Re married Episode finale

💔💔Re married💔💔
Episode 23
💄Jane’s pov💄
Richie has been very happy because of how things turned out.
I ru-bbe-d my stomach and couldn’t help but to feel sad.
“baby why now?” I said sadly.
Richie kept pampering me in a way he had never done before.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I’ve always known that someone was watching me but I pretended not to know but now am re-ady to take action.
The leader of the goon was my former course mate.
We were close back then some times I shower him with money.
I cut all ties with him because he wasn’t someone I nee-d to be with but now I nee-d him.
“wait o, who I dey see for this area?” Emma said sitting upright.
“na me ur boy o” I said smiling.
“u no say u be my boss” he said happily.
He hvgged me and gave me a sit.
“so this one you come my area I no say gbese don happen” he said sitting down.
“that’s true but let’s drink first and catch up” we drank talked and laugh.
“this weather they cold o, but at least u get babe wey go warm u wella” I said deriving to somewhere.
“you don see am na,u too your wife dey na” he said laughing.
“wife, wife” I scoffed drinking more.
“who dey make you vex? Tell me make I break in head” he said sitting upright
I explained everything that happened to him knowing fully well that he was working for Richie.
“I don fv¢k my man up” he said standing up this time.
“how?” I asked pretending not to know
He explained everything to me and apologized.
He made a plan with me that he would bring my wife back and finally s£nd Richie to prison for abusing my wife.
“thanks man u don give me back my life” I said smiling.
“am always loyal sir” he said saluting me.
I wrote him a cheque of 2 million and he was shocked.
“na Waiten I dey see” he said Cleaning his eyes.
“I don dey go o”
“ o am always loyal” he said happily.
🔥Richie’s pov🔥
Am really happy about the outcome of everything and I am planning to still kill Jeff without Jane’s knowledge.
“Jane we are doing our wedding again in order to renew our vows” I said to Jane and she just stared at me in shock it seems like my word hit her like a bomb.
****The next day….
🔥Richie POV🔥
“I feel like having S-x” I said to myself.
I brou-ght out my d!¢k and started ru-bbing it.
“I can’t wait to go de-ep into her” I said to myself smiling.
I pu-ll-ed my bo-xers and was stalk n-ked.
I walked to where Jane was still ru-bbing my d!¢k that was now so £r£¢tand h0t waiting for action.
She bent to pick something and I held her there.
“don’t even stand up because I want you from back like this” I said holding her w@!st. I was about taking her clothes up when an unknown f0rç£ pushed me when I turned I was shocked to see Jeff’s and my goons.
Indeed I won’t be spared.
I was so scared.
“Jane are you okay” he asked and she nodded her head.
“sweet heart sit hear because you are about to watch movie” he said smiling devilishly.
“plea-se spare me” I begged but instead he started laughing the next thing I felt was a punch that s£nt me to the ground .
“we c@m£ when he is n-ked, isn’t God wonderful” Jeff said laughing.
“see as in d!¢k dey” Emma said pointing at it.
I closed my legs trying to hide it.
“open that leg Na before I match your egg mumu” Emma said again and I opened it.
“Jane don’t tell me that he has been using this inside of you” he said ma-king jest of me
“I asked God for him to make things go smooth and indeed he answered” Jeff said smiling.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I made jest of Richie and Jane and I knew that she was feeling bad because she was crying.
I dragged the idiot and made him sit p@rting his legs.
“give me the wh!p” I said and they gave it to me
We tied his hands and his legs but we p@rted them when tying the legs.
I flogged his d!¢k and he started shouting.
I kept flogging him without st©pping.
“help o, help” he shouted crying like a baby.
“I want you to know how it feels to torture some one and besides I didn’t know that you can cry like this I thought that you are a man” I said laughing as I kept flogging only his d!¢k.
I st©pped, took the razor
I made small marks on his b©dy so that it would absorb the pepper.
When I was done I ru-bbe-d the pepper all over his b©dy and specially using my hands to mas-sage his d!¢k with it.
That feelings of him having S-x with my wife again was killing so it made me add more pepper and he was just shouting because he couldn’t do anything since he was tied up.
They turned him around and I brou-ght out a dil-do big size.
“her first S-x was painful and hurting because of you. I would show you how it feels” I gave it to Emma because he could do the job
“see as your nyansh strong” he said sp@ñking him.
He started forcing it into his an-us.
“I want to die plea-se kill me, I won’t come near your wife again” Richie cried
“make sure it enters finish” I said in anger.
“Jeff plea-se st©p it” Jane begged ma-king me angry.
“should i spare your beloved husband so that you would leave with him o I forgot you are carrying his child and don’t want them to be bastard right?” I asked and I could see hurt in her eyes.
“Jeff why are you saying such” she said in a low tune trying to t©uçh me but I shifted.
“I only c@m£ to teach him a lesson because of what you told me, after now I would leave you to stay with your husband” I said in anger.
“Jeff don’t you love me ag….”
“I don’t anymore, you left me and remember we are divorced” I moved away from where she was.
After we were done we left Richie there lying helplessly I didn’t go with Jane, I left her there to decide
****At home………
I was in the bathroom taking my bath in order to wash of the smelling heat when I felt someone hvg me from behind and I knew that it was Jane.
“what are you doing here can’t you see that I am unclad and taking my bath and besides as a visitor you are supposed to be waiting for me in the living room” I said not looking at her.
“Jeff am sorry plea-se forgive me, I did it for you” she said sobbing.
“why didn’t you tell me? Instead you decided to work alone. When I was a victim to my ex wife Amaka, we joined f0rç£ to work and worked together and in the end we won. Just leave” I said again
“am sorry, I was scared that’s why, but I promise to change, I would ab-ort the baby just to be with you again” she said and my ear stood.
I turned to her and her eyes where red.
“am sorry for ma-king you cry always, I just wanted you to know how it feels to leave your love one” I said now crying.
“what do you mean?” she asked
I explained everything to her and to my surprise she hvgged me.
“I’ve always wished to carry your child and make emily a big sister and today my dreams c@m£ true thanks to you” we hvgged
I bent down and k!$$£d her stomach.
“I love you my babies” I k!$$£d her stomach again then I stood up and k!$$£d her.
“I love you” we said at a time.
We started at each other and the next moment we were fisting on each othersl-ips.
I can’t wait to be inside my wife again.
episode 24
💕Jeff POV💕
We k!$$£d hungrily as I let her go-wn fall.
“Jeff I’ve really missed this” she said in a lovely tune that was low.
Her f!nger nails pierced My skin because of the plea-sure she was having.
I carried her gently out of the toilet to the be-droom.
Her face suddenly turned pale and she turned to another direction.
I k!$$£d her back but she didn’t just kept mute.
“Jane what’s the problem?” I asked.
“I had S-x with Richie again and I know that it ma…”
“shhhh don’t say anything again, I still love you so much so don’t be sad okay! I was only kidding back then” I said.
She turned to me, wra-p her hands around my n£¢k.
“I never thought that I would have a perfect husband who would love me with my flaws, I love you so much” she k!$$£d me.
I wanted to say something but she shut me up with a k!ss.
“plea-se don’t say anything I just nee-d you plea-se” her tune changed this time.
“you won’t be re-ady to control your voice remember that” I said laughing.
“I don’t want to be idea lol” we both laughed and soon we were both on each other k!ss!nglike hell.
The way she’s handling me down there was killing indeed she was good.
🔥Richie’s pov🔥
The pains I was feeling was death, my an-us was still hurting so much.
I t©uçhed my an-us and could still feel the dil-do, so I dragged it out.
“ouch that hurt” I said trying to stand up.
I looked for something to wear, and when I was done, I entered my car and drove off.
“I really nee-d to go to the hospital and then the police station to report jeff” I couldn’t sit properly while driving because the pains was still there.
I increase my car speed so that I could reach fast.
A big truck was coming I tried to dodge it but I ran into a big pot hole and my car samsulted and I knew it was game over.
“hell here I come” I said in a dying voice.
💄Jane’s pov💄
“j..ef..f it’s so…..” I couldn’t complete my statement again.
Jeff was really good and I love him for it.
The way he was moving in and out of me made My legs coil.
I want to m0@n the way I feel right now but I can’t. The feeling is just too great……….
“thanks for always satisfying me to the fullest” I said and he just laughed.
“am feeling proud, check if my head is now three” he said smiling
“it’s just one lol” we both laughed.
“soon babies would be crying in this house and my wife won’t have my time again am just so jealous” he said pretending as if he wants to cry.
“you are my big baby so how would I leave you? I can’t leave without you” I said tou-ching his face.
“that’s my wife” he said and k!$$£d my forehead and we both went to sleep.
When I woke up, I went to the kitchen to get water then I ran into the maids that were my friend.
“good to have you back” they said hvgging me.
“thanks I really appreciate” I said smiling.
“I didn’t know that your husband can cry but after you left, you nee-d to see him crying like a baby” one of them said
“seriously” I said feeling bad.
“but it seems like you have sobered him up” she said.
“maybe” I said drinking my water.
“your voice good o shebi you know what am talking about” she said laughing.
“why not” I said laughing.
*****In the evening……
💄Jane POV💄
Grandma and Emily c@m£ back home and was surprised to see me.
I went to meet them and Jeff’s mum hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“emily am sorry plea-se forgive me” I said to her
“promise me that you would take me to where ever you go” she said.
“I promise never to leave my baby behind” I said smiling and we both hvgged each other indeed I’ve missed my baby so much.
“Jeff told everyone the good news that am pregnant and every one was so happy.
“mum I would share my toys with my baby” Emily said resting her head on my stomach.
“your babies I see what about mine” we all laughed.
Later that night Jeff’s mum told us that richie was dead and I was happy.
I stood at the balcony staring at our beautiful compound.
“is someone thinking about her ex husband?” Jeff asked and I knew that he wanted to tease me.
“just go away because I don’t have your time” I said.
He back hvgged me.
“sorry for your loss” he said again and I turned to him.
“look you are the only husband I have, if you like wish your self death” I said with a serious tune.
“okay if you say so” he smiled childishly.
“don’t blus-h and just know this” I said pointing at him.
“you are not permitted to die even if death comes I would beat it till it leaves” I said again and he started laughing.
“you are the best” he said back hvgging me again
“should we go to be-d now” he asked
“I want to stay here”
“then let’s do it here” he said.
“you are so silly” I pla-yfully said
“that silly man is your husband” he replied smiling
“we did it this morning stro-ke afternoon how come you want to do it again” I asked facing him.
“a time would come when we won’t be able to do it again or have you forgotten that you are pregnant? So am trying to do the future ones that I won’t be able to do when the time comes” he said and I just stared at him shaking my head.
“did you just hear your self? Am going to be-d and do not disturb” I said leaving him there.
After some time I turned back. “are you coming for it or not?” I asked and he smiled as he ran down to where I was and carried me.
“I can walk so put me down” I said smiling
“I want to carry you” he said stubbornly still carrying me, all I could do was to laughed.
I thank God for giving me such a loving and caring husband like Jeff, I will forever be grateful to him.
The End
No epilogue, the most important thing is that Jane and Jeff lived happily which you all know.