Rabbit love Episode 20

Rabbit love Episode 20
”Hey, i was just thinking about something and i thought, maybe you could tell me what you think of it”
”what is it my lady” Kelvin replied with his eyes still glued to his l@pt©p.
”I want to donate some money for charity works or give it to an orphanage”
”not a bad idea” he replied without looking at me. I knew he was very busy, the past week since he changed for bad to good he has been working from home and he always tells me how exhausting it was.
”I drove past an orphanage after one of my ph0toshoot and the state of the building was nothing to write home about, it’s bad enough to be poor but living in a dil@pid@t£d building is worse than one can imagine”
This time around he looked at me and smiled.
”i support you, and remember, you don’t nee-d my permission to spend your own money, it’s yours and you can spend it on whatever you want”
phew! That wasn’t the kind of answer i was expecting but atleast he talked for more than ten seconds.
”thanks for your support” i said.
”you are welcome. What time is your ph0tosh0t today”
i looked at my wristwatch ”In about two hours time, and i think i nee-d to start getting re-ady”
”Let me also get dressed, i will drive you there” he said while shutting down his l@pt©p.
”No, don’t bother, i can handle it” i said to him.
”No way! I won’t let my lady go out to those guys alone, that’s like letting a hen into the midst of foxes and trust me you are not the fox” he said to me.
”your philosophy tutor really did a bad job” i said and he win-ked without saying a word as he was heading to his wardrobe.
The ride to the location wasn’t bad at all except for the bad roads leading there every other thing was perfect and the more perfect thing was the h0t male homo sapien that was sitting next to me with his toned b©dy and Abs clearly outlined in his red T-shi-t.
”we are finally there, seems you are late”
I looked up to see that the c@m£ra’s and every other things were all positioned and it looked like everyone including Dency had arrived as i sp©tted her car in a distance.
”you know we don’t have all the time in the…” the director started scolding me immediately he set eyes on me but he st©pped midway when he saw my company.
”Good day Sir” the older man said to Kelvin.
”sorry about her lateness, i caused it” Kelvin said.
”She wasn’t even late, we just got here” he said and the other crew members started mummuring.
”am Jessy, let’s go get you re-ady for the ph0toshoot” a lady probably in her mid thirties said to me and i followed her as she lead the way leaving the blabbing director with Kelvin.
I got to the space that has been designated for dressing and i met Dency and the other two male models who later introduced themselves as Gabe and Nathan.
”wow, this girl is glowing” Dency said when she saw me.
”not more than you” i said and we hvgged and i greeted everyone else there.
”Girl, what’s the secret” Dency said immediately i settled down.
”Good food and money” i replied her and she twitched herl-ips.
”it obviously isn’t any of that” she replied.
”well, if it isn’t that two then it’s my b©yfri£nd”
”tell me something, does he sell any sell or produce any skin-glow product?” she asked sarcastically.
”Go get a b©yfri£ndplea-se” i said in an amusing tone.
”Nah, not until i am re-ady for marriage”
”why is that”
”as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and since i don’t support pre marital S-x, it would be better to stay clear from guys especially the h0t ones until i am re-ady to settle down”
”there are many ways to avoid pregnancy, if that is want you are scared of, we have contraceptive, sheaths, diaphragm and the rest of them” i explained to her attra-cting other’s people attention to our conversation.
”you don’t get it, am quite religious, I try as much as possible to follow God and do what my Bible tells me”
I felt guilty remembering that while growing up every adult have always taught me about the dangers of pre-marital S-x.
”Time for the dress” Lizzy said holding up a white floral go-wn for us both and interrupting my thoughts. It was a Lifestyle magazine ph0toshoot, we had earlier been interviewed and lot’s of question were asked, from our workout routine to our diet.
The magazine was supposed to help people take better care of their b©dy and get rid of excess belly fat.
We were soon clad in the go-wn and re-ady for the ph0toshoot.
”Mehn, that was h0t” Kelvin said immediately he got behind the wheels.
”h0t as in good h0t or bad h0t”
”good h0t, you girls looked heavenly in those go-wns, i couldn’t resist taking some pictures of my own”
Just then my phone rang and it was Vivian, she kept on crying and i could only make out ”see you tomorrow by 5 at olive’s garden” and also ”don’t say anything about this phone call to Kelvin” before she cut the call.
My mind began wandering, what could make Vivian cry like that? oh no! I just hope she hasn’t lost the pregnancy.