Re married Episode 14 & 15

💔💔Re married💔💔
Episode 14 & 15
“Grandma why are you quiet?” Emily asked.
I was trying to think of something and finally I got an idea.
“ehmmm actually your mum was trying to prepare food for your dad and then she mistakenly cut her hand” I looked at her eyes praying that she buys the story.
“am no longer happy, I want to speak to my dad” she said sadly.
“he would come back a day later and then you can talk to him” I told her patting her hair.
****Jeff’s other house*****
💄Jane POV💄
I was preparing breakfast for my husband and I.
felt his arms wra-pped around my w@!st, he k!$$£d my n£¢k.
“Good morning jeff” I greeted him.
“call me something ro-mantic” he said smiling
I smiled before clearing my throat
“good morning honey” I greeted again.
“morning my world hope your night went well” he asked.
“you know the answer alre-ady” I re-moved his hand from my w@!st to get salt from the cu-pboard, my hand couldn’t reach so he helped me out.
“Jeff st©p coming closer, the food might get bur….” he shut me up with a k!ss.
“that’s for good morning” he said.
“fine but jus..” he k!$$£d me again
“that’s for being a good wife” I tried shifting to avoid getting another k!ss, but my hand mistakenly hit a cu-p and it fell down and got broken.
I tried bending down to pick it up and the broken p@rt injured me on my f!nger.
“Jane you are bleeding”jeff said cleaning my hands. “we were busy nursing my injured f!nger when we started perceiving burn food.
“and it still got burnt” Jeff said pla-yfully.
He offed the g@s and then orders for food.
“you won’t cook for me until you get better” I was very happy and I couldn’t help but thank God for changing my fate and giving me the best husband.
“I love you so much” he k!$$£d me again I reciprocated this time.
“let’s shower together” he suggested but I didn’t want to so I stood up and was heading to the kitchen to take care of the mess.
“am sorry I ca….”
“Ouch” I screamed because he carried me from my legs like a baby.
“it would be fun” he said again and I glared at him pretending to be angry but inside me I was happy because I wanted my husband in me again.
****Few days later……
This was the best holiday ever.
Immediately we entered inside, I saw Emily standing and staring at the door as if she was waiting for someb©dy.
Jeff walked in and she ran to meet him.
“welcome dad and good afternoon” she greeted.
“afternoon love” he wanted to hvg her but she shifted back.
“dad am angry with you because mom got injured because of you” this time around I was confused.
“how, who told you” Jeff asked.
“no one, I heard her voice with my own ears she was ma-king sounds like ‘aaaaah… on grandma’s phone, and then grandma told me the reason for it” I couldn’t laugh, I used my hand to close my mouth staring at Jeff.
“Jeff tell her the truth, Jane got injured because she was trying to cook for you right?” grandma said.
Now I get the picture I said to myself.
“yes,yes” Jeff said.
“your mum also enjoyed the food and she really wanted more because it was good” Jeff said.
de-ep inside I knew what he was trying to say.
Emily c@m£ to where I was.
“mum where’s the injury” she asked bringing me back to my s-en-ses.
“here it is” I said very fast showing it to her.
” Jeff you have a punishment” Jeff mom said
“that’s right grandma” Emily smiled.
“you would be the one to prepare dinner” I couldn’t laugh.
“OK mum” he was about leaving when Emily ran to hvg him.
“you are the best dad ever, I can’t wait to taste your food” she said before running out.
I and Jeff’s gaze met but I quic-kly re-moved my eyes.
****At the dining…….
It was evening alre-ady and my husband has finished cooking, he served us dinner and everyone was happy.
After blessing the food we started eating all of a sudden everyb©dy dropped there spoons including him before standing up.
“dad you are the best cook ever good night, I love you” Emily said going to her room.
“you couldn’t even inherit my cooking skills” his mum said to her son Jeff
“the food was awful” I said before leaving.
“am terrible at cooking” I heard him say.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
When I got to our room, Jane was alre-ady on the be-d, I took my bath and joined her.
I k!$$£d her shoulders and she shifted.
“am not in the mood” she said In a low tune.
I k!$$£d her back this time and she turned to face me.
“are you angry with me” I asked.
“no am not” she said.
“so can we” I asked smiling.
“you are just too good at begging I wanted to form a little” she smiled.
I k!$$£d her hungrily while using my hands to un-bu-tton her nightie.
Just then my daughter c@m£ inside.
“gush I forgot to close the door ” I said to myself.
“dad I want to spend the night with you and mum because I’ve missed both of you so much”
She said climbing the be-d.
” you can but not now” Jane said trying to convince her.
“I don’t want to plea-se just let me stay or didn’t you miss me ”
“we do but….”
“thanks” she said lying down .
She layed down at our middle.
“Emily come l@yin front of me” Jane said
“I want to lie here so that you and dad can hold me ti-ght” I stared at Jane.
“good night my baby” I k!$$£d her forehead and she closed her eyes to sleep.
I really wanted my wife right now,the urge was much and the worst of it all was that I was leaving the country tomorrow for outside work and I would spend a month and two weeks there.
There must have to be a way to spend a quiet time with my wife.
I stared at Jane and Emily and there eyes where close and it seems as if they were slee-ping.
Episode 15
💕Jeff POV💕
I nearly forgot that I’ve not parked my things.
I stood up from the be-d and went to our dressing room.
It’s a room p@rt of our be-droom but it’s filled with our clothes shoes accessories etc.
And they are properly arranged in different wardrobe.
The room was also big.
I brou-ght out my traveling bag kept it on the table and started searching for the clothes I would take with me.
I heard the door opened and I nee-d no one to tell me that it was my wife Jane.
“I thought you were asleep” I said without facing her.
“a wife that her husband is leaving and won’t be back for a very long time can that wife sleep” she said in a sad voice.
She bent down and started folding the ones Ive brou-ght out.
“you would meet new people there right?” she asked and I know the new people she meant.
“yeah, they have a lot of cute girls with nice shape” I said not facing her.
“I see, lot of cute girls” she replied.
“I’ve been there severally even before I got re married” I said again.
“okay they helped you with some other things right?” she asked and I knew where she was going to.
I dropped the last set of clothes and a few pair of shoes and my wrist watch.
So this time I was closer to her.
“I saw many cute girls but none where like you. I couldn’t love them but I love you more than anything” I said to her.
“I love you too also just avoid them to avoid temptations ok” she said again but this time her tune changed.
“I would be going to be-d now” she quic-kly stood up trying to leave but I held her back.
She was trying to hide her tears from me but I was more fast.
She couldn’t hold it anymore so she let it out.
“I would be back soon, it’s not easy for me too because staying without you a day is killing” I said to her cleaning her tears.
“we just got closer recently and now you want to leave me alone, I would really miss you so much” she sniffed cleaning her eyes.
I don’t like seeing my wife cry because it makes me feel sad.
“so let’s stay here for a while that way you won’t miss me too much” I said smiling.
We sat on a large couch together.
“so who was the first girl you fell in love with” she asked me.
“her name is Mary Jane we actually met when I was in secondary school”I said and she stared at me in surprise.
“what about you” I asked
“his name is Jeffrey we met when I was also in secondary school during a quiz competition. He was the s£nior prefect of his school so was I.
He was actually surprised that a girl could break his record.
We met again at the school inter house sports and we bec@m£ close from then after some time we lost contact and we couldn’t get the chance to d@t£” after she finished I was so happy because she was my missing angel.
I loved her so much, but after my dad pas-sed away, we lost contact.
“longest time mj am so happy that my crush during school days is now my wife”I said and she was so happy that we hvgged each other
“the first I saw you I knew that I’ve met you before” Jane said still hvgging me.
It was like a reunion.
“Jeff I nee-d to go back to the room remember Emily is alone inside” she told me.
She wanted to stand up but I made her lie down back on the couch.
“do you want to s£nd me off like this?” I asked her and she just stared at me.
“not really but Emily is inside what if she wakes up” she finally spoke.
“then I don’t care, I only want my wife right now”I said and she smiled a little.
“gush you are so crazy catch me if you can” she ran off.
“geez my wife is so.. ” I stood up and started running after.
Sometimes she would turn and make funny faces sticking out her ton-gue just to tell me that I can’t catch her and it made me laugh.
Indeed Jane could run but she always c@m£ first during racing.
Just when she didn’t expect I caught her.
“you cheated” she said breathing high.
“I didn’t you said that I should catch you and catch is catch” I said to laughing.
I k!$$£d her and she smiled.
She k!$$£d me back and I smiled and finally we k!$$£d again this time not letting go.
I was really starving and I wanted her badly.
I carried her back to the couch as we kept k!ssing.
She helped with my shi-t.
She k!$$£d my che-st eyes before going down.
Just then we heard Emily coughing and she re-moved her mouth from my di-ck.
“i nee-d to check on her incase shes not lying down properly” she said and it was kinda pissing me off.
“fine leave if you want to and stay with Emily after all you got married to me because of her” I wanted to stand up but she hvgged me from back.
She k!$$£d my back and I paused for a while.
“am sorry but plea-se don’t say such because you are ma-king me feel bad I love you so much and you know it right” she said.
I re-moved her hands and turned to face her.
“am sorry for saying such things to you, it won’t happen again anyway good night” I tried leaving but she pushed me ma-king me fall back on the be-d couch.
“I said that I am sorry I only behaved like a mum….. ”
“and not a wife to her husband” I completed it.
She wanted to k!ssme but I turned.
“Jeff do you want to leave me like that huh fine just t©uçh me you would see that I am we-t” she was now the one begging and it was fun.
I wanted to laugh but I st©pped myself.
“still pretending okay” she said again.
She tried k!ss!ngme again and I returned the k!ss.
“I love you so much” I un-bu-ttoned the rest of her night go-wn and couldn’t wait to enter my paradise.
💄Jane’s pov💄
Jeff’s was so good I was really going to miss my husband.
There were times when I tried to low my voice but my husband didn’t let me because he kept doing it so well and this time around I didn’t care if the world heard my voice………………….
We all went to the airport to s£nd my husband off.
“don’t cry okay, I would soon be back” he told me.
We all said our goodbyes before he went inside.
After I entered the inside the car, I couldn’t help it but to cry.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I told my wife not to cry and am now the one crying.
“fasten your seats belt the plane is about to take off” it announced.
“longest time honey” I heard amakas Voice.
I quic-kly turned only to see that the person seating nest to me was my ex wife.
“I know that you’ve missed me so much because I missed you too” she said again smiling devilishly.
Amaka is back again.
What do you think is her main motive.