Rabbit love episode 37

Episode 37.
It’s been three days since the incident, Sam’s mum has gotten better and she was getting discharged. The days she spent in the hospital were hectic for me, i took care of her the way i never cared for my mum, Sams sisters had each called me twice to thank me for caring for their mum. Sam was also supportive, cooking all the food, which was what he does best.
No one had set eyes on Kelvin since the morning he left the hospital, his phone was switched off and his friends knew nothing about his whereabout.
We were all worried about him especially his mum, who woke up and narrated to us how she got to Kelvin’s house and met him and his friends p@rtying, a pool p@rty precisely, some were smoking, some were drinking, with unclad girls everywhere , the sight was too much for her to take in, that was what caused her heartattack.
I really felt for her, i really un-derstood why one of my lecturers used to advise us against putting blames on the mother of a wayward child, sometimes it’s not really their fault, they did their best. Like in Kelvin’s case, his mum did all she could.
She was discharged in the evening, we were very happy, i could s-en-se that she wasn’t too happy even though she tried to mask it with a fake smile.
I didn’t really blame her, how could she be happy when she didn’t know the whereabout of her first son.
We got home and she got the biggest surprise that she wasn’t expecting, even I wasn’t expecting it; Her two daughters were around to welcome her, with cakes and welcome cards, she was elated, i could feel it when she spoke.
The girls were very jovial and caring, they both thanked me uncountable times for taking care of their mum, i really felt special.
Just when she thought it was all over, Her husband walked in, she screamed in excitement and hvgged her husband, they looked like a young couple in love.
With all the love and excitement that filled the room, i felt a tinge of jealousy, I wish i could joke and laugh like they were, although Sam’s sisters especially the youngest made me feel like i belonged to the family.
Everyone took the snacks and drinks that Sam’s dad bought for us all, we were led by the mother of the house in prayers, we prayed and thanked God for life and for granting her quic-k recovery, we also prayed for the Kelvin, wishing him goodluck and success where ever he was, only Sam and I said amen to that prayer.
We then moved to the dinning table to eat the specially prepared meal by Chef Sam, they were one big happy family, i felt peace and unexplainable happiness as i was not left out of any of their conversations, the whole family were jovial, they didn’t even carry themselves high the way some rich men who were not even up to their standard did.
From their conversation i learnt that their Family house in Nigeria was un-der renovation and that the girls would be staying in Eko h0tel and suite for the one week of their stay in Nigeria.
After meal, Sam’s sisters and I cleared the tables and washed the dishes, i really admired their down to earth character.
We went back to the sitting room after clearing and met the rest discussing about Kelvin’s disappearance, Sam mentioned that he had earlier gone to Kelvin’s house and met everywhere un-der lock even the gateman was not there, i started praying silently in my mind for him not to be in any sort of danger.
”If we don’t see him tomorrow, i will call the Inspector General of police and ask them to comb all nook and cranny of this state and fish him out where ever he is, i am sure he is someone planning another evil act”
”Dad, he is not really like that” Sam said sharply.
”Adekunle st©p defending him” his dad called him with his native name.
”Dad, let’s just call the police now and report the case” Sam said again.
”He is somewhere, and he is very very safe where ever he is, he is probably somewhere in another of his mannerless friends house, throwing another pool p@rty” His dad said nonchalantly.
”Darling, he is still our son”
The argument went on and on for about twenty minutes, when we heard a knock on the door, we didn’t even hear the gate open, so we hesitated a little before opening the door, when Sam finally opened the door, Kelvin walked in.
”What are you doing here, have you come to s£nd your mum back to the hospital” Kelvin’s dad shouted at him.
He immediately went down on his knees when he c@m£ into full view.
”Dad, mum, I am truly sorry for all i have done, for all my bad behaviours and for ever disobeying you” he said on his knees.
I almost cried seeing him in that state, he was looking lean and haggard, just like the prodigal son in the Bible.
We were all watching him. When he was done pleading and asking for forgiveness, his mum was the first to stand up and walk towards him, she pu-ll-ed him up and embr@ced him with tears in her eyes, followed by his sisters and then brother, his dad was the last to embr@ce him, i was surprised when he c@m£ towards me for a hvg. I happily hvgged him.
When the celebr@tion of the return of the prodigal son-Kelvin had died down, Kelvin whispered into my ears to meet him at the poolside.
Well, i was initially scared, i didn’t know if he was faking the change or if he had really changed but i late made up my mind and went into the cold night to meet him there.
”Becky, sorry for everything” He started saying when we sat down by the pool, i made sure i gr!pp£dthe side of the pool firmly incase he was just pretending to change and wanted to push me into the pool, Kelvin was capable of anything.
”Kel, it’s all in the past now, i have forgiven you” i said to him.
”you know what, you are really special, all the girls i have been with, i have never felt anything for them but your case was different, i felt something i have never felt before since Jemimah’s death, am as-suming Sam has alre-ady told you everything”
”yes he did, am sorry for your loss” i sympathised genuinely with him.
”it’s in the past also, i want to move on now”
”that’s good, so where have you been?” i asked.
”self discovery journey” he simply said.
”as in?” i asked confused.
”as in I went on a journey, trying to find my true self, the Kelvin that i was before, the Kelvin who never did drugs nor drank nor smoked nor womanized, nor sle-pt with all his employ…”
”wait, wait, wait” I started coughing a fake cough.
”what” he asked me.
”all your employees, as in all, i mean everyone who works with you” i asked.
”yeah, all the models, i usually sleep with them before signing them”
I started coughing again when i remembered that we were more than thirty, including supermodels and amateur models.
”including Bella” I asked curiously, remembering how she usually carried herself like she owned the world.
”yeah, including Bella, i almost d@t£d at a point, but her lavish lifestyle st©pped me not that i don’t have the money”
”wow, am surprised”
”Don’t be, wasn’t it obvious, i take girls with zero talents, sleep with them and train them and make them models, so they can always worsh!pme and do whatever I wish, i intend closing k!ssagency, i have done too many bad things with it.”
”no, don’t, it has provided employment for some people” i said to him calmly.
”And it has also taken the vir-ginity of some people, am closing it and i have decided, i will help the decent ones get decent jobs”
”if you say so, so where were you staying this past few days”
”I was with Pastor Kehinde, he was my pastor back then when i was little, he used to joke with me then that i would become an Evangelist when i grew up cos of how dedicated i was to the things of God and he was very nice and godly not all these money mongers we have this days, So when i saw how my lifestyle affected my mum, i was confused and i ran to him for help, i’ve been with him since that morning” he explained.
”how come you didn’t tell anyone” I asked.
”I did, Kola knew where i was, he was the one who told the gateman and house-workers to go on break”
”but he denied knowing anything about your whereabout” i said to him.
”I begged him not to tell anyone”
”that wasn’t fair, so what are your plans now” i asked.
”am going back to rehab and I will be a better person when i come out”
”am so happy for you, you made the right choice” i said and hvgged him ti-ghtly
”Thanks Becky, and thanks for forgiving me” he said to me looking into my eyes after the hvg.
”We all did things, we were not proud of, am not a saint Kelvin, st©p thanking me” i said looking into his eyes.
”If you say so”
Hisl-ips c@m£ down on my when i least expected and the k!sslasted for awhile before he ended it.
I was happy that Kelvin had changed for good.