Rabbit love Episode 23

Rabbit love Episode 23.
Kelvin dialled Kola’s number the following morning when we woke up. When he picked up, Kelvin put it on loudspeaker for me to hear.
”Hello, goodmorning” he said, his voice was still weak but it wasn’t as weak as it was the previous day.
”Good morning,Just called to check on your guys, how are the kids doing” Kelvin asked.
”they are getting better, seems the t©uçh of a woman has a healing effect” he joked.
”you are not far from the truth, how is Vivian doing”
”great!, she hasn’t spoken a word to me since we arrived but she has been taking really good care of the kids”
”That is not too good, have you tried talking to her?”
”yeah, so many time but she refused to utter a word to me”
I felt for him, i knew Vivian has forgiven him but was only try to give him a ha-rd time.
”how is Becky doing” he asked
Kelvin looked at me, and i knew, that he wanted me to answer for myself.
”right here, Good morning” i replied him.
”good morning, how was your night”
”it was peaceful and yours?”
”i didn’t even sleep” he said wearily ”thanks alot for your help yesterday, i couldn’t have done it without you and Kelvin”
”you are welcome, hope you’ve had something to eat or should I bring something for you guys” i asked with concern.
”thanks for your offer, my younger sister alre-ady brou-ght something for us”
”alright take care and give V time she will come around’
”thanks bro” he said to Kelvin.
”it’s no big deal, i will come over later in the day.
Kelvin yawned after dropping the call.
”Another work day” he said.
”no food for a lazy man” i said pla-yfully.
”Baby we both know am not lazy, i just want to spend the day with you” he said coming close to me while i drew back and got down from the be-d and headed to the bathroom.
”I also have to work”
I was preparing for another major runway show, the African Fashion Summit was in a week time and all hands were on deck to make the event an unforgettable one.
The previous day, we had gone for a two hours workout session at a gym close to the venue of the event. And today we were going to practice our catwalk on the stage set for the show.
”Sorry, i c@m£ late” Dency said to me when she walked in, her eyes were red, looks like she has been crying.
When Kelvin left for work, everywhere bec@m£ boring to me, so i took my bag and left the house.
I arrived earlier than most of the other models, we rising models tend to come earlier than the supermodels like Dency and Bella, Bella was yet to come, she usually comes with convoys and esc-rts.
”Dency, what’s the matter” i asked tou-ching her forehead to feel her temperature.
”nothing, just mood swing” she replied and turned away from me, she was lying and it was so obvious.
”What kind of mood swing makes you shed tears” i asked.
I knew that she doesn’t have a b©yfri£nd, so it couldn’t be heartbreak.
”Hey, talk to me, i promise to keep my mouth shut, i won’t tell anyone.” i told her when she didn’t reply my question. She was b!tt!g her lowerl-ips, ma-king it obvious that she was troubled, she always does that whenever she was nervous or troubled.
”Did your b©yfri£ndbreak your heart” i tea-sed her again.
”Hell no, what use is a b©yfri£ndto me” she said and hissed loudly.
”Then tell me, what’s wrong” i inquired again.
”An unwanted visitor c@m£ to my house this morning” she said and lowered her head.
I was confused. What did she mean by an unwanted visitor.
Was anyone stalking her?
”by unwanted visitor, did you mean a stalker or a crazy fan” i asked trying to make eye contact with her but she refused to look into my eyes.
”no, none of that, the man that got my mum pregnant” she said and i smiled in amusement.
”you mean you and Bella’s dad” i asked.
”he is Bella’s dad but not my dad” she said with a slight tone of anger in her voice.
”what did he say”
”as usual, after abandoning a child for so long, then one day they come to their s-en-ses and then they come to ruin the child’s happy mood by coming to blab about forgiveness and all the other ru-bbish”
”wait, you mean he c@m£ to ask for your forgiveness” i asked trying to be sure before i jumped into hasty conclusions.
”exactly” she replied, by now she was alre-ady close to tears.
Oh no! Not another crying and petting session. Yesterday it was Vivian and today Dency, i wasn’t sure how much longer i could keep up with all the constant dramas.
”what did you say to him” i asked her moving closer to her.
”I asked security to throw him out”
”that was harsh, you should have waited to hear him out” i said, remembering how Vivian had also jumped into conclusion without hearing Kola out.
”Hell no, he has nothing to say to me, i have heard and seen enough, he is a Devil in a human’s b©dy, i hate him for what he did to my mum and what his wife did to me” she said sobbing while i ru-bbe-d her back.
”Dency, just forgive him”
”Never” she screamed and everyone turned to look at us.