Rabbit love Episode 16

Rabbit love Episode 16.
Sooner than expected our engagement soon rolled into months and now it’s exactly 5 months since we got engaged.
He has never brou-ght up the idea of me seeing his family and whenever he called or they called, he would always excuse himself to take the call. At first i thought it was normal, that he nee-ded privacy with his family but it soon bec@m£ suspicious and worrisome.
One night after dinner.
”honey, don’t you think its high time you introduced me to your family?” i asked him calmly, giving him a side look cos i was scared of looking into his face.
In he past few days he gets angry over every little mistake that i make.
”Why” he thun-dered.
I shivered and kept quiet.
”I just asked why” he said loudly.
”ehm….ehm….i just thought maybe, just maybe i could get to know your family members”
”Ehen, so I am no longer enough for you right” he asked me and i bec@m£ confused at his words.
”what has meeting your family members gotten to do with you no longer being enough for me, won’t that even de-epen our relationsh!p” i retaliated with just the same tune that he had used on me earlier.
”So you can now shout on me, right, after i took you from the dustbin and polished you and made you into who you are today, you can now shout on me, I don’t blame you, out of all the girls that were dying to warm my be-d, i picked you and here you are shouting on me like i was some kind of trash”
I couldn’t take it any longer, why was Kelvin treating me like this? Just a simple question that i had asked and he made the whole thing look like a fight. I decided to pay him back in his own coin.
”oh no, you actually picked me cos i was much more beautiful than all your who*es including the so called Bella Madi”
His face ti-ght£ñed
”Don’t let me do what you will regret to you, i am warning you, I am not like those men that you deceive with your sweet words and then crawl into their be-ds and then try to control them”
”Kelvin, what men? When did you see me with any man and when have i ever deceived you”
”your second name is deceit” he retorted and i shuddered at his words.
”kelvin why are you being so callous, what did i do wrong, where did i get it wrong, tell me plea-se” i pleaded with him and he pushed me aside and walked away.
I could feel h0t tears flowing down my cheeks.
I was confused, i just didn’t know what to do at that point in time.
Where is the man i loved?
Where is the Kelvin that charmed his way into my heart the very first time i saw him?
Where is my Mr-perfect?
All this questions and others where still running throu-gh my mind when he c@m£ back to the sitting room.
”am sorry for all i said earlier, you can come to the room now, that’s is if you don’t have any other man to visit this night but if you have then goodnight” he said with his voice void of any emotion, he turned his back towards me and stood for some seconds before walking away.
I wanted to run after him and strangle him, i no longer saw the charming and handsome Kelvin rather i now saw him for who he truly was; he was a demon possessed, se-x freak and an entirely annoying and bossy human being.
For the past few months, we have had se-x every night except i wasn’t at home, he didn’t care if i was tired or hungry, and he would complain if i didn’t perform satisfactorily to him, according to him he liked his women wild on be-d and not like ice-buckets.
I got up and slowly started walking to his be-droom, the be-droom that we now shared since he proposed to me, i puzzled at the door when i heard his laughter, he was obviously on the phone.
”Baby, you know you are the best” he said and my heart started beating fas-ter than normal.
”I will meet you there in let’s say 15minutes” were his next words.
I stood transfixed at the door and when i gathered enough courage, i knocked.
”Come in” he said from within.
I opened the door and walked in, he was alre-ady getting dressed, it wasn’t a casual dress so i as-sumed it was a d@t£ night.
”I am here” i managed to say to him, i was irritated by the smile he gave me, the smile that i had once refered as charming.
”You are 3 minutes late” he finally said after putting on his jacket.
”sorry” i said quietly.
”well, i like people who keep to time and as you can see i am no longer interested in you tonight” he said and picked his car keys.
”alright” i replied coldy and he looked at me, then shut his eyes ti-ght before speaking up.
”Baby, i am sorry, i was just angry, don’t take my words seriously” he as-sured me calmly with his hands patting my back.
”it’s alright, seriously, i forgive you”
”thanks baby” he said and k!$$£d myl-ips ” and don’t wait for me, i have an emergency meeting with one of my business p@rtners and i will pas-s the night in the h0tel afterwards, the meeting is so important, i can’t postpone” after pouring out all the lies as i watched calmly and nodded, he majestically walked out and i broke down and began crying my eyes out.