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ray is in love episode 76 & 77

By Beckylove

Chapter 76
(I got rid of your rival)

Ray heard from an intel from Rays entertainment what happened at the agency that day so he came home earlier than usual.
Miss Preya told him Dorris had remained in her room since she came back home. Ray entered their room and met her in the room. Her eyes is puffy and w€t. When she saw him she turned her face to the other side. Ray knew she is upset.
“Babe, I’m sorry”, he told her and sat on the bed.
Dorris scoffed.

” Why are you apologizing?”, She turned to him.
“After all, you are not the one that came to my place of work to [email protected] me. You are not the one hurling insults at me. Stop apologizing. You’re upsetting me right now.”,
And she walked into the bathroom.
Ray balled his fist.
If it were to be someone else that [email protected] his wife like this, he knows what to do but the person in question is his own mother. Ray felt torn. He don’t know what to do.

Douglas organized a team dinner to encourage his team members. Sophie took several pictures secretly and s£nt it to Ashley. She was seating beside Douglas and she took the pictures quite well.
Douglas was in Ashley’s place when the notifications pop up.
Douglas was attracted to the name of the s£nder,husband snatcher.
He casually opened the message and his eyes almost fell out of the sockets when he saw the pictures.
There is a caption under it.

“Don’t you think we look good together?”
Douglas almost puked blood.
So this is why Ashley visited him at work. He thought the sophie lady had given up. He saw the previous messages and he was enraged.
“How dare this woman?”, he asked.
Ashley came out of the bathroom.
” Ashley, why didn’t you tell me?”, he asked her.
Ashley glance at him and saw that he was holding her phone.
“That you are cheating?”, she asked.
Douglas swallowed.
” I’m not cheating!”, he exclaimed.
“So what is with all those pictures?”, Ashley asked him casually.
She sat on a chair looking at Douglas who is on her bed.
” I…. She confessed to me but I rejected her.”, he told her.

Ashley raised her brows.
“Wow, That’s new”, she muttered.
” I’m serious. She even told me she will give up on me when I told her that I’m taken. I wondered why she is still doing this”,
Ashley nods several times.
“It’s probably because you’re so handsome” Then she stood up and hit her hand on the table.
“Who asked you to be so handsome?”, She asked him.
Douglas widen his eyes.
” You have to kneel on a durian. You cheater!”, she told him.
Douglas looked like a child bullied thoroughly by a s£nior.
‘I didn’t even cheat”, he thought but he couldn’t say it out. He could only keep quiet.

Harry parents and Harley parents had decided to eat dinner at a seven stars restaurant.
Harley parent is hosting the dinner.
They all ordered what they will like to eat and the waiters serve the appetizer.
“Congratulations. I heard Harry twin sister just gave birth”, Harley mother said.
” Thanks so much”, Harry parents said.
“It must be great to have a grand child.”, Harley father said.
Harry parents smiled.
Soon the waiters entered with the main course. They arranged it on the table and walked out.
While they were eating Harley father dropped a news that almost make Harry choke on his food.
” Our Harley had decided to get married to Harry.”, the man saud casually.
“What?”, Harry asked and he coughed. He almost choked on his food.
Ashley sitting beside him pat his back.
” Why don’t you tell him yourself?”, Harley mum added, smiling.
“We are getting married or do you think it is too early?”, she asked him.
” Not too early.”, he said.
He move closer to her and said lowly.

“Didn’t you said I have to please you?”, he asked.
” Just take it that you’ve successfully coarse me. I notice that I’m falling deeper in love for you everyday. What can I do? I have to marry you before you fancy another girl out there “, Harley said.
Harry was dumb folded.
See the way she was confessing to him so casually. As if it is not a big deal.
” Harry, What’s wrong?”, Harley mother asked.
“Am I in a dream?”, he asked.
” As in, I can’t believe Harley will get married to me so easily. Like, did she just confessed to me? Are we sure this is not an imposter? Is this Harley?”,Harry asked.
Then Harley pinched his cheeks.
“What us that for? It hurts”, Harry said.
” If you can feel the pain that means you’re not dreaming “, She told him.

Sophie adjusted her cloth before she entered the office.
” Sir, you asked of me”, she said.
Douglas did not look up at her. He only [email protected] an envelope to her.
Sophie took the envelope.
“What should I do with this?”, she asked.
” It’s for you. Read”, he said.
Sophie opened the envelope and read it.
She couldn’t believe the contents.
“I’m transferred? Why?”, she asked.
” I mean I didn’t ask for a transfer”, She repeated.
“I transferred you”, Douglas said still not looking up at her.
” Can I ask why?”,she asked him.
Douglas glanced at her.
“Do I even need a reason?”, he asked her.
Sophie scoffed.
” Are you doing this because I confessed to you the other time?”, She asked him.
“No. There is nothing wrong with your confession. I’m firing you because you made me kneel on a durian. My fiancee was angry. How dare you s£nd such messages to my Fiancee? Do you want to drive a wedge between us?”,He asked her.
Sophie scoffed.
” So you knew”
“I just found out. If I knew, I would have done this and I wouldn’t have been punished.”, he told her.
” Is it because she is rich?”, sophie asked him.
Douglas raise his brows.

Sophie continued.
“Is she the one that bought the car for you? And the apartment you are living? “,
Douglas laughed.
” What are you implying?”, he asked her.
“I can’t believe I like someone like you”, she said and storm out of the office.
Douglas quickly s£nd Ashley a message.
” Babe, stop been upset. I got
rid of your rival”


By Beckylove

Chapter 77
(I want to take this dress off)

Harley and Harry wedding is to hold in a months time and preparations had already began.
Harry asked Ray out to a drink that night.
Ray entered the private room and met Harry already drinking.
“Don’t you know I’m a married man? How dare you call me out at night?”, Ray asked Harry.
” Isn’t it bros before hoes? Whatever! I’m getting married in a months time. Here is an invitation for you and your wife”, Harry said.
Ray scoffed. He can’t believe this guy called him out because of this.
“So you ask me to come here so that you can give me an Invitation card for your wedding?”, Ray asked him.
Harry smiled.
” What?”, he asked.
“Do you think my wedding is not worth it? Harley agreed to marry me. She even confessed to me”, Harry said.
Ray poured himself a drink and downed the drink.
” Are you sure you are going to be a responsible husband? Guess I need to warn your wife”, Ray said.
Harry scoffed.
“What do you mean? Look at me”, the man stood up and move closer to his friend.
” Look at me very well. I’m gallant. I’m handsome. I’m a gentleman. Do I look like someone who is not responsible? Do not spout nons£nse to Harley!”, He said and sat down again.
Ray smirked.
“I just found out your weak point”, He told Harry.
” Whenever I feel like blackmailing you, I will just call your wife and tell her you cheated on her”
Harry laughed.
Ray wondered why he is laughing.
“You have a wife too remember. I’m sure Dorris will not take any news concerning you cheating on her.”, Harry said.
” You dare?”, Ray asked him.
Harry swallowed and kept quiet.
“Anyway, you will be my best man on the day”, Harry told Ray.
” I’m married”, Ray simply said.
“But you’re the only friend I have. If you don’t do it who will?”, Harry asked.
Ray stood up.
” Is that all? I have yo go back home. My wife is waiting”, he said.
Harry stood up too.
“Nothing else boss. We are using a blue suit.”, he said.
Ray just walk out of the room.

Dorris touched her tommy the moment she saw her menstruation for that month.
She had been preparing to get pregnant and she is really anxious.
She had even informed Miss Preya to give her foods that will help prepare her body for pregnancy.
She really wants the baby so when she saw her period that morning, she was sad.
” God, I want a baby”, she muttered.
She knew Ray wants a baby too. She decided to go to the hospital. Perhaps something is wrong with her. She couldn’t wait. She just took her car keys and told Miss Preya she is going out.

Harry had booked the event center for the wedding. He had hired a well known event planner to help with the decorations, the cake, the food and drinks, the refreshment, the gifts and the arrangement of the hall.
Everything is set already except for the Groom and Bride dress. He had taken Harley to a shop that will custom made the dress for them.
It’s few days to the wedding and Harley did not even ask him anything about the wedding plans. She is not even asking about the dress.
Harry entered her apartment and met her busy with her computer.
“Fiance, you are here”, Harley greeted and continued with what she us doing.
” What kind of woman are you, huh? Do you even know the date of the wedding? Are you not concerned about the wedding plans at all? You’re not even asking about your wedding dress! Didn’t you want to get married?”, Harry asked her all at once.
The woman raise her brows.
“What are you shouting for? Aren’t you planning the wedding? It’s because I trust you that’s why I’m not saying anything”, she said.
” As a woman you should be concerned about your wedding “, Harry insist. “It’s like I’m the only one eager to get married”, he complained.
Harry blinked her eyes several time. Then she stood up and klzzed him.
Harry stiffened.
He didn’t expect that.
” I want to get married to you okay. It’s just that I don’t really know anything about planning an event. Just plan the event for us”, She told him.
Harry swallowed.
“Okay.”, he said.
” We are going to the designer’s tomorrow. We need to see the dress and suit. I’m sure you will like it”, Harry told her.
Harley klzzed him on the cheeks.
“Thanks.”, she said.
Harry felt that it is worth it. After all, he got a klzz on the l!ps and a klzz on the cheek.

Dorris walked out of the OB\GYN department that evening with a sigh of relief.
There is nothing wrong with her body. No cause for alarm. She is fine. Her womb is well and healthy.
She felt relieved. She can stop worrying now. She will just wait for the day she will conceive Ray’s child.
All she need to do is work [email protected] in the bedroom.
She hoped she will get pregnant soon. Since the day she saw harriet’s baby. She found herself looking forward to her own child too. She wanted the baby so badly.

When Ray looked up the stairs and saw his wife coming, he was frozen. She looked beautiful in that magenta gown.
Dorris stood before him and called him but Ray is just staring at her.
She blushed and wave her hand in his face.
” Murray”, she called.
“I want to take this dress off”, he told her and Dorris turned pink.
” What are you talking about? My legs are still shaking from what you did yesterday!”
Ray smirked.
“Shall we not go to Harry’s wedding. We will just s£nd him a gift”
Dorris was speechless.
‘That’s your best friend wedding, you brute!’
“You are the best man, Murray. We have to go”, She told him.
Ray sigh.
” Don’t worry. We will hold our wedding soon I promise you”, he told her.
She smiled.
“Let’s hold it after I got pregnant. Say?”, She asked.
Ray nodded and bowed.
” Your wish is my command”, he said.
“Murray, your parents will come to the wedding right?”,She asked
Ray nodded.
” They will be there but you don’t have to mind them”
Dorris just sigh.
‘As if. They are my parents in law after all’


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