Rabbit love Episode 7

Rabbit love Episode 7
Vivian called me the next day, i couldn’t bring myself to tell her that i had sle-pt with Kelvin, i felt bad because she has always advised me against it, though she flir-ts alot but she knew where to draw the line. I had crossed the boundary, i knew it in my heart.
Even though he was my b©yfri£nd, he was still my boss.
After the training session that day, i took a cab home since Kelvin didn’t go to work but there was something suspicious, he was preparing for work when he received a text and suddenly he held his head and told me that his head was aching that he wouldn’t be able to go to work.
I attended to him before going to work, but on getting there, Bella Madi did not also show up at the agency.
I was restless throu-gh out the coaching clas-ses and i was happy when it finally ended.
I got home and ran to his room first to check-up on him, i knew he faked the headache being the Igbo girl that i am but i decided to brush it aside and pl@yalong.
”hey baby, how was your clas-ses today” he said and gave me a pe-ck.
”it was nice, i enjoyed every bit of it” i lied, i ran upstairs hoping to catch him with a girl but unfortunately i met him coming out of the bathroom, although the be-dsheet was rumpled.
”Any problem” he said to me when he noticed my change of countenance.
”No, no problem, am just a bit tired, i nee-d to take a quic-k shower”
He smiled and i knew what was going on in his mind.
”Don’t even go there” i told him and he frowned slightly.
”well, i don’t mind taking another shower” he said while rolling his eyes in a funny way which made me laugh.
”am your girlfriend, not your wife” i told him.
”my soon to be wifey”
He wanted to hold my w@!st but i pushed him aside knowing fully well that it was a trick to get me to go into the shower with him.
I stayed in the bathroom longer than i normally do, i was just there thinking about how my life has changed for better in the past one month.
I guess Kelvin noticed my unusual stay in the bathroom and he c@m£ and knocked on the door, informing me that dinner was re-ady.
I c@m£ out thinking he was gone but i met him sitting on my be-d.
”huh? I thought you alre-ady left” i said to him.
He just kept on starring at me and swallowing ha-rd that was when i realized that my towel ba-rely covered what it was supposed to cover.
I quic-kly went to my wardrobe and took out a decent cloth and ran back into the bathroom while he stood there puzzled.
I knew i went too far in slee-ping with him the previous day and i was determined to make things right by avoiding anything that would make us roll in the be-d again.
I had changed and c@m£ out of the bathroom looking decent but he was no longer in my room and i didn’t even hear when he left.
I knew he was downstairs so i went down there and met him him fli-pping throu-gh T.V channels.
”am re-ady for dinner” i informed him.
Dinner was a delicious meal of Semovita and Vegetable soup, i enjoyed it especially the periwi-nkles in it. His cook, a middle aged woman deserved a medal, she was an excellent cook.
We ate silently although he kept on glancing at me at intervals.
After dinner, Kelvin asked me to go for a stroll with him, i quic-kly agreed to it, i was glad he didn’t suggest we go to his be-droom to pl@ycard games like he usually does since i moved in.
We got outside the compound hand in hand and suddenly he went behind me and covered my eyes with his soft hands.
”Baby, guess what” he said to me.
I didn’t know how to react to that, i mean i trust Kelvin but what happened this morning made my trust for him to diminish by some percentage.
” I can’t see a thing and i hate guessing”
”plea-se try” he pleaded.
”uhm, uhmn, there goes nothing” i told him.
”you are really bad at guessing” he laughed.
”well, just follow my lead”
”how am i supposed to follow your lead when you are covering my eyes”
”well i will guide you” he said and held my w@!st.
He held me and led me a little further and then turned right, i as-sumed he was going besides the house which turned out to be correct he uncovered my eyes when we got there and lo and behold, there in front of me was a grey coloured Toyota camry the latest model.
”ta da! A gift for my wonderful girlfriend” he whispered to me.
I was super excited, i hvgged him ti-ghtly.
”do you like it, it’s all yours”
”I love it, thanks alot, sweetheart”
”you are welcome”
”let’s celebr@te it”
”how about we start now” i said and k!$$£d him on hisl-ips and he responded pas-sionately, i knew i had earlier decided against slee-ping with him, but after this wonderful gift i couldn’t deny him what he wanted.
The k!sswas getting more pas-sionately, i was alre-ady lost in the magic world, when he st©pped.
”Don’t you think my room would be more comfortable” he said and held my hand and we ran upstairs to his room.