Rabbit love episode32

Rabbit love Episode 32.
Ke…Ke…Kelvin what are you doing here?” i stammered trying to recover from the shock of seeing him.
”am here to speak to you” he told me calmly.
I was surprised, i expected to see him acting the way he was the previous night.
”I don’t want to speak to you” i said angrily and turned away.
”Am really sorry about yesterday night, i don’t know what c@m£ over me” he said to me gently.
”apology accepted, you can now leave” i said to him calmly too.
All throu-gh the conversation, Kelvin was still at the door step, while Sam’s hand was on the door knob looking at both of us with interest.
”Baby plea-se hear me out first” he said with a voice that sounded like he was close to tears.
”I don’t want to” i said and turned my back to him.
”I guess this is the p@rt where i will have to slowly give you two the much nee-ded privacy”
”thanks” Kelvin said and c@m£ into the sitting room fully.
”alright, big brother” Sam said and walked towards the dinning table where i was and began clearing the plates we used plates.
I offered to help but he refused.
”Don’t hesitate to call me if you nee-d me” he whispered to me before leaving for the kitchen
He left and I went over to the sitting room and sat down, Kelvin who has been standing since looking like a drenched puppy c@m£ and sat beside me.
”Kelvin, say what you want and leave me”
”I like my women naive and feisty” he said to me smiling.
I turned to him wondering if he was still talking to me.
”what did you say” i asked, confused.
”you heard me right, well let’s get straight to the point” he said and smiled at me showing all his front teeths.
”Finally” i screamed and shifted away from him slightly.
”well, well, i nee-d you back in the house and you know i always get what i want” he said with a mischievious look.
”thanks for being so polite” i replied sarcastically.
”I don’t like being polite, but if you want me to be polite, then i will politely re-lease all the s-xtapes i have in my custody to the press.
”I love the very dummy and naive you, they are much, my friend and trust me my face is not in anyone, i can alre-ady see the headlines in my head, ”Watch S-x tape of Nigeria Model Becky and her numerous sugar daddies”
”Kelvin how can you be so heartless” i said with tears in my eyes.
”no, no, Baby i only get heartless when people go against my words, Just be by my side at all times and perform few duties for me, simple, but no you chose to go against my wish”
”am sorry Kelvin, plea-se let’s go back to the way we were”
”there was never a ‘we’ so don’t be decieved, all said and done, i’ve got important things to do, and i give you three days to make up your mind, there are only two options either you peacefully return to the house or i re-lease the tapes to the press and all these hungry blogger”
After saying that, he left to the door and i followed him quietly, i only talked when he got outside the ap@rtment.
”Why are you punishing me over Jemimah’s death” i asked and he turned to me with his eyes showing only anger and i immediately regretted what i said.
I started to shed tears when i felt a sharp pain on my cheeks and i realized that Kelvin had just sl@pped me.
”Never you talk about Jemimah in that disrespectful manner again” he said and angrily walked away leaving me there in tears.
I held my cheek and ran back into the sitting room and started crying loudly.
I wiped my tears when i heard Sam’s approaching footsteps.
”I just saw my brother drive away angrily, he almost brou-ght down the gate, what happened between you two” he asked without looking at me.
”nothing, just normal conversations between two engaged persons”
”Becky, what’s with the tears, why are you crying” he asked coming closer to me.
”nothing, am just happy your brother and i reconciled” i lied and fake a smile.
”well, if you say so, honestly i don’t know if i should happy or not” he said sitting opposite me and removing the ear piece that was in his ears.
I guess he had them in his ears since, if not he would have heard when his brother landed that thun-derous sl@p on my cheeks.
I t©uçhed the place and tears began threatening to drop from my eyes again.
Two days later.
I was alre-ady in the taxi that was taking me back to my doom, back to Kelvin’s house.
I was praying silently for God to intervene in my situation.
My phone rang and i picked it with shaky hands when i saw who the caller was.
”Becky, get back here” he screamed.
”Sam, what are you talking about” i asked feigning ignorance
”I saw the note you kept for me in the sitting room, just get back here, we will look for a way out of this” he said calmly.
Earlier on i had left a written note stating the real reason why i was going back to Kelvin’s house.
”No, thanks, am going back to face him and i pray…I pray… i die soon” i said crying.
”Becky, plea-se come back here right now” Sam said to me over the phone.
”No” i screamed and ended the call.