Rabbit love Episode 28

Rabbit love Episode 28.
I was in my room pondering on who this Jemimah lady was when Kelvin drove into the compound that evening.
Earlier on, i had tried all my possible best to get Sam to tell me who she was but he refused blatantly.
I cook and i even stooped as low as trying to s£dûç£him to get the information but no method worked.
It seemed like he was immune to all my charms.
Trust me when i say he was the first red-blooded male that have ever rejected my S-xual offer.
I was desperate to know why Kelvin suddenly turn from being nice to a green eyed monster.
I was still in my thoughts when Kelvin walked into the room.
I stared ha-rd at the T-shi-t that was ti-ghtly mounded to his b©dy which he got from spending his free hours in the Gym.
My lvst suddenly turned into hatred when i looked at his face and his face held that grin it normally holds whenever it was time for me to perform my nightly duties.
I felt anger burning in my system, he just walked in from only God knows where, he hasn’t even showered nor eaten yet he wants to have s-x with me. I couldn’t help but wonder if i was still his fiancee’ or a s-x slave.
”hello princess” he said coming closer to the be-d where i was sitting, his voice was unmistakeably filled with lvst.
I clenched my fist to hide the urgue to bury both my hands on his n£¢k and yanck his head off.
”welcome” i replied, instead of imagining tourturing him.
”is that how to welcome you fiance, come on give me a k!ss” he said and brushed hisl-ips against mine.
Is that the smell of cigarrete or is my s-en-ses toying with me?
Before i could think about the smell i just perceived hisl-ips c@m£ down on mine again and this time it wasn’t a gentle brush of hisl-ips to mine but a demanding, taking and not giving k!ss.
Before i knew it his hands was alre-ady tugging at my shi-t and before five minutes we were both unclad, i couldn’t dare to refuse him, even though me b©dy was aching from the herculean task of ma-king a delicious pot of Egusi soup and Semovita for Sam.
We la-id still on the be-d with the silk be-d cover dra-pped over our unclad bodies.
I looked over at the monster who i initially thought i knew and loved.
His eyes were still roaming my b©dy clearly showing that he wasn’t yet satisfied.
I drew the sheet up, covering up to my n£¢k.
I can literally say now, that Kelvin is a nymphomaniac.
”why are you silent” he said with his voice harsh, i shrugged it off, atleast he noticed i was silent.
”what is he expecting me to do? Should i start singing after Love- ma-king lullaby” i thought to myself.
”i was just thinking” i replied calmly.
”about what” his voice held no sign of concern.
”about you and your life with Jemimah” i blurted and looked at his face to see his reaction.
His face displa-yed an array of different emotions; love-anger-joy were all there.
What they had must be really special for him to react that way.
I turned to look at him again and this time his face was red with anger.
I knew i was in de-ep trouble.
He stood up with shaky hands and started wearing his clothes and at the same cursing and swearing in yoru-ba.
When he turned to the door that was when i realized that he was about going to rip his brother’s b©dy off.
I immediately ran to the door and knelt down before him in my unclad state and started begging him to forgive his brother.
He finally agreed and relief washed over my face.
The next morning had been normal except that i saw a whole new side of Kelvin, a very silent Kelvin who said less than five words to be before going off to work.
I really enjoyed Sam’s company before heading to the gym at 10AM.
I was beginning to greatly admire Sam’s great s-en-se of humour and his kidness and genuine care.
I pushed the door to the gym open and i was surprised to see Dency working out on the wind miller machine, she smiled to me when i got close and i return the plea-sure.
My workout was an intense one, i was trying to get all the bad treatment and torture that i was getting from Kelvin out of my system.
I was feeling better and exhausted by the time i rounded things up.
Dency got up with me as i was about getting into my car.
She told me that she was now cool with her father and i smiled in happiness and hvgged her.
I got home and met Kelvin’s car parked at the front of the house.
I pushed the dissappointment away and decide to face whatever it is that brou-ght him home that earlyy.
I pushed open the door and was greeted by silence.
I looked at Sam’s usual position on the couch but he wasn’t also there.
After staying in the house for about five minutes i painfully realizied that Sam moved out of the house or rather Kelvin chased him out of his house for telling me his secret.
I felt broken and empty to loose a friend over Kelvin’s possessive character and secretiveness.
My hatred for Kelvin trippled.