Rabbit love episode 34

Rabbit love Episode 34.
”Becky, Becky, wake up”
I heard his ever gentle and loving voice ring in my ears and then felt his warm hand on my arms.
”Sam, thank God it was a dream”
The look on his face showed that he was clearly confused.
”Becky, were you having a nightmare or what?” he asked.
”No, just a silly dream” i replied nonchalantly, but i was overjoyed that it was just a dream, Kelvin hasn’t truly carried out his threat.
”Becky, if it’s about my brother’s threat, don’t get yourself worked up over it, it’s just an empty threat” he as-sured me and i scream happily inwards.
”No, am not bothered about it” i lied trying to sound br@ve.
”alright, i will head to my room now” he said and made to walk away.
”what’s brou-ght you here by the way”
”I was just pas-sing and i heard you talking in your sleep and then you screamed that was why i c@m£ in to check on you”
”Thanks for that, am fine now”
”alright, Goodnight, see you tomorrow morning” he replied and shut the door.
I closed my eyes and thanked God that it was just a dream.
How could I live with the stigma if Kelvin had done it.
All these and some other questions were left unanswered till i fell asleep.
”Goodmorning Miss B”
”Good morning Mr. Sam, how was your night” i replied in the same pla-yful tone that he had used, I swallowed ha-rd and averted my gaze from the ti-ght T-shi-t which clung to his b©dy like a second skin.
He was working out like he normally does after his morning prayers and Bible study.
”My night was awesome, thanks to her”
”Her?” I asked sharply.
”yeah, My mum called yesterday night to inform me that she will visit me this evening”
”wow, i see why you are excited, It must be really nice to have your mum visit you” i asked trying to mask the pain and hurt that i was truly feeling but my voice failed me.
”Becky, what’s wrong? Did I say anything wrong?”
”No, you didn’t, it’s just that i was never really close to my mum, although she is late now but even when she was alive, we never really had that mother to daughter bond and seeing how excited you are about your mum’s visit reminded me of all that I’ve missed”
”Becky, just so you know, we all experience pains, hurt and setback as we progress in life, and the most successful people in life are the ones who never had any parent to pamper them, they worked ha-rd throu-gh thick and thin and made their mark”
”Thanks Sam”
”we are friends, you don’t nee-d to thank me for everything”
He c@m£ closer and gave me a soothing and refreshing hvg, which lasted more than normal and my progesterone hormone started controlling my thoughts, I had to break off.
”Sam, don’t you think we should put things in order before your mum comes” i said stepping away from him.
”yeah, i plan on doing that after working out”
”i will see what i can do before you finish your workout, does Kelvin know about the visit”
”no, he doesn’t, Mum intends to pay him a surprise visit”
i started walking away when i heard him clear his throat.
”well, one more thing, wear something long, preferably a Sk-irt or go-wn that’s on your knee or below and not too ti-ght, am sure you don’t want Mum to give you a three hour sermon on decent dressing”
We both laughed at that.
”Your mum must be very religious”
”Wait until you see her”
”that’s unlike our billionair’s wife’s”
”my mum is different, she always tells us that ma-king heaven at last is her utmost priority, she is a born again christian”
”wow, i can’t wait to see her” i replied smiling.
”while waiting, start preparing for a sermon on your career also, according to her, Modelling is not something that should be found amongst Godly girls, she claims that God created us to walk like humans and not like cats”
”Thanks for the info, i will definately prepare”
Evening come much too slowly.
Sam and I had gone out earlier to buy things and stocked the house
Afterwhich we cleaned the whole house and environment even though cleaning it was not necessary as it was alre-ady neat.
At exactly 6:54 we heard her car horn, and we went out to meet her after the gateman had shut the gate.
I was expecting to see her with esc-rts but i was disappointed when i saw that she c@m£ alone and she drove herself which was something I never imagined.
She was clad in a long ankara go-wn.
”My daughter how are you” she asked me after hvgging her son who was beaming with smile for the upteenth time.
”am fine ma, how was your journey here”
”Fine dear”
”Sammy, get my phone from my bag, your dad must have run down my battery now with his constant calls, the phone rang more than three time on my way here”
”Mum! He’s only being a caring husband”
I smiled while watching mother and son chat happily.
The woman was truly an epitome of beaty, she was also big hearted and very very religious, that night we prayed for an hour and half before going to be-d, even the religous Sam kept on yawning like he was paid to yawn.
I felt at home and excited.