is because she was adopted?
Is it it the fact that she was adopted supposed to changed the love you had for her?”
“I don’t just like her anymore” Mercy said
“Why? Why don’t you like her anymore? What has she done to you? It was not her fault that she was adopted. She probably just found out too
And do you know how painful it must have been for her? Do you know how she felt or how she’s feeling? Put yourself in her shoes Mercy
“St©p lecturing me! I’m not a baby and it’s nit mg fault that don’t like her”
“Then whose fault is it?”
“Can you just let it slide plea-se? Are you an investigator or something? You ask too much questions”
“Look at Tiwa what can you see?”
“I don’t get” Mercy replied, shrugging
“She’s broken! Look at her closely you would see that she is not happy. She’s hurt! I don’t know what your or anyone in this house has done to her or is doing to her but plea-se st©p it”
“What do…I..No one is treating her badly”
“I don’t—-”
“St©p it!” I yelled. Then l added” St©p talking about me as if I am not here Mercy
Few minutes I apologise to Stephanie for shouting in her pres£nce and she agree
“I un-derstand, it’s fine”
“Yeah, my dad wants to see you” Stephanie said
Chapter Eight 8️⃣
💝💝 Ryan Williams 💝💝
My name is Ryan Williams, I’m the only boy child in my family.
I was s£nd to another state to study because of my behavior in my first school. All my life I hated commoner so much.
That was the main reason I father relocated my school.
One thing I did in the past is still hunting me today today..
I wish to see that girl to apologize to her for that.
I decided to come back visit my parents since my study is over.
Since that day , I mean the bad thing I did that is still hunting me by giving me sleepless night, I decided to stay away from women, I haven’t get any girl as my girlfriend.
Not even talk about slee-ping with girls. I wish to see that girl that I offended to apologize to her.
My sister is my only female friend because our mother day. Our father is a strict forward man. My sister Stephanie is a kind and cool girl.
I think that’s all your nee-d to know about me.
🤰🤱🤰 Tiwa 🤰🤱🤰
I decided to go see Mr David Williams as Stephanie said
What is your duty in this house? Mr. Williams ask me.
Well sir, I’m a cook and a errand girl for Mrs. Esther and Mercy. I told him
Suddenly Mercy and her parents appear right there.
Mr. David, this is the girl I have been telling you about. She is really a good cook and determine.
The only problem she has is my wife and my daughter.
My wife is a pain in the n£¢k for Tiwa. She ill treat her like a slave just because they said, she’s an adopted child.
Most often they will called her all kinds of names just because of her condition. I personally decided to installed CC c@m£ra in this house to watch all of their activities.
Mr. Anthony lamented and I was shock as well as Mercy and her mother.
Mr. Anthony turn to the CC c@m£ra for us to view everything and while were watching it, Mr. Williams and Stephanie started to cry.
Mrs. Esther and her daughter was embarras-s so much that they couldn’t take their faces from the ground.
Mr. Williams told Stephanie to follow to my chicken room to take my things from there.
I personally decided to visit this family because of this. Me and my friend Anthony planned this. Mr. Williams said.
I called my room chicken room because it was a small room that was meant for chicken but I heard the chicken die so Mrs. Esther decided to s£nt me there.
When Stephanie entered my room, she couldn’t believe that I was even slee-ping in that kind of place.
She told me to leave everything I have there and leave the room which I did.
I left the room and entered the living room where the whole family was.
Dad, I think we should just leave her things here because that place she called room is not a room at all. It’s a chicken basket.
Even chicken will refuse to sleep there. I think it is only God who is ma-king her to still be alive today Dad. Stephanie said and tears falling down her cheek like water.
Mr. Anthony, make my God that I serve bless you abundantly. Even though your family treated me like a slave, you always treated me like your own.
That night, when I’m cold, hungry, and sick, you could always s£nd the gateman to bring me drugs, food and jui-ces. Sometimes, I can be wondering how good you’re and your family are evil and heartless.
I pray that my Good Lord will bless you and give you long life.
And to you Esther and Mercy, I used to called you madam, Mrs. But I’m sorry I won’t call you it again.
You can remember when we were in the kitchen that I told you that you will regret every ill treatment you made me to go throu-gh, you will reap what you sow.
After I said that, I told Mr. Anthony Goodbye then we left.
I left with the Williams family.
Hmm the Williams house is really a mansion. It’s so beautiful.
👨‍👦🕺👨‍👦 Raya 👨‍👦🕺👨‍👦
I told my family that I will be back in a Jeff and they were all Happy.
My sister Stephanie told me about a new girl name Tiwa.
At the mentioned of that name, some p@rt of me shirver and statter.
I think my nightmare is becoming reacl!ty oo. Some p@rt of me told me to be happy because I will soon be free while some p@rt of me told me to not travel again.
I f0rç£d it and when I arrived home, my sister was so happy even my dad was also happy.
As soon as my eyes meet with Tiwa’s eyes, I was shock.