Rabbit love Episode 27

Rabbit love Episode 27.
It’s been a week since the incident
I was fast becoming a shadow of myself, i was simply dying in silence.
Kelvin my so called fiance was enjoying every bit of pain and emotional torture that i was going throu-gh.
It was early in the morning, we were both in be-d, he was busy doing only God-knows what on his phone and smiling while i sat down staring into space and silently cursing the day i met him.
My phone rang and i looked at Kelvin to seek his approval.
The past one week since the incident, he has been in-charge of all i do including the clothes i wear and the calls i answer.
”who is that” he said sternly.
”It’s…It’s Vivian” i said in a shaky voice.
He shrugged and continued what he was doing with his phone.
I waited and waited but i saw no sign of disapproval and i answered the call.
”Hello V” i tried to sound cheerful, praying that she doesn’t notice the change in my voice.
”Good morning Becky. Hope you sle-pt well, cos i didn’t, Kola is away on a business trip and the twins have gone to school, it’s just me and the kicking baby in my stomach”
Vivian hasn’t changed a bit, you say a word to her and she will reply you with two hundred words.
”V, did you call me by this time of the day to tell me all this” i asked calmly, trying to hold myself from breaking down into tears at the thought of how ugly my life has now become.
”sorry about the timing, i was just asking if we could hang out tomorrow at our usual sp©t by 5 or you will come to my house” she said sounding very enthusiastic like she won a lottery game.
The call was on loudspeaker, I looked at Kelvin to know if he will give me any sign to reject the offer but he didn’t so i hastily agreed to the meeting at Olive’s garden and ended the call before she brings up anything that will implicate me and put me in more trouble.
The minute i ended the call, Kelvin stood up from the be-d, i was initially scared, i thought i had offended him.
”am going out, and i won’t be back until evening” he said to me without even looking at my face.
”Isn’t it too early” i asked with concern.
”is it your leg or your car” he asked. His eyes dark with anger.
”Sorry” i said and closed my eyes to avoid any further troubles.
He went into the bathroom and c@m£ out few minutes later, he started dressing while i pretended to be asleep and after dressing up he left the room without saying a word to me.
I was relieved when i heard his car leave the compound.
Unlike before when we first met, staying without him was like a death s£ntence but this days staying in the same room with him was becoming unbearable and choking.
I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that this handsome monster was the Kelvin i met at Vivian’s wedding who had looked impeccably handsome and cute in his black tuxedo and his cute smile.
I brushed the thoughts of the happy moments we had and rushed into the bathroom and by the time i c@m£ out i was looking better than i was.
I strolled into the sitting room and met Sam on the couch studying his Bible.
I felt a piercing s-en-sation in my heart.
Gone were those days when i will wake up and study my Bible, now i didn’t even own a Bible.
My life has suddenly taken a turn from the once happy school teacher to a modern se-x slave.
”Good morning Becky” he greeted me immediately i c@m£ into full view.
”Sam good morning”
”How was your night” he asked keeping his Bible by his side.
”Fine and urs” i replied with a fake smile and went and sat opposite him.
”mine would have also been nice if not for the noise coming outta your room at night during your nightly love ma-king session, plea-se you two should try to keep it low next time” he said and sat upright.
I was embarras-sed, ofcourse all he said was true. It was a nightly thing, i dare not refuse Kelvin.
But the cries that were coming out of mouth were not cries of joy or ecstacy but that of pain and anguish and a bleeding heart.
”Becky did i say something wrong”
I opened my eyes to see Sam at my front with concern written all over his face.
I t©uçhed my face and felt the liquid, i didn’t realize that i was shedding tears at the thought of Kelvin monstrous acts.
”No, you didn’t” i said and wiped my tears with my palm.
”Becky, am not a kid, I have noticed how moody you have been since the day you left the house with Kelvin and you both returned at daybreak, tell me what’s wrong’
”Nothing” i replied and tried to get up but he held me down.
”what did my brother do to you” he asked looking straight into my eyes.
”nothing, we are just going throu-gh a bad phase in our relationsh!p” i lied.
”well, am glad it’s just that, i thought it was worse” he replied.
”why would you think that” i asked him.
”my brother has not been himself since Jemimah’s death, i never knew he could fall in love again”
”who is Jemimah”
”I see he hasn’t told you, that is his secret to tell, ask him” he said and left me.
His words left me confused and curious as to who Jemimah is.