Rabbit love finale

Rabbit love Final Episode.
I was walking throu-gh the garden of my house and thinking about the last 5 weeks.
True to his words, Kelvin had shut down the agency and as he promised, he got jobs for the ones he considered decent and left the country back to the rehab in company of his sisters and parent.
Bella caused a big scandal, saying that she was pregnant for Kelvin, although it was confirmed that she was two months pregnant, but Kelvin denied being the father of the baby even though he had sle-pt with her countless number of times. They are still waiting for the baby to be born in order for a DNA test to be carried out. I wish them well.
I also met pastor Kehinde the pastor that made Kelvin change from his wayward ways.
Kelvin’s Mother kept her promise also and got me a job where i never imagined, I am now a CNN Africa Special Correspondent. I have no idea how she did it but i am sincerely grateful.
Before she left the country two weeks ago she made me promise that i would give my life to christ and serve God with all my heart because without him I am a nob©dy, i promised her and started going to a Bible believing church and am not re-ady to break that promise i made to her, not now or ever, I love my new life and lifestyle.
My phone which was in my hand started to ring, i laughed when i saw the caller’s I.D.
”Vivian and her Baby bu-mp calling” I muttered to myself before answering the call.
”Mama IBeji, Good evening” i said to her.
”Papa Ibeji, how are you doing” she asked me pla-yfully.
”am fine o, how are the babies and their brothers” I asked.
”am pregnant with just one child o” she started whinning.
I started to laugh, her stomach has grown so big alre-ady, we all suspect that she is carrying twins, I asked her to go for scan, so she could start getting prepared for the babies but she refused to go, probably due to the fear, knowing that she is carrying two people in just one stomach will freak her out.
They are rich anyway, they can start preparing and buying things for the babies once they are born.
”Becky, are you still there” Her voice brou-ght me back.
”Mama Ejima, am here, how are you holding up, i know pregnancy can be quite difficult at times”
”am doing just fine, just called to check up on you, hope you are not lonely or should i come over” she asked.
”Come over ke? I cannot take care of three people at once” i thought to myself.
”no, am not lonely” I said instead.
” so when are you leaving for New york, and how long will you spend there”
”Next week by God’s grace, it’s a three months training”
”train well o, i can’t believe i will soon be watching you on CNN”
”my sis, na God o” I said in pigdin.
”alright, i will see you before you leave, am feeling sleepy later, catch ya later”
”you and sleep, alright, thanks for the call, say Hi to Kola for me”
”alright, I will, bye”
Shortly after i dropped the call, i heard the sound of a horn at my gate, i watched as my gateman, Habib ran to open the gate.
I saw the familiar car enter the compound.
The occu-p@n-t had been visiting me everyday after work for the past two weeks.
He alighted from his car in a casual wear looking so charming, Since he resumed work in his father’s company, he usually wear casual wears on Friday.
”Welcome Sam, have you considered modelling cos you look perfect in this” I said hvgging him ti-ghtly, and I collected the things he bought for me, just like he had been buying since i moved into my house, a three be-droom bungalow.
”You want my mum to skin me right” he said and we both started to laugh.
He locked his car and i led the way into my tastefully furnished sitting room.
Kelvin bought me the T.V and sound system, an attempt he made to win me back, but it just didn’t work for him, i had lost interest in him, i discovered i was never in love with him, I just let my infatuation cloud my thought ma-king it seem like i was in love with him.
”Sam sit, let me prepare something for us” i said to him after he c@m£ into the sitting room.
”nah, i alre-ady have something for us here” he said and win-ked at me before handing over one of the leather to me.
”Chicken and ch!ps with Ice-cream for you and then Fried rice and chicken for me, I don’t normally eat out but today’s case is different, i nee-d the energy”
I collected the item from him, thanked him and went and microwaved it and then dished it for him.
I sat opposite him eating my own, we ate in silence, he was unbelievable quiet.
”Have you heard from Kelvin since this week” he asked me after the meal.
”nop, did he call you” i asked.
”yeah, and he s£nds his regards”
”that’s nice of him”
He bec@m£ quiet again.
”Sam what’s wrong”
”Nothing” he replied.
”there is something, tell me plea-se”
”alright, Becky, would you go out with me”
”Is it what am thinking” i asked joyfully.
”yeah, plea-se be my girl, plea-se”
”of, course, i will”
He stood up and hvgged me pas-sionately.
”I love you B” he whispered to me.
”I love you more”
The end.