Rabbit love episode 36

Rabbit love
Episode 36.
We got to the hospital and met Kelvin sitting at the waiting room like a lost puppy, his eyes were red, It seems like he had been crying or maybe he was high on drugs, i wasn’t really sure.
”Kel, what happened to Mum”
Kelvin didn’t answer, he was just looking downwards.
”Kel, answer me, what happened to Mum” Sam asked again.
”She just coll@psed when she got to my house, I don’t know”
”wait, she just coll@psed like that? God plea-se save my mum”
I felt really bad for him. He was smiling happily just few minutes ago.
”Sam Calm down, you mum will soon get better”
”Thanks Becky, am just super worried about her she has never been in this kind of condition before, she has always been hale and hearty, i really don’t know what happened to her and i don’t want to think the worse”
”Sam, don’t jump into conclusions yet, your mum will soon get better, the God she serves won’t let anything happen to her” I advised him from the depth of my heart.
”Thanks Becky, you are truly amazing”
I just smiled and ru-bbe-d his shoulder, amazing was a word i didn’t deserve, especially not infront of the person who made me question God about my creation.
”Kelvin, have you informed dad about this”
”No, i haven’t”
”Well, let me go and do that, Becky i will be right back”
”Alright” I replied and he left.
It was just Kelvin and I, i looked at him many times with pity.
”Kelvin, am so sorry about your mum”
”Thanks” he replied.
” what really happened, why did she coll@pse”
”Are you the police or what, why all this interrogations” he asked me sharply.
I hissed at him loudly, i wasn’t surprised, he was still the same Kelvin, I wasn’t expecting him to change overnight or was I?
I hissed again and left his side and went outside the hospital.
I really hated hospital environment, the air was always stuffy.
After taking in the fresh air from outside, i went back in.
”Becky, where did you go, i was slightly worried” Sam said to me when he saw me.
”No nee-d for that, i only went out to explore abit”
”Has the doctor said anything yet” I asked him.
”He is attending to another patient, he said he will speak to us when he is done with the patient, …oh, see him coming”
we all turned to see him at the end of the hallway and he signalled us to follow him.
Kelvin was carrying his pathetic self like there was a bag of cement on his head, i knew he was faking the emtions.
He was still heartless and i disliked him for that.
”Your mum suffered from an abrupt heart attack” the doctor informed us, once we were comfortably sitted in his office.
”But, doctor she was in a perfect condition this morning, how come?” Sam asked, like he was about to cry and i instantly felt that urge to comfort him and draw him closer.
”Well, being fine in the morning doesn’t guarantee that you will be fine in the afternoon, what did she see that made her coll@pse”
”I only know she went to visit my brother, i don’t know what she saw there” Sam said.
”Doctor, i don’t want to talk about what she saw, can we skip that p@rt” Kelvin said rudely.
”well, if you say so, once she recovers, don’t give her any news that will make her too excited nor too sad for the time being, any kind of hyperactivity can trigger another heart attack and she might not respond to treatment the way she is responding now.” the doctor explained.
”Alright, doctor thanks, i will be on my way” Kelvin said and walked out before the doctor could reply.
”Doctor, hope her condition is not too terrible” Sam asked in a low tone.
”No, it’s not, she is responding to treatment very well, just take proper care of her and don’t let her do any strenous activity”
”alright doctor, thanks for your time” Sam said and shook hands with the doctor before politely leaving with me closely following him.
We all sle-pt in the hospital, although Kelvin’s phone that was ringing every now and then disturbe-d our sleep.
”Can’t you put that off” i screamed at him when i couldn’t take it any longer.
Our eyes met and I eyed him and turned sideways.
I really pitied the poor girl who might be calling him, If only she knew the kind of person he was.
I woke up with sharp pains in my joints and itchy eyes.
I had sle-pt for just Four hours.
Kelvin stood up and left after the doctor finished his morning checkup on his mum.
Sam tapped me gently and asked me to go and rest in the car, that he wanted to spend few minutes with his mum before we go.
”St©p disturbing me” I heard Kelvin scream into his phone.
I hid behind the door where i could see and hear everything.
”My mum almost died in my hands because of my careless lifestyle…am done with you girls and your stupid lifestyle…you all have nothing to offer except your b©dy…bye. St©p…bye”
He angrily pushed his phone into his pocket and started walking towards his car.
So Kelvin truly had a hand in his mum’s heartattack and he has been denying it.
This guy is really unpredictable!