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ray is in love episode 74

By Beckylove

Chapter 74
(Dream on)

Dressed in a blue suit and white stilettos. Ashley got out of the elevator and walked into the staff hall.
“Hello, everyone”, She greeted.
Everybody turned to look at her.
Sophie eyes darkened when she saw her.
‘What’s this gullible woman doing here?”, she asked herself.

” Who?”, someone asked.
Ashley s£nt a message to Douglas.
“I’m at your place of work”
Then she turned to the man that asked her who she was.
“I’m Douglas fiancee”, she said smiling brightly.
Douglas rushed into the staff hall.
” Ashley”, he called.
They’ve not seen each other for a while and he is very excited when he saw a message from her. He rushed out of his office the moment he heard that she is around.
“Baby”, Ashley called. She walked to him and hugged him.
She even gave him a flash klzz on the l!ps.

Sophie dug her nails into her palm.
A delivery man entered the room bearing a container.
” you all have been working [email protected] so I ordered drinks for everyone. I know it is too small a gesture but I will do better the next time I visit”, she said.
“Thank you so much”, the staff muttered as they take their drinks from the delivery man. Ashley took one of it and walked to Sophie.
” Miss, have it”, she said smiling.
Then she leaned closer.

“Even if I ignore him for years, he will still take me back with open arms. That’s how much he love me. Do you think you can drive a wedge between us? Dream on. You will have to dream forever”, She whispered into sophie ears.
She stand straight and smiled.
Then she walked to Douglas and linked his hand with hers.
” Everyone, please, let me borrow him for a while”, she said.
“Go on”,
” It’s fine ”
“Feel free”, were the comments from the staffs.
Ashley smiled and she walked out with Douglas.
Sophie felt that she missed something.
‘Is that woman from a rich family? Could she be the one sponsoring him.’
Then she remembered he is using an expensive car and even living in a penthouse. She decided that she is wealthy.

“Is that why that guy will never leave her?”, she asked herself and fist her hands into a ball.
Men and material things. That doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have a chance. She now knew that he didn’t like her. He is only with her because of her money. She is going to show that woman what a mistress can do. She needs to win Douglas over. That’s the only way she could have the upper hand.

Dorris entered the private room and smiled when she saw those waiting for her.
Toby, Vickey and Guy.
” I’m sorry for keeping you guys waiting”, She said.
“It’s fine”, Vickey said.
Guy stood up and draw Dorris chair for her like a typical gentleman will do.
Dorris gave him a appreciative smile and sat down.
” My God, Dorris you look so pretty”, Vicky said.
” Her husband is surely taking care of her”, Toby added.
“Why do I feel like she is skinny. I think the man is starving her” Guy said.
“You don’t expect an artiste like me to gain weight do you? That will be bad for my career”, She told him rolling her eyes.

” You’re simply saying ‘my husband is not starving me’. Be direct okay”, Toby teased.
Dorris rolled her eyes.
“Let’s order”, Guy told them and they all order what they want to eat.
” The treat is on Dorris”, Toby said shamelessly.
“Why?”, Dorris asked him.
” you are a tycoon wife!”, Toby reasoned.
“I’m just a artiste”, Dorris insisted.
” Are you denying your husband?”, Vickey asked supporting her boyfriend.

The waiter serve the meal.
“We want wine too”, Guy said and told the waiter the kind if wine he wanted.
“Is that on me too?”, Dorris asked.
Guy smiled.
” Don’t worry. It’s on me”, the man said.
Dorris smiled too.
“Then can I buy desserts ?”, Vickey asked.
” please do”, Dorris told vickey.
“So what will you pay for, Toby?”, Dorris asked you.
Toby smiled and fill his mouth with food.
” This poor guy will just leech on you people for today”, he said shamelessly.
“Are you kidding me?”, Dorris asked him.
The waiter arrive with the wine and pour it in their [email protected]
” Toby should just take us to a Karaoke bar after this”, Guy said.
“I agree”, Vickey said.
“Me too”, Dorris added.
” I disagree”, Toby said.

They all ignore him telling him they’ve come to a decision and he won’t be able to do anything about it.
Toby sigh and muttered.
“And here I thought I will be able to get a free meal”,
They all smiled.
Vickey pat his back.
“It’s okay. Your fans got you covered”, she told him.

By Beckylove

Chapter 75
(Seed of jealousy)

Ava mum suddenly asked her to come over. Ava knew what they wants to talk about but she still heed their summon anyways.
When she saw her Father’s frowning face, it confirms her suspicion.
“What’s wrong with the Dalton’s? I just flew in yesterday and I found out that brat is actually married. What’s happening?”, Mr constance asked.
” I called Mrs Dalton and she said the girl seduced her son. She even @ssured me that the daughter in law she wants is Ava”
Mr Constance face darkened when he heard his wife words.
“What nons£nse? The whole country already knew he is married. Ava, do not go to them again. There are better suitors. Give up”, He said.
” Dad, don’t worry. It is just for a show. They will get a divorce soon and I will be Mrs Dalton”, Ava told him.
Mr constance raise his brows.
“What do you mean? How do you know that they will be getting a divorce?”, Mr constance asked.
“Isn’t it normal. I can never lose to that lowly girl”, Ava sod her eyes twinkling dangerously.

Dorris have a feeling that something is not right the moment she stepped into the underground garage. She hasten her pace and opened her car. The moment she opened her car, someone covered her nose with a napkin and before she could scream for help, she blacked out.

When Dorris woke up, she was sleeping on a wide bed wearing a thin satin. She sat up immediately.
She wondered where she is. How did she end up here. She looked around and checked her body, there is nothing strange. Who kidnap her and what is their purpose?
Her phone started ringing.
She picked the call when she saw that it is her husband calling.
” Where are you? “, Ray asked her immediately she picked up.
” I don’t know. I just woke up. I was at the agency’s underground garage and I found my self here this morning. “, Dorris told him.
” Come out”, Ray said.
“I’m in the hotel’s lobby”, he told her.
Hotel? So she was at a hotel. How did Ray know that she is here. She stood up and found her cloth nearly folded on the chair.
She put her cloth on and rushed out of the room.
She entered the elevator and when the elevator opened, she saw Ray waiting for her at the lobby.
” Murray”, she called and ran to him.
She is so confused. What is happening to her.
Ray drew her into a hug.
“What happened? How did I end up here?”, Dorris asked him.
” Thank God you’re safe”, Ray said.
“If not for the trust I have in you, I would have acted rashly. Someone told me you’re in a hotel room with a guy. They s£nt some pictures to me.I rushed over immediately I saw the message.”, Ray told her.
” A guy? There is no one in the room when I woke up. Is someone trying to frame me?”, she asked.
“I don’t understand. Let’s go home first. I will investigate everything”, Ray told her.
“Murray, I’m really fine. I don’t think something happen to my body”, Dorris tried to explain.
Ray klzzed her fore head.
” I believe you, Dorris”, he told her.

“You should have allowed us to have our way with her!”, One of the guys told Ava.
” The girl is pretty. Why taking the pictures, I almost couldn’t resist her.”, the other guy said.
“Miss seriously, The pictures is nothing. I’m not sure it will achieve anything.
Ava laughed.
” I know. I’m only trying to plant a seed.”, She laughed again.
“Jealousy! I just planted a seed of jealousy in their marriage. After this we are going to give several hints to him. Then we will wrap it all with a s£× video. We will feed her with aphrodisiac and he will have something nice to watch.”, Ava said and laughed.
” I know what I’m doing. Soon, I will be Mrs Dalton. I really can’t wait”,

Ray mum had been asking him to cone over to the house for several days but he refused. The woman was so angry that she went to Rays Entertainment to vent her anger on Dorris. The moment she entered the agency with her bodyguards. All attention was on her.
“Call that woman over. Tell her to come here. Call that wench that successfully seduced my son. Call that brat for me”, Mrs Dalton started yelling.
” Call Ray’s so called wife for me!”, Mrs Dalton shouted.
“Is she not on good terms with Dorris?”
“What? She didn’t like Dorris?”
“What an [email protected]? Did Dorris really seduced Ray”
“Wow! Her mother in law did not even want her.”
“I knew the marriage will not last”
Dorris is preparing for a musical that the company wants to produce when someone came in to inform her that her mother in law is causing a tantrum outside.
Dorris held her fore head. She is tired. She is sure that the prank the other day is from someone from Ray’s side because she did not offend anyone.
She walked down to the lobby.
She frowned when she saw Mrs Dalton yelling and calling her names.
When Mrs Dalton saw her, she rushed towards her intending to slap her but Dorris saw it coming and dodged it. Mrs Dalton almost fall but Dorris held her. The woman pushed her away.
“Take your wretched hand off me! You dirty entertainer! Leave my son alone. Stop controlling him! My son used to be very Filial before you showed up. Now, he wouldn’t even listen to me. What are you feeding my son? What have I done wrong to deserve a manipulating daughter in law like you. You gold digger. Leave my son alone. Stop confusing him. Are you not afraid of karma? How can you speak ill of me and make my own son to go against me? Against his own parents? Do you really think you are capable? You wench! You are really set to ruin my family.
Save me! Everyone come and see this daughter in law of mine. Which mother will want such a manipulating lady as a daughter in law. My son has a fiancee before she suddenly played third party and snatched my son from his wonderful Fiancee from a wonderful family background. She even force my son to marry her. Help! Save my family from this woman”, Mrs Dalton yelled.
She did not look anything like the elegant lady she used to be.
Dorris felt [email protected] when she saw
that a lot of people are watching.
She just turned and walk away. She knew that anything she did will only get people talking so she decided not to do anything.
“Come back here, wench”, Mrs Dalton called but Dorris did not turned.


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