Rabbit love Episode 8

Rabbit love Episode 8.
I had just concluded my Training clas-ses and it was time to move into the real world of modelling.
Kelvin and I decided to visit Vivian and her husband since i would officially resume work on monday as a model and i won’t have the time to visit her regularly.
The drive to their house was just one hour.
I was super-excited, i had missed Vivian, my best friend, my confidant and my only sister.
We got there and met Vivian and Kola waiting for us as we had informed them earlier of our coming.
Vivian was looking absolutely gorgeous and her beauty was ridiating, she couldn’t hide her excitement when she saw me.
”Becky, i missed you alot” she said while giving me a hvg.
”I missed you too V” i replied her.
The two men also shook hands with one another and exchanged plea-santries.
I was looking around the well furnished mansion while the others were busy conversing about one thing or another although i made sure i put in one or two words so that they would not notice that i wasn’t paying full attention.
After a while Vivian excused herself and also beckoned on me to come with her so she could show me around but knowing fully well the kind of person that Vivian was, i knew she wanted to gossip.
”Babe, oya gist me nah” she said to me immediately we left the sitting room.
”I thought as much” i replied and we both laughed.
I really missed her alot, her jokes, her pestering and most especially her laughter.
”Girl, you look amazing” i said to her admiring her outfit.
”Nah God o, you also look amazingly amazing” she replied.
”Babe, gist me nah, i heard Kev bought you a car”
”Gbegborun, how did you know?” i asked her.
”There is nothing hidden un-der the sun, My husband told me”
”So you guys are now using my matter to gossip abi”
”but Becky, you no try at all, why didn’t you tell me, atleast, i would have called him to say thank you nah”
”V, i am sorry, i wanted to surprise you, I even wanted to bring the car here but Kelvin kicked against it, he said that we can’t be driving around with two cars, i am sorry” i apologized to her.
”Apology accepted! So can i see the car?” she asked me.
I brou-ght out my phone and showed her all the picture of the car, i could feel her excitement.
”Becky, i am so happy for you” she hvgged me again.
”thanks alot”
”God has really helped us o, by this time last year we were stil squ-atting in our self contain ap@rtment and using our legedis-benz, but look how far we have gone” Vivian said emotionally.
”if God be on our side who can be against us” i said and we both laughed.
”Bible scholar” she tea-sed.
”so, tell me which level is your relationsh!pwith Kelvin now”
”Level i don’t know” i replied
”Be serious” she frowned.
”alright, he is still my b©yfri£nd, and our relationsh!pis going smoothly” i answered.
”smoothly? Hmmmm? Two things are involved then, it’s either he loves you more than himself or you are slee-ping with him”
At the mention of ”you are slee-ping with him” my face ti-ght£ñed
”Becky, i un-derstand, am not judging you, but you’ve got to st©p it now, love and se-x are two different things” Vivian advised me.
”Thanks V for not being judgmental”
That was all i could say, i couldn’t bring myself to tell her that i have been slee-ping with Kelvin everyday for the past two weeks, i was turning into a nymphomanic.
Our Visit soon ended and Kelvin dropped me at home and went out to hang out with his friends since it was a saturday.
When he c@m£ back later and demanded for his usual, i wanted to heed to Vivian advice about abstaining till we get married but i was scared. I couldn’t deny him se-x after all he has done for me.
Monday c@m£ sooner than expected and my life as a model officially began
First and formost i was introduced to the outside world as the ‘next supermodel”
I was interviewed by Ebony TV and the interview was shown life on ‘A moment with mo”
Next was my interview with Linda Ikeji’s TV.
At first i was c@m£ra-shy but i soon relaxed and enjoyed the moment.
Many questions were asked ranging from my family background to my aspiration in life.
All the interviewers and pres£nters on various shows that i was invited to, all complimented my beauty and my light skin.
The first week of my life as a model was hectic with interviews here and there and live TV programmes, i ba-rely had enough time to eat but in all, Kelvin stood by me and made sure i was not overstressed nor asked unnecessary questions by the pres£nters.
Just as expected, my name was on everyone’sl-ips, blogs and websites were all filled with my pictures and i had not even done any official ph0toshoot.
Monday of the second week was my first ‘real’ ph0toshoot, it was a ph0toshoot for the cover of ‘style magazine’
it c@m£ out really nice, i looked so elegant.
”Baby, i think i will make an enlargement of this picture and put it in the sitting room” Kelvin said to me when he saw the picture.
I was really enjoying this life more than i had expected.