Rabbit love Episode 21

Rabbit love Episode 21.
”who was that” Kelvin asked after i ended the call.
”It was a friend” a simply said and turn sideways.
He un-derstood that i didn’t want to talk and he shrugged and continued driving.
4PM the next day.
”Kel, i want to go somewhere”
”Okay” he replied and faced the other side of the be-d.
”are you still angry about yesterday? well am sorry, it was Vivian that called me”
”what did she say and why didn’t you tell me it was her initially” he questioned.
”well, she asked me to meet her at Olive’s garden, that we have alot of things to catch up on” i said to him and he brightened up.
”my regards to her and the baby” he said the last p@rt like someone that his ton-gue was glued to his mouth.
”I will, well time to get dressed and head out”
”sorry i can’t go with you, i have to hang out with my friends too”
”that’s not a problem, even if you didn’t have any appointment, i wouldn’t even let you come” i said backing him and picking out my cloth from the wardrobe.
”oh! Your girly talks”
I smiled at him ”trust me you don’t want to hear them, we discuss things like the latest fashion, pregnancy and childbirth…”
”lalalala, i don’t want to hear the details” he said pla-yfully covering his ears.
I started getting dressed and in no time, i was on my out of the house.
I get there earlier than scheduled to actually sit down and think straight.
What could be troubling Vivian to make her cry like that? Vivian was someone who was always capable of handling her emotions, she ha-rd ly cries and when she does it was always tears of joy but that of yesterday was different.
I racked and racked my br@in but i couldn’t come up with any reasonable explaination to why she had cried like that.
The only thought that kept coming to my mind was that she has lost the pregnancy.
I just hope it’s not true, God, help her, let this not be true!
Vivian later c@m£ and when i just saw her, i knew that all was not well, she was looking distressed, she wasn’t the Vivian i knew she was looking some how hagard, not hagard as in hagard but she was un-der dressed.
The Vivian i knew always maximize any opportunity she has to flaunt her curves and her endownment.
She re-moved the dark glas-ses she had on and i could see dark circles un-der her eyes.
”Vivian what’s wrong, what happened to you, why are you like this” i asked three questions at the same time, she just kept quiet and sighed.
”Sorry i kept you waiting” she said after a while.
”V, talk to me, what’s wrong, talk to me, am your bestfriend, your confidant, plea-se talk to me”
”Kola has another wife” she said loudly.
”what!” i tried to say more words but nothing c@m£ out.
”how did you find out” i finally found my voice.
”his phone rang yesterday and since he wasn’t close by, i picked it and the caller, a female didn’t even wait to hear me talk, she just said that his kids are ill that his attention is nee-ded”
”did she tell you who she is to him” i asked.
”No, i cut the call immediately i heard that” she said amidst sobs.
”Cheer up girl, it’s not the end of the world” i said holding her hands.
”here i was thinking that i was carrying his first child, i wish i wasn’t even pregnant with this child”
”don’t say such a thing, it might not be his first child but it is yours so be happy about it, you will soon carry your child in your hands, isn’t that enough reason to be happy” i said trying to cheer her up but she began crying instead.
”What’s the point of carrying a child when you don’t have a husband to support you”
”V, you have a husband”
”I don’t” she replied vehemently.
”V, Kola is your husband”
”He is not and was never my husband, i can’t bear the burden of being a second wife, it’s just like am a love peddler or something” she said with bitterness in her voice.
”V, st©p it, he is still your husband”
”he is not, i alre-ady moved out of his house”
”Did you confront him about the kids issue before even leaving the house”
‘There is nothing to confront him about he will only lie to my face that’s all”
”so, how did he react when you packed your things”
”he had no idea, when he wasn’t around and i switched off my phone”
”V, that wasn’t the wisest thing to do, you should have atleast talked to him and hear him out before deciding if you should leave the house or not”
”I have left the house for good, there is nothing left for him to explain, he has kids, final”
I got a text message from my phone from Kelvin, he was asking me if we were stilll at Olive’s that he was coming over with Kola.
I replied him ‘Yes’ without telling Vivian, i knew she would be angry if i told her, but i did not care, all i cared about was for Vivian and Kola to get back together.
I looked at Vivian and she was still crying ”I wish i had listened to you when you told me to know him better before marrying him”
”this is not a time for regrets, just try and be strong for your baby” i said while wiping her tears with my face wipe.