Rabbit love Episode 22

Rabbit love Episode 22.
Thirty Minutes later, Vivian had eaten and was close to her normal self, It was alre-ady getting abit dark and she was re-ady to go back to the h0tel that she lodged in. I was trying my possible best to keep her there till Kelvin and Kola arrive.
I brou-ght up t©pics for discussion some boring, some interesting, well it worked cos we were still talking when Kelvin showed up with Kola closely behind him.
It looked like Vivian was doing better than him, he was looking so weak.
”Kel, what took you so long” i asked, when they got close.
”Lagos traffic” he said to me and turned to Vivian ”Angel, how are you doing”
Vivian turned to answer him, cos they were standing behind her and she realized that Kelvin was not alone.
”What are you doing here” she shouted at Kola.
He didn’t say a word nor moved an inch, he just stood glued on the sp©t. I tried to hold Vivian’s hand to calm her down but she withdrew her hand.
I looked at Kola once more, he wasn’t in a good state.
The power of a woman!
A young and radiant Billionaire looking so weak and speechless all because of a woman.
”Angel, calm down, people are watching, i know he owes you an apology but atleast give him a listening ear” Kelvin said gently
”I don’t care if the whole world is watching, he should just get out of here and never come back”
”V, calm down, look at him, he isn’t doing any better than you, you both are in a bad state” I said calmly taking her hands in mine.
For the first time she actually looked at him closely even though it was getting dark, his bad physical condition wasn’t had to notice.
”I don’t care” she said and snatched her hands from mine.
”then do it for your unborn child” Kelvin said to her and she bec@m£ calm and before one could say ‘Jack’ she started crying.
Kelvin c@m£ close and began patting her, she soon st©pped crying loudly.
”Let’s go to my house, too many people are watching us” Kelvin led her to his car without any resistance from her and he drove off while Kola and I took my car.
Once inside the car, Kola was quiet and not in a talking mood, he was in a pitiful state but i was curious.
”Have you eaten anything yet” i asked and he shook his head sideways meaning ‘No’
”I thought something bad had happened to her, i was in a state of panic, i only realized that she moved out without informing me when i checked the wardrobe and one of her bag was gone, i tried to call her but her phone was switched off, am happy that she is safe” he finally said with a shaky voice.
”Why didn’t you tell her that you were married” i asked and he looked at me puzzled.
”Was that what she told you” he asked me.
”well, she said she answered your call and before she could say a word the person on the other line said that your kids are ill and your attention is nee-ded”
”I know that but what i don’t know is why she thinks that i have another wife”
”it’s only a man with a wife that will have kids” i said sharply.
”It’s a long story but i don’t have another wife, although i have kids, but Vivian is the only woman i love and will ever love, as for the call, It was my sister that called from the family house where the kids stay, i knew the number off hand that’s why i didn’t bother saving it, I wish i had saved it, she would have known the caller”
”how many kids” i asked out of curiosity
”two, twins, she has seen them but she didn’t know they were my kids”
”how did the kids come, if you weren’t married”
”Long story, i will explain later”
”Sweetheart, i am so sorry plea-se forgive me”
Kola was now on his knees in the sitting room pleading with the angry Vivian while Kelvin and i stood aside watching them.
”Why didn’t you tell me about them” she asked sternly.
”I was in love with you and i was scared of losing you” he explained.
”you have another wife Kola! There is no excuse for your action”
Kola looked momentarily at Kelvin and I before turning to Vivian once more.
”I don’t have another wife”
”but you have kids” she asked
”yes” he replied and lowered his head.
”who gave birth to them, was it a man?” she shouted at him angrily.
”a woman but she is dead now” he said loudly.
I looked at Kelvin with shock but his facial expression was blank meaning he knew about it. Vivian also bec@m£ quiet.
”she was my girlfriend, we were planning to get married, i loved her or rather i was dazzled by her beauty, but i didn’t know she was after my money, when she met a richer man after giving birth to the twins, she abandoned them with me and left”
”how did she die” i found myself asking before i realized what i was doing.
”she died during childbirth for her new man”
I felt pity for him, he has been throu-gh alot, i looked at Vivian, what he said affected her but she didn’t want to show it, i knew her too well, she was the stubborn type.
I went closer and joined Kola in begging her.
”V, plea-se forgive and forget”
She snuggled up to me when i sat close to her.
”Why didn’t he tell me about this” she asked me and started sobbing once more.
”He was scared of you leaving him” i said, like i was Kola’s mouthpiece.
”Sweetheart, i wanted to tell you but i was scared of loosing you, even my family members were pressurizing me to tell you” he explained.
Vivian was still sobbing and i was patting her back, Kola was still on the floor and Kelvin on the other hand stood at a distance like he wasn’t p@rt of the whole drama.
”Where are the kids now” she finally said after a moment of silence.
”they are at the hospital, they are down with malaria” Kola explained almost close to tears.
”Have you gone to see them yet” she asked him.
”No, i haven’t i was…”
She cut him off with a wave of her hand.
”Thanks Becky, Kelvin thanks for everything, your advice and your support” she said picking up her handbag which left us all surprised.
”Let’s go to the hospital, but that doesn’t mean i have forgiven you, am only worried about the innocent boys” she said and walked out.
Kelvin walked up to Kola and helped him up to his feet.
”she has forgiven you, that’s not too ha-rd to guess” he said to him and he smiled for the first time since that evening.
”you better hurry up before she changes her mind, and it’s alre-ady getting late”
”thanks” he muttered and rushed towards the door.
”why didn’t you tell about all this” i asked Kelvin when Kola left and we were now alone.
”It’s Kola’s secret not mine to tell” he said and started walking towards the room.
”am exhausted, at least the day ended well” he said without turning back.
I smiled remembering how Vivian looked when she first walked up to me that evening.