Rabbit love Episode 26

Rabbit love Episode 26.
I lost track of time while gisting with Sam; he was the most lively person ap@rt from Vivian, that i have ever met.
He was capable of ma-king you forget your sorrows and the whole world around.
I ran to my room when i heard Kelvin’s car horn at about 8PM.
He c@m£ in and i heard him slam the door and before you know it, i started hearing his voice and that of Sam.
I didn’t clearly hear what they were saying , but i heard Sam telling Kelvin to forgive me.
I smiled in amusement, how can he be angry when i did nothing wrong in the first place.
The voices st©pped and i ran to the be-d and pretended to be asleep, incase Kelvin walks in.
I heard him walk in and i was expecting him to slam the door but he closed it gently.
”Maybe his brother talked s-en-se into him” i thought to myself.
I shut my eyes ti-ghtly, I knew he was close to me. because i could perceive his scent, i just stayed mute, i didn’t move an inch.
I only moved a little when i felt his hands on my arms.
”Baby, i am sorry for my outbur-st this morning”
I just twitched my mouth and continued in my pretence.
”Am sorry, plea-se look at me, i know you are not slee-ping” he continued.
I still remained silent.
”alright, just look at me even if you will not forgive me”
I turned slowly and i was shocked to see him kneeling beside me.
At the mere sight of him kneeling down, all the anger and hatred i felt towards him disappeared into thin air.
I opened my mouth to speak but no sound c@m£ out, i was t©uçhed beyond explanation.
”Baby, am so sorry, am sorry for being so unreasonable this morning, am sorry for hurting you, am so sorry for everything, plea-se forgive me” he said while still kneeling.
Tears began pouring down my eyes when i remembered how unfairly he treated me that morning, he tried to wipe my tears with his hands but i pushed it away and got up from the be-d.
”am on my knees, plea-se forgive me” he continued pleading and my heart began softening and before you knew it, i was leaning on him and crying.
”Do your like it” he asked, showing his perfect white dentition.
”yes, i love it” i replied tou-ching the diamond encrusted n£¢klace he gave me earlier as a gift for forgiving him.
”We will meet with two of my friends at a resturant for dinner, before going to the Cinema for the late night movie” he said while caras-sing my expo-sed th!ghs.
”it’s alright” i replied shifting my legs away from his hands, I was wearing a skimpy red coloured go-wn with a de-ep cut and a sleeveless hand. The clothes were too expo-sed and i know it but i had to wear it because Kelvin picked it out himself.
”why are you moving away, haven’t you forgiven me” he asked returning his hands to my legs.
”i have forgiven you but i just want you to concentrate on your driving” i lied to him, although it wasn’t far from the truth, his t©uçh was getting me irritated and at the same time my safety was also my priority.
My heart skipped a bit when i remembered what Sam had told me earlier when i c@m£ into the sitting room dressed for my outing.
”I have a bad feeling about this outing, plea-se don’t go”
I ignored him and went out.
”maybe he’s jealous of me and his brother” i thought to myself.
”why are you silent” Kelvin asked me, taking the bend that led to the resturant where we were to meet his friends.
”nothing, where were you earlier today?” i asked and his face stiffened a bit before returning to his normal expression.
I just knew he was about to lie to me.
”i was hanging out with my friends and plea-se don’t ask me which friends”
”alright, can you ask you something else”
”yes baby”
”why didn’t you tell your family about our engagement”
He laughed loudly.
”I told them, who told you that lie?”
”your brother said he wasn’t aware of the engagement” i said to him.
”My brother is a big liar then, cos all my family members are aware of our engagement”
”no but, we are alre-ady there” he said entering into the resturant. He parked carefully and we walked in hand in hand, we saw his friends alre-ady waiting.
We sat down and they both introduced themselves as Clarence and Henry.
They alre-ady knew who i was so there was no point in introducing me to them.
We ordered food and started gisting about stuffs happening in Nigeria ranging from politics to entertainment.
We soon finished there, paid the bills and headed out of the resturant.
The last thing i remembered was that i got into the car. When i woke up, i was semi-unclad, my cloth were gone leaving me in just my un-derwear. I turned around but the place didn’t look familiar, it was probably a h0tel, i looked out of the window and everywhere was bright, i didn’t know for how long i had stayed there, i started crying.
Just then Kelvin c@m£ in smiling and waving a c@m£ra at me.
”everything has been recorded so, henceforth you will do whatever i say or i will re-lease this se-xtape and ruin your career and your perfect life.” he said and walked out laughing loudly.