Rabbit love Episode 19

Rabbit love Episode 19.
Kelvin was still himself, i had initially thought he was pretending but he proved me wrong, he has been nice and homely like he used to, from breakfast in be-d to running bath water for me, it was just heavenly, he was my defination of the perfect gentleman.
I wasted no time in forgiving him for all the times he treated me badly.
”Baby ain’t you done with bathing” he called me from the room.
”Just a minute more, i nee-d my beauty bath” i replied and i heard him laughing
We were getting re-ady for a t©p politician’s son birthday p@rty.
I knew he would be getting dressed and i didn’t want to come out half unclad before our homornes gets the better p@rt of us.
”Are you done dressing up” i asked from the bathroom.
”Almost re-ady, just this tie and am good to go” he replied.
I showed up in the room a moment later and met him battling with his tie, i laughed because he wasn’t a big fan of tuxedo’s, he only wore them on very special occas-sions.
”you really look good in that black tuxedo” i complimented him and he turned to me and gave me a s£dûçt!vewi-nk.
”you also look perfect in that towel but you would have looked better without it”
”I better get dressed” i said and went to pick the red flowing go-wn that he singlehandedly bought for me, i had tried it on twice and i had concluded that i won’t object to him buying me anything again cos he certainly have eyes for good things.
”and i better head to the sitting room before that p@rty becomes an impossible tense.
I simply smiled and pointed to the door.
We walked into the p@rty with his arms wra-pped around me there were lot’s of c@m£ras which i had gotten used to, paparazzi’s were everywhere at the gate. I smiled and waved before we walked in.
The celebr@nt walked towards us immediately we walked in like he was waiting for us.
”Who do we have here” he asked immediately he got close to us.
”Birthday guy, happy birthday” Kelvin said.
”I wasn’t talking to you, i was talking to the lady, the Nigeria Version of Naomi Campbell” he said wi-nking at me at the same time.
It seems that Kelvin and his friends all have a thing for wi-nking.
I smiled at him and he stretched out his hand for a handshake and i took his hands.
I looked up at Kelvin and he wasn’t smiling at all.
”I am more handsome than this guy here, we are a perfect match, you know that right?” he said and Kelvin nudged him.
”She is my fiancee`, you better take your hands off hers” Kelvin said without smiling.
”hey, bro st©p being over-protective i was only kidding, but i must say; your eyes are really functioning”.
We all laughed at that.
”Happy Birthday bro” Kelvin said to him and patted his back.
”thanks man but you are late though, although am not really surprised, why would you come early when you have this damsel with you”
”coupled with the fact that it takes a woman 10 hours to get re-ady for an occas-sion like this” Kelvin added.
”that’s not a lie bro, Lizzy even takes more than that” Charles said
”We are special, Happy Birthday” i said handing over to him the gift that Kelvin and i bought.
”wow, a beautiful lady with a pretty heart, thanks alot, left to Kelvin he would have come empty handed”
”thanks alot for the compliment” Kelvin replied him.
The rest of the evening was fun-filled and eventful, i met some of Kelvin’s friend and i also meet Lizzy, charles fiancee, she was a very lively person.
The guys later went to a side to discuss football while we ladies discussed the guys and their charms.
The p@rty ended almost at midnight with ninety percent of the guys drun!klike fish.
Two days later Kelvin and i were in the sitting room discussing when he brou-ght up talk about his family which he has never done before.
”My younger brother will be coming over two weeks from now” he informed me.
”It will be nice to have a member of your family here” i added but he shrugged indifferently, it seems he wasn’t happy about the visit.
”He just finished his masters in Leed City University Manche-ster and dad said it will be nice if he comes down to Nigeria to do only God knows what” he said with a noticeable frown.
”Am so glad that i would finally meet one of your family member”
”yeah” he said indifferently.
”Seems like you are not happy about his visit”.
”am as happy as i can be” he smiled and brou-ght out his phone like he was avoiding the question.
”what do i nee-d to know about him so i won’t embaras-s myself”
”there is still two weeks for that, but for beginners his name is Sam and he is 26, he just finished his M.Sc as you alre-ady know and trust me you don’t want to hear the rest”
”I think i like him alre-ady” i said and he looked at me and shrugged.
”bad for you then, am famished, what’s for dinner” he replied.
”Semovita and Melon soup”
”plea-se tell them to hurry up, am hungry alre-ady”
I stood up and left to the kitchen, it was clear that he doesn’t want to talk about his brother.