Re married Episode 6 to 8

💔💔Re married💔💔
Episode 6
💄Jane’s pov💄
I was missing my mum so I decided to use this opportunity to see her.
I took a cab and headed to my house
My mum was so happy that she refused to let go when we hvgged each other.
“my baby girl is here, I’ve really missed you so much” she said happily.
“I’ve missed you too mum” I said happily.
After we let go, she started tou-ching me everywhere to check if I was OK.
“Jane hope you are okay” she asked and I nodded my head signifying no.
“what’s the problem, talk to your mum” I wanted to tell my mom everything in order to free myself.
“my main problem am having is my husband, I do…..
“what happened” my dad cut me off.
de-ep down I know that my dad won’t support me so I changed what I wanted to say.
“the problem am having is that am missing my husband because he left me for business trip” I said faking a smile.
“am jealous of my daughter’s husband” my dad said happily.
My mum suspected that something wasn’t right but she didn’t say anything.
After spending time with them,i decided to go home
I went to the station to take the public bus when I mistakenly bu-mped into Austin.
I wanted to sl!pbut he caught me.
We were so closed that I could feel his breath.
“aus..tin” I managed to say.
He quic-kly let go.
“longest time” he said faking a smile.
“how have you been” I said not knowing what his reaction would be.
“can we talk for a while” he asked and I agreed.
I explained everything to him including the planned marriage without my knowledge and the maltreatment.
He was so shocked to hear it.
We exchanged numbers before going to our various destinations.
🔥Richie’s pov🔥
I dropped my phone after talking to my spy.
“she would face the consequences when am back” I said angrily.
I stared at the picture of she and the guy that wanted to propose to her and it made me more angry.
“women are so cheap that’s why they nee-d to be handled with strong hands” I sat on the couch in my h0tel room thinking of what do to her when I get home.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
When I woke I couldn’t find my wife Amaka on the be-d.
Just then she walked inside alre-ady dressed.
“good morning honey” she greeted taking her handbag.
“where are you going to so early” I asked.
“am going to the shop because I nee-d to check about yesterday sales and so many more because I wasn’t around” she said not looking at me. I stood up from the be-d went closer to her and back hvgged her.
“you promised me this morning and now you are leaving” I said ma-king a puppy face.
“am sorry let’s do it when am back” she turned to me and k!$$£d me de-eply before leaving.
“gush I really nee-d her” I said scratching my head.
***At Richie’s residence***
I c@m£ into the house and saw my wife jane watching television.
She was so surprised to see me because I c@m£ back earlier than she expected.
“wow you are back” she rushed to hvg me but I pushed her with f0rç£ and she fell to the ground hitting her head on the glas-s table.
When she stood up, she was bleeding but I didn’t mind, I drew her by her hair.
“who did you go to see while I was away answer me now” I shouted angrily.
“my parents” she said crying.
“so the idiot that proposed to you is now your mum and dad right?” she stared at me in surprise.
“are you surprised huh? You are so cheap” I said angrily sl@pping her without st©pping while she tried using her hands to block it.
I took her phone, re-moved the sim card and broke it.
“no more phone for you” I said angrily leaving her there to nurse her pain.
Episode 7
(7 years later)
💕Jeff’s POV💕
Work today at the office was very stressful immediately I entered the living room, I saw my mum sitting down on a couch folding her hands and kept a moody face as usual.
I was used to it so I just smiled.
“good evening mom” I perked her.
“welcome son” I looked at my daughter and she doesn’t want to talk to me neither does she want to greet me.
She would be six years and some months.
“My angel are you angry with daddy” I asked knowing what her normal response would be.
“I nee-d a new mummy the one that would love me and my daddy and also take good care of us” she said boldly with her hands on her w@!st.
“you can’t find a mum like that bec…..”
“because they don’t exist I knew that you were going to say it.
I won’t eat and I won’t talk to you expect you give me a new mum.
All my friends have a good mum that takes care of them and I don’t have one” she said angrily leaving me and my mum there.
She talks like an adult and what I really like about her is her diction.
“son it’s been two years alre-ady can’t you move on? Your daughter is still tender and.. “my mum said
“I don’t want to get re married because all women are the same I don’t want anyone to hurt my feelings or my daughter’s feelings” I said cutting her off before leaving.
Flashback (2 years ago)
“dad my milk is finished and am very hungry” my five years old daughter complained bitterly.
I quic-kly gave one of our maid money to buy her milk so that she can make food for my daughter.
I went to my room angrily only to see my wife Amaka on call
When she noticed my pres£nce she ended the call.
“you are back so early” she said smiling.
“are you even a mother?” I asked angrily.
“yes, why not” she replied coming to my direction.
“you are not a mother. Your daughter refused to eat since morning and you didn’t even care huh.
I gave you money to buy the things that she nee-ds and you didn’t Why” I asked angrily but instead she started laughing
“I told you that I wanted a new car but you refused. Since you can’t give me what I ask for we would starve” she said with a serious voice.
“some times I just keep wondering if you are really the humble girl that I married from the village ” I said sadly because I really love her.
“my friends husband bought them Benz but when I asked my own husband he refused. I Also wonder if you are really my husband” she hissed walking out of the room.
I never wanted to accept the fact that my wife has changed, I have caught her having S-x twice on my marital be-d and she didn’t even feel sorry.
There was also a day I had business meeting with some investors at a h0tel, there I saw my wife Amaka flir-ting with an old man enough to be my grand father.
My mum can’t even follow such person.
I had to make sure that non of them know that she was my wife.
I c@m£ back from work one good Tuesday and I couldn’t find my daughter, when I got to my be-droom door, I saw her leaning on it and calling her mum telling her that she’s hungry but no response.
It was when I got to my room that I saw my wife, she was ma-king out with a boy of 18 or perhaps 20 years of age.
I was angry and the love I had for her died instantly.
After that, I called my lawyer for a divorce and she agreed to it.
After some months she c@m£ to beg but I refused.
She c@m£ with the police saying that she wanted her daughter but to the surprise of everyone my daughter spoke.
“this woman is not my mother and she can’t be a mum to anyone my dad and grandma is the only family I have” everyone was shocked to hear a little girl say such.
The case died there.
💄Jane’s pov💄
It was getting late alre-ady and Richie wasn’t back yet.
I turned on the television and there was a breaking news saying that a tanker carrying fuel fell down and so many car got burnt to ashes including the people in it.
I felt sorry for them.
My door bell rang and my mum walked in.
I was so surprised because my mum ha-rd ly comes to my house.
Her face looked moody.
“mum what’s the problem” I asked
“Jane your husband Richie is dead, he was among those that the fire consumed as the fuel tanker fell down” she said now crying.
I had mixed feelings.
I didn’t know If i should be happy that am finally free or feel sad that he died.
After the burial, his dad chased me out of the house.
“do not come back to this house because you didn’t give birth to a child for my son that would inherit his properties.
I left happily and sad
💄Jane POV💄
I sat on my be-d indeed this two years had made me happy because I was free
Richie is dead and I was free.
I want to start afresh I said to myself heading to the bathroom.
Episode 8
💄Jane POV💄
I walked up to my mum who was fully dressed and I wonder were she’s going. “hi mum what’s the occasion” I asked sitting close to her while she just stared at me in surprise. “why aren’t you dressed huh? Today is the business man award ceremony” She said hitting my head pla-yfully.
“oh my God I forgot about it” I said hitting my head.
“go get dressed now” my mum said and I ran inside to go get dressed.
****At the p@rty****
The place was well decorated different scents filled the hall.
I stood at a sp©t staring at everywhere just then I heard my name. “miss Jane, miss Jane” I turned around to see my little princess.
She looked so stunning.
“my princess how you” I asked smiling.
“am not happy because I’ve been trying to call you and your phone was always dead” she said folding her hands while rolling her eyes. I couldn’t help but to laugh.
“am sorry, my phone fell and entered into water and I’ve not got a new one” she smiled a little “I’ve missed you so much even grandma was worried” she said smiling I bent down and hvgged her. She’s the sweetest kid ever.
We met by mistake and ever since that day she has been my strength and made me smile always. “would you like to meet my dad” she asked fondling my hands.
“wow your dad must be a very successful man to be here”
“yes that’s why his my hero, can we go” she asked again and I nodded my head in confirmation. She pointed her dad to me as we got closer but I couldn’t see his face because he was backing me. Just then she st©pped.
“why did you st©p” I asked her.
“I don’t want to talk to my dad because he didn’t do my wish” she said frowning. “what’s my princess wish” I asked looking directly into her eyes.
“he refused to get me a new mummy” I couldn’t help but to laugh just then the man she pointed as her father walked up to us. “Emily you look so beautiful ” he said but Emily didn’t say anything. “don’t you want to talk to your dad?” he asked.
“I don’t want to talk to you ” she said with her tiny voice before running out. Her dad face looks familiar but I don’t know where we’ve met.
His mum c@m£ that moment and he introduced himself to me
“my name is Jeffrey but you can call me Jeff for short”
“my name is Jane and I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to talk to you” we both laughed and I left immediately to search for Emily. .
****At Jeff’s residence****
I told one of the maid to go tell my son that I wanted to commit suicide. And she quic-kly left.
“what’s keeping him I asked myself” I heard approaching footsteps and I quic-kly got on the stool and put the rope around my n£¢k. Just then he c@m£ inside.
“am tired of living I want to kill myself” I said faking tears.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I was discussing with some of my guest that c@m£ to the p@rty I threw. I c@m£ out the best business man of the year and I was so happy.
Just then one of my maid c@m£ to tell me that my mum is trying to commit suicide. I quic-kly ran to her room.
“mum plea-se don’t do this to me” I begged.
“I won’t,i would only st©p if you agree to get re married” she cried out more. “fine I would get RE MARRIED but I don’t have anyone in mind ” she smiled and quic-kly c@m£ down. “thanks so much” she hvgged me.
“you would be getting married to Jane the lady you met earlier” I couldn’t dare say no. “OK mum but I won’t see her as my wife am only getting married to her to be Emily’s mum” I said faking a smile. “I can’t wait to tell Emily” she said leaving the room and I followed her. Emily was sitting down quietly and her face looks sad.
“Emily I have good news for you” my mum said happily.
“whats the good news” she asked not smiling.
“your dad is getting you a new mummy” her face brightened up immediately. “are you serious” she asked smiling.
“yes,your new mum would be miss Jane”
“wow am so happy” she rushed to me and I let down to hvg her.
“I love you dad, I love you so much. My dad is the best” she shouted ma-king some people turn. “I love you too my princess” I k!$$£d her forehead.
“grandma am now hungry” I couldn’t help but to laugh.
“OK darling come let grandma give you the best food ever” grandma said and they both headed inside as they were going, Emily kept singing. “miss Jane is going to be my mum, miss Jane is going to be my mum” I smiled to myself. I hope that am ma-king the right decision.