💔💔Re married💔💔

Episode 12 & 13




When I got home I went straight to my room.

“I haven’t even gone, and she is keeping her stuff anyhow” I said to myself after seeing her clothes every where.

I was really tired so I decided to take a cold shower.

I pulled my clothes and entered into the bathroom naked only for me to turn and see Jane in the bathtub.

Jane was so shocked to see me .

I couldn’t help but stare at her naked body.

Indeed she was so beautiful her breasts where so firm I wanted to avert my eyes but they refused instead they were just fixed on her body.

“j..ef..f w…hat ..” she couldn’t finish her statement.

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“please leave” she begged bringing me out from my thoughts.

“OK, am sorry for entering inside without knocking” I quickly left the bathroom.

It was when i entered my bedroom that I noticed that i was not putting on any clothes.

I quickly took my towel and tied it around my waist.


💄Jane’s pov💄

Staying inside the tub filled with water was so good the fragrance coming out from the flower felt so nice.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the wonderful feeling.

Just then someone opened the door and walked into the bathroom.

It was Jeff and he was naked.

When he turned to face me, I was dying of shame but I couldn’t help but stare down there, he was huge.

After he left, I came out of the tub and realized that there was no towel so I had to walk out of the bedroom naked.

His eyes where fixed on my body till I entered our dressing room.

***In the evening***

Everyone ate there food quietly while Jeff couldn’t stop stealing glances at me.

When my eyes meet his, he quickly avert his eyes.

I only smiled inside.

“I have something to say” Jeff’s mum said.

We all stared at her.

“what is it mum” Jeff asked.

“you and Jane would be leaving this house tomorrow to our house in ijebu for some time” she said drinking little water.


“no buts, go and take care of the house there ok” I looked at his direction and I caught him staring again.


💕Jeff’s pov💕

I am now ready to accept Jane as my wife but I was scared to tell her because am afraid that she might say no since she accepted the marriage for Emily’s sake.

She walked into the bedroom locked the door before climbing the bed.

I really wanted to get intimate with my wife because I couldn’t help it anymore.

She wanted to lie down but my voice stopped her.

“Jane I want to tell you something” i said in a low tune.

I went closer to her and we were both staring at each others eyes.

“I wanted to tell you that I..

..I…. I” I couldn’t complete it because mind wouldn’t let me.

“tell me” she smiled.

“ehmmm I wanted to… say… That…. Your night gown is beautiful”

“thanks but you’ve been seeing it “she said smiling

“yes but I didn’t get the chance to tell you, anyway goodnight” I layed down and turned to the other direction as my heart kept beating fast.




💄Jane POV💄

It was really raining heavily but thanks goodness we arrived safely.

We drove into the garage to avoid getting soaked.

When we opened the car trunk to carry our stuff I realized that my bag wasn’t there.

“Jeff my bag is missing” I said almost panicking just then mum sent Jeff’s message saying that the driver forgot to put it.

“what will I wear” I asked myself panicking.

We got into the house and it was so beautiful.

Our room was extraordinary.


“take my own clothes and besides it’s evening already, we would get new clothes tomorrow” Jeff said throwing me his shirt.

“thanks” I replied taking the shirt.

I pulled my clothes then went into the bathroom to bath and finally rest.

I turned on the shower and stood quietly as the water poured on my body.

The bathroom door got opened and Jeff walked inside.

I used my hand to cover my breasts as I watched him dropped his own towel and came to where I was standing.

“Jeff…wh..a….t ar..e you do….ing plea…se le..av..e” I said stammering.

He drew me closer to himself and my breath sized, the shower was still on.

“don’t I have the right to go intimate with my wife” he asked me as he removed my hand that I used in covering my breasts.


Episode 13


I couldn’t say a word because I was so shy.

He drew me closer that our body was almost touching each others own. ..

He wasn’t like richie who does everything with force.

I’ve always prayed for this moment and it came.

He kissed me gently then stopped to stare at my eyes.

We engaged in a kiss again this time no one knew who started the kiss.

He kissed me hungrily while I wrapped my hand around his neck.

The shower was still on and it made me more romantic.

We stopped for a while and stared at each others eyes.

He stared at me with hungry eyes.

It seems that he wanted me badly.

“oh my God” I screamed because he carried me and I wasn’t expecting it.

We headed straight to the bedroom and straight to the bed.


“Jane what charm did you give to me?”

“Jeff actually I…. ”

“I know, am just surprised that I fell in love with you so much” he kissed me then stopped to look at me.

“Jane do you, ehmmm love m……”

“yes I do, I love you so much” I said cutting him off .

He smiled as he kissed me hungrily and I couldn’t wait for the real business.

He kissed my neck and whispered in my ears and it was so ticklish and at the same time sent cold chills in my body.

I was smiling and gasping at the same time, when his mouth found my ni**les I closed my eyes as I bite my lips.

This feeling was new, I never felt like this when having sex with Richie I saw it as punishment but now, I don’t want this feeling to stop.

Slight moan escaped my mouth as he continued what he was doing.

“fuck! he was too good” I muttered slowly.

His lips was on my skin, the trails was amazing.

He parted my legs and bent a little.

Immediately his tongue touched my clitoris, my legs coiled the sensation, it was sending to my body was good I couldn’t help it, he used his hand to assist his tongue, his finger in my body and the tongue was enough to satisfy me.

Thank goodness that we weren’t at home because my voice was kinda loud.

My phone started ringing and it was my mother in-law calling” the phone kept ringing.

I wanted to ignore it, but I decided to pick it to tell her that we arrived safely to put her at ease.

“Jane hope your journey wasn’t a stressful one” Jeff’s mum asked over the phone

I wanted to speak, but Jeff’s increased the tempo and I didn’t know when I moaned instead.

“aaaaahhhh” I said without knowing

“Jane are you ok” Jeff’s mum asked

“y… es am o..ka..y” I said in a cracking tune.

“Now I understand let me don’t disturb you two bye” my mother inlaw said and I kept the phone back forgetting that I didn’t hang up.

“oooohh yes please don’t stop” I couldn’t help but say because the feeling was awesome.

Jeff came up to kiss me again and I turned him this time around.

I kissed his chest bite his nipples and then his stomach.

I was shy at first to give him BJ but the feelings of satisfying him overthrew the shyness.

He really loved the way I was doing it with my hand after sometime I used my mouth and I started with the tip first.


💕Jeff’s pov💕

I’ve had sex countless times but this was the best, she was really good.

Her head was on my chest, we covered ourself with the spare bedcover since we weren’t ready to put on any clothes.

She was using her hands to draw trails on my chest and I loved it.

“when did you start loving me” I asked her.

“am not sure but I guess that it was after you saved me from falling near the bathroom door” I said and smiled a little.

“why didn’t you tell me” i asked.

“I can’t because am the female I was waiting for you to love me but you were forming hard to get” she in a baby voice.

“lol, I actually fell in love with you the first day I saw you at the ceremony but I was scared and didn’t want to accept it because that was how I fell in love with my ex wife Amaka “I said and she lifted her head up and looked at me in surprise.

“geez you are harsh” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“anyway, thanks for changing my perspective about men, I’ve never knew that sex could be this fun because I’ve known it as something painful since my late husband uses force and beats me in the……. ” she stopped when she realized that she was telling me about her past.

“was he the cause of the scares on your body” I asked.

She nodded her head in confirmation.

I pursued her to tell me everything about her past, till she agreed to tell me .

She told me about everything she went through in her previous marriage and it made me angry.

“my regret is that the so called Richie died because I would had taught him a bitter lesson.

“am sorry for coming to your life too late” I said kissing her.

We talked about so many things, in the process the urge came again.

“don’t even think of it” she said playfully, but later on we had another round of sex

💛Jeff’s mum pov💛

I was very happy because my wish came through.

I didn’t end the call because I wanted to know more.

I didn’t even know that Emily entered my room.

“why is mum making such sounds?” she asked and I quickly hanged up turning to face her.

What should I tell her now because Emily won’t stop asking questions.




So what should our grandma tell Emily Na?

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