Rabbit love Episode 6

Rabbit love Episode 6.
The ride back to my house was filled with silence, i just couldn’t wait to get to my small ap@rtment where i usually find refuge whenever the world gets ugly.
I guess Kelvin noticed my mood and decided to cheer me up.
”Miss Model, don’t tell me you are developing cold feet alre-ady” he said to me in other to break the awkard silence that had been existing between us since i overheard Bella’s call.
”no, am not developing cold feet” i replied sharply.
”Beauty, come on cheer up, You’ve been silent since the p@rty ended” he held my hand with his free hand while using the other hand to drive, his t©uçh s£nt cold shivers down my spine.
It was difficult to believe that he was capable of such, he looked too innocent to even hurt a fly.
”Did i do anything wrong” he asked me.
”no, no, not at all”
I was having mixed feelings about the whole thing, and i decided to let it go and cheer up.
Besides, he wasn’t my b©yfri£ndor anything, the fact that he has been nice to me doesn’t give me the right to question any of his actions.
I sighed and relaxed my b©dy of the chair.
”Beauty, you can talk to me, what’s the matter, you look disturbe-d” he asked me and i could feel the sincerity in his voice.
”it’s nothing, i just miss Vivian” i lied to him.
”I un-derstand, you two have gone a long way, but you have me, you can always talk to me about anything whenever you nee-d a listening ear” he said and win-ked at me and smiled.
I was beginning to cheer up, there was no point crying over spilt milk, whether he did it or not was none of my business.
”hey beauty” he tapped me gently and i realized i was lost again in my ”thought world”
”sorry, i was just thinking about something”
”what was it, do you mind sharing” he asked and tinted his head.
”no, it’s not important”
”alright, well i was saying that you have to move into another ap@rtment and place, one that will fit this level of life that you are in now” he explained.
”but i like where i live now” i protested.
”you are Model now, you are no longer a school teacher dearie”
”Is alright i will think about it” i told him.
”think fast, cos you will start work in a month time after all the coaching and training”
”i will”
I c@m£ out of my nicely furnished room looking elegant in a black dress and black heels to match.
I couldn’t believe i was now living in Victoria island, a place that simply smells ‘wealth and luxury”
Earlier in the week, Kelvin has seen that i was not arriving at any decision and he suggested i stayed in his house for a while till i finally make up my mind to get an ap@rtment, at first i had declined the offer since i didn’t know where i stand with him.
It was as if he re-ad my thought, he immediately started going on and on about his love for me and how i have been the one giving him sleepless night since we met.
When he finished i was short of words.
And then he finally sayed the words that i have been waiting to hear.
”will you be my girlfriend and make me the happiest man on earth”
i didn’t even think twice before saying yes, funny enough i had been waiting for that question since the day we met.
He k!$$£d me that day and i could recall that i melted in his arms and i didn’t want the k!ssto end.
”baby are you re-ady” he called out to me while coming to my rooms direction, He had been driving me thro and fro to the Agency since i resumed my training clas-ses.
He st©pped walking when he saw me. I knew i looked beautiful but i just didn’t think i was that beautiful to get such a reaction from him.
”wow, you look like an angel” he said ”my angel” he added.
”i think i will have to put a label on you indicating that you are my girlfriend” he said and smiled to me.
I walked up to where he was and he held my w@!st and whispered ”you look awesome” to me.
I simply smiled and pushed him slightly before another uncontrollable and unforseen event starts.
The training that day was hell for me, as my trainer was no other person than ”Bella Madi”
she was told to teach me one or two things about the runway.
But she took it upon herself to use the opportunity to humiliate me and make fun of me.
Any little mistake, she will spark and then laugh foolishly, i simply ignored her, since i was an expert in ignoring people who i don’t deem fit for my anger or love.
I was glad when the clas-s ended, it was now time for lunch and i was told that the director;Kelvin was calling me.
Immmediately i got to his office, he k!$$£d me and asked me to go out to lunch with him, i quic-kly obliged and we left.
He drove straight to his house which got me confused, but i was happy when i saw the meal that his cook had prepared for us.
We both enjoyed the delicious meal.
After the meal, he took me to his room and confessed that he just couldn’t concentrate on his work and that i was the reason behind it.
I was speechless when he ended but nevertheless i gave in to his demands.