Rabbit love Episode 9

Rabbit love Episode 9.
Lagos Fashion week(LFW) was just around the corner and i was among the models that were to walk down the runway.
I was so nervous when I was informed, i was happy and also sad, happy because i was finally going to walk down the runway and sad because it was a major event and i didn’t want to mess up.
Kelvin was very supportive, he was always trying his best to comfort me when ever I felt like i was at my breaking point.
Simply put, he was the ”world’s best b©yfri£nd’
He always know what i want before i even asked, he was very un-derstanding except when it comes to se-x.
My next ph0toshoot before the Lagos Fashion Week was in south Africa, it was for the cover of Africa Women magazine and i wasn’t the only model that was going to be featured in it Bella Madi, Dency Watson, an African-american model signed to Cas-sie Modelling agency were going to be featured in it also.
Kelvin volunteered to go with me to South Africa, since i had never been on a plane before talkmore of travelling abroad.
I was grateful to him.
I enjoyed every bit of the flight to south Africa.
It was a first clas-s, so i got maximum comfort.
I only experienced a little phobia when the plane was about to take off.
My b©yfri£ndheld my hand and whispered
”it’s gonna be over in a minute and you will be fine” into my ears and i calmed down.
The ph0toshoot was supposed to happen in cape town, so we lodged in a five star h0tel in the heart of the city.
The next day, the ph0toshoot session started and we were dressed up a nicely tailored flowing ankara go-wn.
The ph0tos all turned out well except the one that Involved just Bella and I, which turned out bad because of the awkward posture where we had to hold each other’s hands with my hand hanging on her shoulder.
Dency Watson on the other hand was very friendly to me and all out ph0tos together were amazing.
After the ph0toshoot, Kelvin congratulated me for the wonderful poses and all, he also went ahead to congratulate Bella who ignored him and left.
He followed her shortly after she left.
I waited and waited but i didn’t see any of them, at a point i pleaded with Dency Watson to inform Kelvin that i had gone to the restroom incase he gets back before me.
I got to the restroom which was clearly marked female and i perceived the strong scent of Kelvin’s perfume but i ignored it and went ahead to do the business that brou-ght me there, after i had emptied my bladder, i noticed that the scent of the perfume was strong there meaning that the user wasn’t far away from where i was.
I listened well and i could hear voices coming from the cubicle next to the one i was.
I thought i heard Kelvin and i moved closer so i could hear better.
I thought i was dreaming when i heard it again.
”Kelvin i have missed your t©uçhes” it was Bella’s voice.
”My Queen, i have missed your t©uçhes too, no one else does it better than you” this time around the voice was obviously Kelvin’s voice.
I stood there listening to their m0@n ing and all the other ru-bbish they were uttering and when i couldn’t take it anymore, i went out and pushed the door but it was locked as expected, they were obviously carried away to notice that someone pushed the door.
I began pushing and punching the door before i heard Kelvin’s voice.
”Use the next one, am helping my girlfriend out here”
”Kel, Kelvin, what did you say” i asked amidst tears.
I guess it dawned on him that i had caught him red handed this time around.
”Bella, how dare you s£dûç£me” i heard him screaming and shouting at Bella but i knew it was fake, he was a great actor.
He finally opened the door and immediately went on his knees when he saw me.
”Baby, i am sorry, she caused it”
Bella on the other hand c@m£ out, looked at me from head to toe, hissed and walked out.
”Kelvin, i am so disappointed in you, how could you do this to me” i asked sobbing.
He just knelt down there like a we-t puppy without saying a word.
”Kelvin, how could you?” i asked again.
”Baby plea-se i am so sorry, she s£dûç£d me when i followed her to find out why she was unhappy” he explained.
”Kelvin, she s£dûç£d you, how did she do it? Did she glue your leg to a sp©t, couldn’t you have just walked away”
”Baby, i am sorry, it will never happen again”
”Kelvin, I am disappointed, after slee-ping with you every night, you still went ahead to make out with another girl, Kelvin why?” i asked amidst sobs.
”Baby, i am sorry, it won’t happen again, if only you had sle-pt with me last night when i wanted it, all this wouldn’t have happened” he explained and i opened my mouth in shock.
”Just one night, and you couldn’t control yourself, you are worse than a dog, Kelvin you are worse than a dog” i said and walked out.
I was beginning to doubt if Kelvin had any feeling called ‘Love’ for me.
I was devastated, i wish Vivian was around to help me out of this mess.