Rabbit love episode 33

Rabbit love Episode 33.
I was weeping at the backseat of the taxi.
”Madam na we-tin happen” the taxi driver asked.
”st©p poke nosing and just drive” i shouted at him.
”sorry ma, but hope you get money to pay me o because na my money be my problem, na him i dey take feed my family” he said quietly.
”do i look like someone who can’t afford my own transport fare, plea-se just shut up and drive”
He bec@m£ quiet and continued driving while i began praying inwardly for us not to get there on time but i was only deceiving myself, we soon got to his big black gate and i payed the nosy taxi driver and he left.
The gateman rushed out to help me with my things but i refused his offer of help and carried the bag all by myself.
I got inside and met him sitting on the sofa and watching the evening news.
”am here” i said after i had struggled to drag the bag into the sitting room.
”I knew you would come” he said without looking at me.
”why did you make me come back, what do you want with me” i asked fighting back the tears.
There’s was no way i will cry in front of him again.
I c@m£ here to fight my own battle and i am determined to do so without showing my vulnerability.
”Kelvin, why am i here” i asked him again this time, with a louder voice.
He didn’t answer me, he just stood up and started walking towards me.
”so it’s now Kelvin right, what happened to all the sweet names”
he asked me when he was few inches away from me.
”they went with your kindness, the day you started being heartless and wicked to me that was the day, i erased all the sweet names from my memory” i said boldly.
”well, we both know why you are here, so far so good you are the best among all the girls that i have ever gone to be-d with and i am determined to keep you”
I was taken aback by his blurtness, I raised my head as tears began forming in my eyes.
If only i had heeded to all the advice from friends, neighbours and preachers against pre-marital s-x, I wouldn’t have been in this situation now.
”Kelvin, i am human and i have feelings don’t you think you are hurting my feelings”
He smiled. ”am a man and i have nee-d and de-sires and i wish to satisfy them” he said still smiling sheepishly.
I was getting irritated with his smile, by his words and by his whole being. How can someone be so heartless?
”well, when you are done frowning, the room is wi-de open for you”
I was close to tears, so i didn’t talk, in order not to cry in front of him, i just carried my bag and left to the room.
I entered the bathroom and i spent more time than usual in the shower, i was crying and weeping like a baby.
I wondered what i got myself into, i wondered if i can ever come out of it.
Kelvin was determined to make me stay and wasn’t re-ady to stay.
I c@m£ out of the bathroom when i could no longer stay there, i went close to the door when i started hearing voices, thinking it was Kelvin and one of his girlfriends, i hissed and went to be-d.
The voices were getting louder and when i listened closely, i heard Sam’s voice.
I quic-kly dressed up and ran to the sitting room.
”Go back and get your things” he said immediately he saw me.
”This is my pri-vate affair, i don’t nee-d an intruder, she loves me and i love her” Kelvin said and i felt like punching him for that big lie.
”By you love her, did you mean threatening her with S-xtapes and the likes”
Shock was written all over Kelvin’s face, he looked at me and then turned back to his brother.
”oh, yes, i know everything, she did a good thing by telling me. You don’t have to punish an innocent person over what she knows nothing about”
”Sam leave my house” Kelvin said angrily.
”I will leave but not without her” he said pointing to me.
He started walking towards the rooms and i followed him, he got to our room and helped me carry my bag out and then went into his former room to get the remaining of his things.
I was just following him about, not knowing if i should be grateful to him or expect the worse from Kelvin.
”Kel, am leaving your house, and i better not see anything like S-xtape on the internet or i will also sell your story to all this blogger, what you both shared in pri-vate should be left in pri-vate”
”Get out both of you” he screamed and i walked backwards to the door.
”As you can see, we are alre-ady leaving, have a goodnight rest and one more thing, turn back to God like you were when you were younger, only him can heal your broken heart, the whole family loves you especially Jesus” he said and opened the door and we both went out into the dark.
That night i couldn’t sleep, i lost count of the times i checked the internet and some popular blogs to see if Kelvin had carried out his threat.
I later sle-pt.
I was browsing for the morning news when i c@m£ across the headline i had being waiting for, i started sweating all over my b©dy.
So Kelvin truly carried out his threat.
”My life is over” I shouted.