Re married Episode 9 to 11

9 to 11
💔💔Re married💔💔
Episode 9
💄Jane’s pov💄
Today was really fun thanks to Emily.
I sat on my be-d thinking of were I’ve seen Emily’s dad, before my phone began to rang and I checked to see that the caller was Jeff’s mom.
“good evening mum” I greeted smiling because that is what I normally call her.
“evening my angel I actually called to tell you something” she sounded happy.
“can we meet tomorrow” she asked.
“yes mum anything for you” I said
“I would s£nd you my address, till then see you” she said hanging up.
I wonder what she wants to tell me.”I thought to myself
****The next day****
I dressed beautifully heading out of the house when my dads voice st©pped me.
“Jane where are you going to” my dad asked.
“I want to see Jeff’s mum” I replied.
“is it the Jeff that c@m£ out the best business man” my mum asked.
“yes it’s him so plea-se can I leave now because it’s getting late” I asked and they shook there heads signifying yes.
Jane’s parents…..
“I can’t believe my ears “Jane’s mum said.
“me also, how I wish I can make her get married to Jeff but I can’t go back on my words because I promised never to f0rç£ her to do anything again” her dad said.
I drove into the compound, it was way bigger and beautiful than Richie’s house.
Immediately I parked my car as directed by one of their worker, emily c@m£ out to hvg me.
“good afternoon mrs Jane” she greeted smiling.
“afternoon honey it’s Miss and not mrs” I corrected her. “She only smiled.
I looked up and saw Jeff’s mum.
We all went into the house and it looked like a palace.
“the house was too big, I better control myself or else I might miss my way” I said to myself.
“mum you said that you wanted to tell me something” I reminded her after we have chatted a little.
“plea-se get married to my son be my daughter inlaw and the mum Emily always wanted” I couldn’t believe my ears.
I was afraid of marriage because of my past experience with Richie.
“am sorry mum I can’t do it. I told you about my previous marriage and am really scared I just can’t do it” I said standing up in order to leave just then she knelt down and Emily joined her.
I closed my eyes because I couldn’t help it seeing them kneeling like that.
“mum plea-se get up “I said
“am not standing I prefer kneeling down to beg you” she said and was crying so was Emily and I.
“Miss Jane plea-se be my mum” Emily said and I couldn’t help it anymore.
“I would get re married plea-se stand up its hurting me to see you both kneeling like this” I said helping jeff mum to stand up.
“thanks my daughter” she said cleaning her eyes.
“plea-se I want to start calling you mum ” Emily said smiling.
“yes my child, you can call me mum ” I replied and I couldn’t help but to laugh.
“we would be coming over to see your parents” Jeff mum said
“OK I would be waiting”
She explained everything to me and I liked it like that since I would only be a mum to Emily and not his wife.
Jane’s family house…….
Me and my parents sat in our living room waiting for our visitors.
Just then Jeff and his mum walked in.
Jeff was looking so handsome and my heart started beating fast.
“Jane what’s wrong with you” I said pinching myself.
“we have come to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage” Jeff’s mum said to my dad
“Jane do you want to get married to him?” my dad asked.
“yes dad I want to get married to him” I answered.
“if my daughter has alre-ady agreed to it whom am I to say no” my dad said smiling.
because Ever since I told them that Jeff want to get married to me, they have been happy that’s why my dad is smiling.
We talked about so many things before Jeff and his mum left.
3 months later…………
💄Jane POV💄
I and Jeff just got married yesterday, I didn’t spend my first night with him, instead I spent it in Emily’s room.
I sat on the be-d and he walked inside.
He climbe-d the be-d and my heart skipped.
“I thought he want to f0rç£ me to have S-x with him just like the way Richie do” I asked myself and I was getting scared, but to my surprise he just went to the other end of the be-d and sle-pt off
I breathed a sigh of relief tou-ching my che-st.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
Jane was still showing her good side I just hope that she doesn’t change in the future and eventually hurt me and daughter’s feelings.
When I entered the room, she was sitting on the be-d.
“I thought she wanted to ask for money?” I asked myself.
To my surprise she didn’t ask for anything after I’ve layed down she breathed high and I am wondering why she did that.
💄Jane POV💄
I woke up so early, then went to take my bath so that I could prepare breakfast.
I tied my towel then I placed my hands on the door knob to open the door but instead the door opened f0rç£fully and I landed on someone’s b©dy.
I looked up to see Jeff’s.
I wanted to shift from him but I sli-pped and he caught me again, my towel wanted to fall and I quic-kly held it with one hand breathing high.
We kept staring at each other
“how can a man be so cute like this” I asked myself not saying it out.
💔💔Re married💔💔
Episode 10
💄Jane POV💄
We kept staring at each other, finally I freed myself from his grip.
“thanks for not letting me fall” i said and he only smiled.
“don’t thank me because am at fault I didn’t know you were inside the bathroom” he said holding the knob.
“why are you up so early” he asked.
“is because I want to prepare breakfast and get emily re-ady for school” i said and he just stared at me.
“i didn’t know that it was done like this” he smiled a little before going to the bathroom.
“why was my heart beating so fast” I asked myself.
****At the dinner****
“emily eat fast so that I could drop you off at school” Jeff said sipping his tea.
“don’t bother dad because my new mum is taking me to school today” she said smiling.
“Emily but I….. ”
“I want to go with mummy” she cut her dad off.
“fine I give up I guess that I would take my leave now” jeff said and stood up and was about leaving but I called him back.
“I packaged lunch for you, so it won’t get cold” I said and he smiled before taking it.
“thanks” he said and de-ep inside I felt happy that he accepted my food.
I took Emily to school and she introduced me to some of her teachers.
She was so happy calling me the name mum.
****At the office ****
💕Jeff POV💕
I’ve never eaten breakfast at home expect my mum prepares it, as for Amaka she doesn’t care.
Jane is really a nice girl.
“let’s go for lunch” my best friend said.
“I won’t be going for lunch because I c@m£ with one” i said and he stared at me in surprise.
“did you cook for yourself or did you order for it” he asked still smiling.
“Jane prepared it” he couldn’t believe his ears.
“can I join you” he asked and I gladly accepted.
I didn’t even eat up to three spoons when Daniel c@m£ inside.
“am perceiving a great aroma” he said and I couldn’t help but smile, indeed Jane was a great cook.
I felt proud de-ep down.
“you guys should leave my food alone I’ve not even eating anything” I said pretending to be angry.
“don’t eat fast o, we won’t leave this food because right now am add!çted to it” the food was too good.
“Jeff we are eating dinner in your house, so plea-se call your wife and tell her to prepare large quantity because I will bring an extra plate to take home” for the first time after I got married to Jane, my friends wanted to follow me home.
Because of amaka character they st©pped coming to my house, but now they want to come now am married to Jane, and am so happy about it.
“Jane, my friends are coming over for dinner so prepare something good, as for the food earlier it’s was great” I said over the phone before hanging up.
💄Jane’s pov💄
I was really bored so I decided to stroll around our beautiful compound just then, I c@m£ across some of our maids pla-ying ‘wh0t’
Immediately they saw me they hid it thinking I was going to shout for them.
“plea-se can I pl@ywith you guys?” I asked and they stared at each other in surprise.
“am not angry I just want to be friends with you guys” I said politely and they brou-ght out the wh0t.
It was fun.
They re-moved me plenty times but when I learnt I was now in the finals.
I kept pla-ying the wh0t with them to the extent that it carried my br@in I forgot that I was supposed to prepare dinner.
“oh my goodness” I shouted when I finally remembered.
“what’s the matter”funmi asked.
“I almost forgot about dinner and Jeff would be back anytime from now”
“we will help you out “Ada said
I was so grateful.
Immediately we went to the kitchen to prepare dinner and in no time we finished cooking, not too long Jeff and his friends c@m£ inside.
We all ate the dinner and they couldn’t st©p praising me.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I l@ydown on the be-d facing another direction.
I tried to sleep but couldn’t.
I nee-d to thank her because she made me proud.
Immediately I turned, she also did the same and we bec@m£ so close.
My hand was on her cheek while her hand was around my w@!st based on the way we turned.
I couldn’t help but to stare at her face indeed she was more than pretty.
She wanted to say something but couldn’t
💄Jane’s pov💄
I wanted to ask him for monthly budget so that I won’t be asking him for money always.
Immediately I turned he turned also.
My heart was beating fast his eyes were charming.
I wanted to say something but couldn’t because it was as if my mouth was sealed.
“Jane why can’t you say anything” I asked myself.
He stro-ked my cheek and it felt good.
We just kept staring at each others eyes.
Episode 11
I kept staring into his lovely eyes then finally he spoke.
“do you want to say something” he asked and I nodded my head.
“what is it” he asked
“I nee-d money for our monthly expenses I don’t want to be asking you for money Every time” I said in a low voice .
“nice one, let’s talk about the rest tomorrow morning” he smiled and my heart beat increa-sed.
I wanted to turn back but he st©pped me.
“thanks for today, I was really proud” I couldn’t help but dance in joy inside.
****Months later……
At the mall…..
💕Jeff POV💕
I went to get some things for my mum, Jane, and Emily.
I was done with shopping and was about going to pay when a beautiful n£¢klace caught my attention.
I nee-d that one I told the lady in charge.
“OK sir” just then an elderly man with a young girl c@m£ and requested for the same n£¢klace.
“am sorry sir but someone has alre-ady ordered for it” the lady tried explaining to the man but instead he got angry and started shouting.
“sir I want the n£¢klace because it would suit my wife since she’s too pretty” I said in a polite manner.
“oh it’s now my baby that is ugly right” he asked angrily creating a scene.
Looking at the young girl made me remember my wife because that was her age mate.
The manager c@m£ and when they traced the matter the man was at fault .
They apologized to me and I left immediately.
At home…..
“mum this is for you” I gave my mum what I bought for her.
“Emily you wanted a bicycle right? here is one” I gave my daughter the bicycle and they were all happy.
After giving them I headed for my room .
“dad didn’t buy anything for mum” I heard Emily say but I didn’t reply her but went inside the room.
💄Jane’s pov💄
After bathing, I c@m£ out still putting on my towel.
I sat opposite my dressing mirror applying cream on my face.
I felt Jeff breath on my shoulder.
This past months we have become good friends but I am de-eply in love with him because I found out that not all men are the same.
“how are you” he asked in my ears and it was ticklish
“fine” I said almost laughing.
He shifted my hair aside.
“close your eyes, I have a surprise for you” I quic-kly closed them, I felt something around my n£¢k.
“open it” he said and I opened my eyes and was surprised to see a very beautiful n£¢klace around my n£¢k.
He went to sit on the be-d.
“do you like it ” he asked.
“yes, yes I really love it” I was so happy that I stood and ran to hvg him because he just stood up.
Because of the f0rç£, we both fell on the be-d and I was on t©p of him.
“I didn’t forget to buy my beautiful wife a pres£nt right” he said and my ear stood.
“did he just call me his wife?” I asked myself.
He turned me and I was now lying on the be-d while he was now the one facing me.
He shifted my hair that was scattered around my face and we were both staring at each others eyes.
He k!$$£d my eyes
“your eyed are so beautiful” he k!$$£d my nose.
“it fits you perfectly” I stared at him in surprise because I couldn’t believe that this was happening.
He was bringing his face closer to mine and I knew that he wanted to k!ssme, when hisl-ips was closer to mine, I closed my eyes. Just then the door was opened with f0rç£ and Emily walked in.
And we quic-kly separated
“mum you didn’t come to tell me a be-d time story to put me to sleep.have been waiting” she said sadly and I quic-kly rushed to her.
“am sorry, I apologized even if I knew that she ruined the wonderful moment.
I quic-kly went to our dressing room then wore my nightie before following her out.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
Thank goodness, I almost k!$$£d her today.
” I said tou-ching my che-st.
The next day……..
Jane car got spoilt on the way so I had to get her home.
She was exhausted so she fell asleep in the car while I was driving her home.
The traffic was much.
I stared at her face then to herl-ips I didn’t know when I moved closer to k!ssher but a car horn brou-ght me back to my s-en-ses that was when I realized that the line was now moving.
I dropped her at home then started heading to the airport because I was leaving the state to River State to check how our br@nch there was doing.
💄Jane’s pov💄
“am going to take an expensive bath today, thank goodness that Jeff is on his way to airport to travel for work in River State, and he isn’t coming back till a week time” I said to myself.
I went inside our bathroom filled the bathtub with water then decorated it with flowers.
Indeed it looked nice.
I went back to the room and pu-ll my clothes and I walked n-ked to the bathroom.
I entered the tub and it felt so good.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I was almost half way when my friend called me to tell me that our flight was cancelled today due to some issues.
“my plans are being ruined that means I would have to head back to the house” I said to myself.
When I got to a u turn I turned and headed back home..
What would happen
See you then