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March 1, 2021


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Rabbit love prologue

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”oh my, he proposed to me today, i still can’t believe it’s for real”

I sat on the bed which also serves as chair, watching my bestie behaving like a bunny who has just seen a fresh basket of carrot.

”V, you only met this guy five months ago” i said to her.
”Becky, like seriously? She asked me, feigning anger.
I pretended not to notice the look and she continued.
”time doesn’t matter in this kind of thing o, shine your eyes o, this is Lagos o, bae, no dulling”

you might be wondering who i am.
Well, my name is Becky Ugwuoke, a graduate of mass communication from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, and this is my story.
Well, i must tell you, Life is not a bed of roses, what most people who are born with silver spoon, get with just a phone call, those of us who are born without spoons or even a wooden spoon, have to struggle for it and even sell our bodies and dignity for it.
”The struggle for survival is real

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