Rabbit love episode 2

Rabbit love Episode 2.
He walked in with the man of the day closely behind him.
”Mrs. Kolawole, ain’t you set to leave for the ro-mantic trip” he said and win-ked at Vivian lovingly.
”i smell Jealousy” her husband said to him.
”Bro, you know, that word Jealousy does not exist in my dictionary, besides, am alre-ady thinking of hooking up” he said that and looked at me with his charming eyes.
I didn’t even realize that the two men were both talking to me until Vivian hit me with the elbow and gave me a ‘get your act together” kind of look.
”uhm, my bad, what did you say” i said and looked at the two of them simultaenously without ma-king eye contact with any of them.
”what were you thinking” Kolawole asked.
”well, it kind of getting late and i was wondering how i will get home, coupled with all this traffic congestion” i lied.
‘well, my good friend here Kelvin, will drop you off” he said and looked at Kelvin who tried to fake a smile, it was obvious he didnt want to do it.
”so Kelvin is the name of this prince charming” i thought to myself.
”it’s okay, i will take a taxi home” i said trying to give Kelvin an easy way out of the task.
”No way, how can i let a beautiful lady take a taxi home when i have a car with me” he c@m£ and put his hand on my shoulder, i wasn’t expecting it so i didn’t know how to react to it, i just kept quiet and stayed still, but i am very sure he noticed the way i was shaking un-der his t©uçh.
”Mr and Mrs, are you good to go”
”yes, Bachelor, Becky alre-ady helped me pack, so i am all set for the trip” Vivian said and made to get her luggage when Kelvin st©pped her and helped her with it.
”he isn’t just handsome but caring also, his girlfriend must be lucky” i thought to my self.
”easy o, she is my wife not yours” Kola said and flashed him a smile.
Kelvin raised is hands in mock surrender ” I was only helping a beautiful lady with her luggage”
”Mr. Nice, thanks, i will carry my wife’s luggage by myself”
Vivian and I stood there watching the two friends exchange words over Vivian’s luggage, it was obvious that they were close and they both look handsome, except that Kola was dark in complexion with a slightly broad nose but he was still handsome.
”if you’re really looking for what to carry, i suggest you carry your wifey” Kelvin said and we all laughed.
”nice suggestion, Boy, just take the luggage down to car” he said and patted Kelvin on the back.
”Am only doing this because i won’t be seeing you around for the next two weeks’
”thanks Kelvin” Vivian said to him and he win-ked at her again before saying ”you are welcome”
”thanks bro” Kola said to kelvin
”what are friends for”he replied.
”shall we” he said to me in p@rticular and smiled that captivating smile to me again.
I blu-shed.
Everything about him was captivating and i just couldn’t take my eyes off him while we were walking down the stairs to the cars.
After series of hvgging and patting and Vivian even shedding tears when she hvgged me, Kola’s driver drove the newly wed to the airport leaving just me and prince charming, i mean Kelvin.
He stood majestically beside me with his hands in his pocket.
”Becky” he called.
”huh, how did you know my name” i asked.
”i have ears and they are not just for decorations, Vivian can’t make two s£ntences without mentioning your name.
”oh, i see!”
”all i see is that it’s just you and i and am supposed to take you home”
”i will take a taxi” i said to him, luckily i was stammering or smiling and staring foolishily
”am not complaining, am only trying to say i don’t drive long distances in the dark” he said and i looked at his innocent facial expression and felt pity for him although an inner voice was telling me that he was lying.
”sorry, for bothering you, ehm, Kola should have considered that before telling you to take me home.
”well, ehm, maybe he forgot, maybe he got carried away with all the excitement and all”
”thanks for everything, i will just take a taxi and go home” i said and made to walk away.
”it’s too dangerous for a lady” he said and held my hands, i was mesmerized by his soft hands.
”what do you suggest we do then” i asked him.
”what about, we spend the night here and then i will drop you off tommorrow morning”
i thought about it for a while, all of me wanted to say no but i just couldn’t say no to such request from a beautiful guy like him.
”plea-se don’t say no” he said to me.
”yes but on one condition”
”what condition”
”we stay in seperate rooms”
”done” he said.
”by the way you look gorgous in that go-wn, you were the most beautiful lady here today”
i just kept blu-shing at his words, thank God, it was slightly dark, so he couldn’t see my face properly.
He paid for two rooms in the h0tel and we went in after waving goodnight
I was glad i finally left him, before my heart bec@m£ uncontrollable.
I heard a knock on my door, i checked the time and it was 1AM, i was scared cos i wasn’t expecting anyone.