Rabbit love Episode 29

Rabbit love Episode 29.
The next morning.
”Kel, why did your brother leave” i asked gently.
”i said it” he sparked ”there is something going on between you and my brother, you are nothing but a disgrace, jumping from one be-d to another at the slightest opportunity” he continued ma-king me boil with rage.
I have had enough of his meaningless accusations but there’s nothing i could do about it. He would ruin my life and career if i get into a fight with him.
”is not what you mean” i said calmly trying to soften his heart but he was getting more and more angry.
”you think am as dumb as you are” he said and smiled a smile that did not reach his eyes.
”Sam is just a friend” i explained.
”a friend with benefit, no nee-d to give me details about how you have been warming his be-d, i can imagine” he said coldly and i felt h0t tears in my eyes.
I tried to talk but it seemed like his accusation had blocked my throat, no sound c@m£ out.
”st©p you crocodile tears, you are getting me irritated, we both know that you will greedily jump into any guy’s be-d, if he offers you money for your luxurious lifestyle” he said and left me in the be-d to wallow in my pains.
He was right, i had sold myself cheaply to him, i wish i could turn back the hands of the clock but it was too late alre-ady.
For the first time since i met Kelvin, i closed my eyes and prayed for God to get me out of this mess.
Kelvin left for work and i was alone in the room wallowing in my pains and sorrows and crying like my life depended on it, when my phone rang and i saw the strange number, i was scared to pick it thinking it was one of Kelvin’s monstrous plan.
After it rang for the second time, i answered the call and the sound of the voice brou-ght warmth and joy to my heart, i quic-kly wiped my tears and concentrated on keeping this feeling of joy that he brou-ght along with him.
”Sam, why did you leave” i asked without even exchanging plea-santries.
”your b©yfri£ndasked me to”
at the mere mention of ‘your b©yfri£nd” my heart sank again.
”so, how are you surviving, do you nee-d money to get an ap@rtment” i asked with genuine concern towards his wellbeing.
He laughed before replying me.
”i have more than enough money in my account to buy the whole of this city”
i momentarily forgot i was talking to billionaire’s son.
”oh, sorry about that”
”nothing to be sorry about, i appreciate your offer, it’s not everyday that we get to see a woman who is willing to give a guy money, it’s always the other way round”
”where do you stay now”
”not very far from you, don’t worry you will get to know my house at the right time” he said like he knew i was about to ask him for his address.
”how do you move around”
”no big deal, my dad got me an SUV with just a phone call, Becky, don’t worry about me, i have more than what i nee-d to survive, you should be more concern about your wellbeing”
”how do you mean” i asked.
”never mind, i just called to check up on you, bye” he said and ended the call before i could say anything further.
Fear gr!pp£dme.
Why would he tell me to be more concerned about my wellbeing?
Does he know the kind of monster his brother was or was he just saying it.
Am sure he knew something for him to have abruptly ended the call like that.
I was literally shivering with fear.
I started packing my bags but i soon realized that there was no way out for me, so i just pushed the alre-ady packed bag back into the wardrobe.
Three days later.
Kelvin drove in and i ran to the be-d the way i have been doing since Sam’s phone call
He c@m£ in and slammed the door.
I knew he was angry about something, another thing i realized when he started showing me his realself was that he was quic-k to anger.
I didn’t turn even when he c@m£ out of the bathroom.
He c@m£ to the be-d and started to move his hands over me but i stayed still.
”Baby, i know you are not slee-ping”
His voice alone made me more irritated than i alre-ady was.
He began pu-lling away the sheet covering my b©dy when i refused to move.
I caught the sheet halfway.
”Kelvin, plea-se leave me, am tired alre-ady”
”my brother is not here so who did you sleep with that made you this tired for the past three nights, is it the gateman?”
”what, how could you say such a thing to me, am i that cheap” i asked with anger.
”we both know what you are”
”Kelvin can’t you see me as a normal human instead of your s-x object”
He just smiled.
”Kelvin, as for s-x forget it, am not doing this anymore, if you want to kill me, just kill me” i said to him and layed back down.
”you see, that is why i say you are a dummy”
Before i could turn he was alre-ady on me, i tried to push him away when i realized that he was about to r@p£ me but i couldn’t. I tried to shout but realized that the maids and cooks don’t come to the side of the house when Kelvin is around.
Nevertheless, i still started shouting for help hoping for a miracle to happen.