Rabbit love Episode 30

Rabbit love Episode 30.
I was still screaming on t©p of my voice while Kelvin had a devilish smile on his face.
”Try using a megaphone, am sure people will hear you when you do that”
”Kelvin, plea-se let me go, plea-se” i pleaded with tears in my eyes.
”why should i, am only taking what belongs to me, i made you who you are today, i spend money on you, i got you a car and even an expensive engagement ring and the least you could do was just stay faithful to warming my be-d everynight but no, you think you’ve grown enough wings” he said while relaxing his heavy weight unt©p of me.
”Kelvin, plea-se, am begging you don’t do this, i will hate you after this, coupled with the emotional trauma.”
”emotional trauma” he said and laughed ”it’s not like you are a vir-gin, why would a who*e like you be traumatised for doing what she does best and as for hating me, i don’t give a d–n”
he said and with that he to-re the last piece of clothing away from my b©dy and i screamed with the last strenght i had and suddenly the door popped open and Sam c@m£ in, i could see the shock on his face.
”Kel, what is this” he said while coming closing and dragged his brother away from my b©dy.
”what are you doing here” Kelvin screamed at his brother and raised his hands to hit him.
Sam was more muscular even though he was younger, so he caught his hand and pushed him down.
”Kel, what’s wrong with you, have you suddenly lost it”
”yes, I lost it when you and your friends killed Jemimah” he said aloud with pure pain in his voice.
”if you think so, but why transfer your anger to Becky?”
”i never transferred any anger to her, i only demanded for the only thing she has to offer, i gave her a good job, popularity and every other thing she wanted, the only thing i wanted was her b©dy” he said aloud and i bent my head and started to cry again, i only looked up when a towel fell on my n-ked b©dy and Sam looked at me giving me signal to cover up.
”Kelvin, dad will hear this first thing tomorrow money”
”who cares, after you have always been his favourite son” he screamed at Sam and started walking to the bathroom.
”and she is also leaving this house tonight” Sam threw at his back.
”i don’t give a d–n also, am alre-ady done with her, I’ve gotten what i wanted”
He walked into the bathroom and slammed the door and i bur-st into h0t tears, Sam c@m£ to me and started patting my back and by the time i quietened down. He asked me to dress up and come and spend the night in his house before his brother does something worse to me.
I obeyed and in few minutes i was alre-ady at the door step with my bag in my hand and Sam by my side.
I looked at the house where my life turned around for good and then back to worse and i started shedding tears again.
”it’s will be fine, let’s just go don’t worry about anything” Sam said and patted my back before stretching his hand to collect the bag from my hand, i gave him and followed him quietly to the car.
The ride to his ap@rtment was short and quiet.
I only found my voice when i got into the ap@rtment.
”i will keep the bag in the room while you go and take a cold shower” Sam said with a heart felt smile on his face.
i followed the direction of his hand to the bathroom, took a cold shower and washed off all Kelvin’s scent from my b©dy and then c@m£ out feeling better.
I realized i hadn’t eaten a single spoon of food since morning when i perceived the sweet aroma that filled the whole house
I followed the aroma and it led me to the kitchen, where i froze when i saw it was Sam cooking and not a maid or a cook.
He looked really nice in the apron and the loosed T-shi-t he was wearing.
I shrugged the thought away, now wasn’t the time to be fantasizing about the person who saved me from being R@p£d.
”Sam, thanks for today” i said when i got closer.
”Thank me after dinner, but for now go and make your self comfortable at the sitting room while i serve you dinner” he said with a look clearly stating he was de-eply sympathizing with me.
I looked over his shoulder and saw it was spagetti that he was cooking.
”is spagetti the only food you cook” i said and smiled trying to look less vulnerable.
”it’s a fast food or would you have prefered Noodles” he said with concern.
”Noodles is so last year since i realized it was dentrimental to my health”
”am hearing this from a girl for the first time” he said with a mockery smile that showed all his teeths.
We talked about alot of things while the food was cooking and when it was cooked he dished for me and i ate to my satisfaction.
”Becky, how did you get into this mess” he asked after i finished eating.
”i loved him and he loved me, i don’t know what happened” i explained with arms folded.
”well, it’s clear that the true love was one sided, you loved him and he took advantage of your feelings and exploited you and used you to his own advantage despite all the goodies he offered, that kind of love in my book is called a RABBIT LOVE”