Rabbit love Episode 24

Rabbit love Episode 24.
With all the drama’s around me, from Vivian who had finally forgiven Kola to Dency who had st©pped being friendly with me claiming that i was putting too much pressure on her to forgive her father. I hadn’t even realized that the week was far spent, it was alre-ady friday, the day we were expecting Kelvin’s younger brother.
I had supervised the maids who tidied up the room the previous day, i made sure everything was in their perfect shape. I even put fresh flowers in his room which wasn’t Nigerian-like, i didn’t even know why i was doing it, i guess i was trying to impress the first member of Kelvin’s family that i would meet.
I was off to work by 8:30AM, it was the last day of the African Fashion Summit and i will be working down the runway with a popular Nigerian Designer Temmie Black ‘Girl power’ new clothing collection.
I got to work and Dency just said ‘good morning’ to me and walked away, i ignored her, knowing she will come around, she was only fighting the de-sire to forgive her dad.
The show ended quiet late, around 6PM, it was the final day, so there were lots of talks, and finally the interviews cos the hall was packed with reporters.
I got home really, really exhausted, the whole house was silent, meaning that all the workers in the house has retired for the night, i pushed the door and it gave way and i entered and went straight to my room. I met Kelvin lying down, i ti-ptoed to the bathroom, not wanting to disturb his sleep.
I c@m£ out few minutes later after taking a warm shower.
I met Kelvin with his l@pt©p when i c@m£ back into the room.
”Hey baby, welcome back” he said to me without taking his eyes off his computer screen. I noticed that his voice sounded like he was troubled or unhappy and his mood wasn’t anything to write home about.
”Did anything happen to his brother”
my che-st instantly ti-ght£ñed up when that thought c@m£ to my mind, first of all there was nothing unusual in the house to indicate that anyone c@m£ to visit from abroad.
”Is anything wrong” i asked him
”no, nothing , why did you ask?”
”never mind. Where is your brother, hasn’t he arrived yet?”
This time around he looked at me.
”He has, i s£nt my driver to pick him at the airport by 4 PM, he’s been in this house now for two hours” he said and hissed.
I ignored the tone of his voice.
”why isn’t there any indication that your young brother is around” i asked.
”what do you mean?”
”i mean, if you didn’t want to throw a welcome p@rty, a special dinner won’t hurt your ego”
”Is he the president or what” he asked me slightly raising his voice on me.
”i get it, there is a kind of bad blood existing between you and your bro but don’t you think you should keep that aside and aleast welcome him properly” i said trying to make him reason with me but he flared up instead.
”welcome him properly? For what? Did i invite him” he said angrily.
”am sorry” i said and moved closer to him putting my hands over his shoulder and our progesterone and testosterone hormone took over.
I woke up the next morning feeling weak with love marks all over my b©dy.
I got out of be-d just as i heard, the door opposite ours; Sam’s room, open.
I walked to the bathroom and freshen up and stepped out feeling fresh in my loosed Sk-irt and a baggy t©p.
It was a saturday, meaning no work nor outing till evening.
Kelvin was still slee-ping, so i left to the sitting room.
I met sam there, with his back towards the door.
”Hello” i said when i got closer.
I could see his dark, luscious hair from behind, there were wavy lines in it, ma-king it appear better.
”Hy, goodmorning” he replied without turning back.
”Am Becky, nice to meet you” i said without going closer.
He turned towards me and i stepped back in awe.
Kelvin was a learner compared to his brother when it comes to look.
His thick eyebrows like that of Drake, thick and long lashes like they were fake and his shiny olive brown skin colour coupled with those eyes that couldn’t be called perfect, perfect was an un-derstatement.
”Uhm, any problem” he asked me.
I mentally kicked myself for acting foolish in his pres£nce.
”no, nothing at all”
”well, your mouth was open a while ago, and i thought there was something wrong” he said with a thick american accent.
”sorry about that, what do you want for breakfast” i asked moving closer to him.
”Hello, what’s that in his hands” i asked myself.
”Omellete and a h0t cu-p of tea would be nice”
”alright, what do you have in your hands”
”A Bible” he replied like it was the most normal thing to say.
The last time i had seen a Bible was about 7 months ago.
Now i un-derstand why Kelvin doesn’t like him, Kelvin wasn’t a religious person at all, he wasn’t even a bench warmer talk more of being born again.
”Any probs” he asked me drawing my attention again.
”no, nothing”
i turned to walk away and i saw Kelvin standing behind us with folded arms and anger written all over his face.