Rabbit love Episode 18

Rabbit love Episode 18.
I drove home feeling very happy after my outing with Vivian, i didn’t even want to call it a day with her, i had been filled with the kind of joy i haven’t even felt in a while since Kelvin started behaving abnormally.
Speaking of Kelvin i didn’t know how he would react when he sees me, i didn’t even tell him i was going out.
I did the sign of the cross and pushed the sitting room door open.
I shivered when i saw that he was at home, i quietly closed the door and started walking towards him, my mind was alre-ady made up to receive whatever insult he would hurl at me.
”My love, where have you been, you left me worried” he said while coming towards me.
Maybe i didn’t hear right, i stood glued on the sp©t waiting for the illusion to go away.
I only realized i was not dreaming when he gr@bb£d my hands.
”huh, what did you say” i asked.
”i said, where did you run off to without telling me, i was worried about you”
”Is he high on drugs or something” i thought to myself.
Whatever he was high on, i don’t really care, it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine.
”you have no reason to be worried about me and besides, am not a kid and i don’t remember you being my father” i said too loudly and made to walk away but he gr@bb£d my arms.
”Baby, plea-se i am very sorry for all my attitudes this past weeks, work has been really stressful” he said gently like the Kelvin i once knew.
”hmmmm, i don’t remember coming to complain to you about your attitude” i said fiercely.
”but still, i am pleading with you forgive me and forget how unfairly i have treated you this past few weeks.
”Kelvin, when you are done with your shakespare tales, plea-se let me pas-s, i am exhausted and you have succeded in ruining my evening”
”plea-se baby, i am so sorry” he said and put his hands on my w@!st to draw me closer to him.
”will you get those hands off me before i chop them off” i shouted and he quic-kly withdrew his hands.
I am pretty sure he was surprised to see me this stubborn.
What was he expecting? To see me melting in his hands at the mere t©uçh of his skin against mine, then he must be kidding. Althought i must confess, Kelvin had never been this sober since i met him, he was looking so fragile like a chick that just lost it mother, i wanted to hold him and tell him how much i still loved him after all he has done, i wanted to t©uçh him gently and remind him that love surpas-ses all but i just couldn’t bring myself to do it, i was determined to pay him back in his own coins.
”Kelvin, get out of the way, i nee-d to shower”
i pushed him aside with all the strength i could gather and started walking away.
”Baby plea-se forgive me” he screamed behind me.
Was he possessed by demons or what? Why is he acting normally all of a sudden.
I turned to him and was shocked to see him kneeling on the floor and he was close to tears.
”I am so sorry, i never really meant to hurt you or your feelings, i really love you more than you can imagine”
i stood on the sp©t not knowing what to do, i never really expected any of the drama that was being pla-yed out in front of me. I had expected to see the stone-hearted Kelvin.
He stood up and started walking towards me when he saw that i wasn’t saying any word.
Baby, plea-se forgive me, i haven’t been myself recently”
He was now nothing more than three inch away from me.
I opened my mouth to speak but no word c@m£ out instead tears began pouring down my eyes.
He leaned forward and placed my head on his shoulder.
”I have been the worse guy on earth this last weeks, i love you baby and i promise to make it up to you, plea-se forgive me”
”Hope you enjoyed your day” Kelvin asked me beaming with smile.
”ofcourse i did, who wouldn’t? I especially loved the goldfish p@rt” i said and i could bet that i sounded like a kid who just got a bicycle for the first time.
”I thought as much, i saw the way you were looking at them”
”Hey don’t blame me, i thought i would hear them speak, i saw that on Big Brother Africa show once when the gold fish talked to Sally one of the housemates”
”Sorry to disappoint you ma’m, but gold fishes don’t speak, those are just film tricks, just like the way Disney XD made me believe that Unicorns exists”
”I thought i was the only one, i was actually planning on getting a pink unicorn when i grow older, only to realize that Unicorns don’t exist”
We were both laughing ha-rd .
I was really enjoying myself. Kelvin had woken me up with a nice breakfast on be-d, after that he helped me prepare water for my bath and then later he took me out to the state of the art aquarium in the heart of Lagos, i really enjoyed the outing, thinking it has ended, i didn’t know he had other plans.
He later took me to the Cinema to watch the season three of ‘Magic Mike’ which he had promised me before things turned left.
I was just enjoying the moment and I thanked God for bringing my Kelvin back to me.