Rabbit love Episode 12

Rabbit love Episode 12.
The next day, i wasn’t really myself, i didn’t get enough sleep the previous night, i was down with headache.
After that day show, i quietly went to the backstage to rest my head.
After a little while, Bella walked in and as usual she was parading herself and chewing gum noisely liked she owned the world.
I ignored her and put my head on the dressing table.
”I must confess you are getting better at all this, you didn’t look as foolish as you looked the previous days” Bella said to me.
I made her look foolish by not even raising my head not to talk of replying her. I pretended like no one talked.
”Hey, have you suddenly turned deaf” she asked me, infuriating me the more.
Luckily, before i could reply her Dency watson walked in.
”sorry to disturb” she said talking to no one in p@rticular.
”like duh! Why do we have doors? So you can knock on them” Bella said.
We ignored her, i knew she wasn’t also in good terms with Dency. They were both the most sort after supermodels. I have come to realize that Bella hates competition and competitors.
”Becky, hope you are okay?” Dency asked me with genuine concern.
”Like seriously? Didn’t i just talk to you Dency” Bella asked visibly angry.
”what if you talked” Dency answered.
”if i talked then i expected a reply, nob©dy ignores Bella” she answered proudly, my hatred for her was increasing everyday.
”Bella, you should know me by now, when my dogs are barking i don’t bark with them” Dency replied calmly and i couldn’t help but laugh.
”Did you just call me a dog?” she asked angrily.
I was enjoying the drama.
”Was there water in my mouth when i said it” Dency asked.
”oh! You have t©uçhed the lion’s tail”
Bella raised her hand to sl@p Dency but she caught the hand in mid-air.
”Bella, I can tolerate all your pestering and insults but sl@p, no no, no i can’t take that from you, you hear me? I can’t take it from you, idi*t”
i knew that things will get out of hands if i don’t interfere, so i gently walked up to Dency, and patted her on her back calmly.
”Dency, it’s okay, don’t let her get to you” i said to her.
”thanks, i just nee-ded to let all those words out, i have been bottling it up for a while now” she said to me and then turned to Bella again ”and as for you bi*ch, the next time you raise your filthy hands on me again, i will cause a great scandal for you that will ruin your career, and this time you won’t be able to use your b©dy to get out of it”
”don’t threaten me! I am warning you”
”i wasn’t threatening you, you dummy, i am only warning you to stay off my path”
”A b*****d warning me, Bella you have suffered” Bella said smiling wickedly
”A b*****d with dignity and pride and talent, unlike, you a cheap who-re without talent”
Bella hissed and started packing her things hurriedly.
”I curse the day my father met your mother” she said while packing her things.
”don’t you dare, bring my precious mother into this, it’s between you and I, sister!”
i had to intervene, things were getting out of hand, they were alre-ady bringing their personal unresolved matters into the fight.
”D, let’s go to your dressing room”
i said to Dency.
”you guys can eat this room, i’m out” Bella said and walked out.
”ha! I finally feel okay” Dency said and laughed.
”i never knew you to be this aggressive” i said to her.
”am only aggressive whenever am around her” she said smiling.
”you two must be really good friends” i said and went back to my seat.
”good friends indeed! Well, sorry about the little drama, i actually c@m£ in to check on you” she said taking the seat that Bella had vacated. ”I noticed that you’ve been quiet since today, what’s wrong” she asked me.
”nothing serious, just slight headache”
”woah, you temperature is really high” she said while tou-ching my forehead.
”yeah, i didn’t get enough sleep last night”
”what happened”
”nothing, i went out last night with someone”
”That someone must be really special for you to loose track of time while hanging out with him or her”
”quit being nosy” i said pla-yfully.
”am just being a good friend, well you can rest all you want since you won’t be ma-king any appearance tomorrow”
”yeah, you are right, thanks alot”
”you are welcome, so can i have your address so i can check up on you tomorrow” she asked me.
I wrote the address for her and she screamed when she looked at it.
”what is it”
”Victoria Island? I never knew i had a super rich friend”
”you are really a drama queen, what is the big deal about Victoria Island”
”that places stinks of riches and power and some innocent human blood, what i mean is that, it’s a dwelling place for the rich and powerful and influential”
”I had no idea” i said pretentiously
”well, who do you live there with? Your parents, your rich uncle or you stay alone” she asked.
”i don’t stay alone”
”then with who”
”well, i stay with my b©yfri£ndand we are about to get married” i said defensively.
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Episode 12 Cont’d
”b©yfri£nd! Tell me you are kidding”
”why do you sound like i committed murder or something”
”hello, to me this is worse than murder”
”why will you be living with someone who isn’t married to you” she asked me puzzling me.
”we will soon get married” i said trying to justify what i did.
”soon? Oh no, tell me you are not falling for that word ‘soon”
”trust me! Kelvin is a nice person”
”Kelvin as in Kelvin the Director of k!ssModelling Agency, as in Bella’s boss” she asked me.
”yes, and he is a very nice person”
”sorry to say but i don’t like that guy, i heard that he was involved with my sister, i mean Bella sometimes last year”
”Is Bella your sister” i asked changing the t©pic.
”isn’t it obvious, she is my step sister”
”wow, no wonder you two don’t like each other”
”i don’t hate her” she defended.
”how come she is a full b!own Nigerian and you are a half-caste”
”which one is half-caste again, am biracial not a half-caste” she asked feigning annoyance.
”sorry, that is what we call it here but plea-se answer the question i am curious”
”well, my mum is from canada, she is a canadian, she met Bella’s dad when he c@m£ for a degree programme in Canada and they started d@t!ng, and he promised her heaven on earth and before you know it they were living together and with the hope of getting married to him my mum was slee-ping with him and before you know it she took in five months prior to when he would complete his programme there, he asked her to ab-ort the pregnancy but my mum refused and his behaviour towards her changed completely”
”you mean like love gone sour” i asked.
”exactly! So after he completed the programme he left Canada and returned to Nigeria, after promising to come back for my mum, my innocent mother waited and waited for three years but there was no sign of him. So she traced him down to his house in Nigeria throu-gh the help of his friends, when she c@m£ here she was shocked to see that he was a married man, married with two kids a boy and girl. Bella and her elder brother.
”i can imagine how ha-rd it was on her” i put in.
”she was devastated, and out of anger she left me with him and left, well, his wife made my life a living hell, as i was more intelligent than her two kids and many people loved me more because of my skin colour.
”i’m so sorry about that”
”well, it’s not anyone’s fault, i don’t blame anyb©dy, i lived with them for three years until my mum got married to her high school crush, a biracial too, and they c@m£ and took me away from the hell i was living in”
”so how come the different surnames”
”My mum’s husband adopted me legally and gave me his last name and that was how my horror filled life turned into a happiness filled life”
”wow, that was an inspiring story”
”you are really funny, now you know why i hate the idea of you living with someone who is not your husband, he can disappoint you at anytime after using you to satisfy his S-xual de-sires”
”Kelvin is different” i said.
”my mum once said that”
”trust me, he is different”
”it’s not like i don’t trust you but as they say, prevention is better than cure, get your own small ap@rtment and stay there until he marries you then you can proudly move into his ap@rtment as his wife, with respect, i really hate premarital S-x”
”Kelvin will not be happy if i do that”
”i feel like it’s my mum’s story that is pla-ying out infront of me again, Becky, a guy promising you marriage doesn’t mean that he will marry you, people break promises at any time they like”
”I will think about it”
”be fast about that, if you don’t have enough money to get an ap@rtment then you can move in with me, i stay alone, not very far from you”
”huh, what do you mean by that”
”I stay in Victoria Island too” she said smiling.
”am not surprised, you are rich”
”No, my father is rich”
”you mean Bella’s dad” I asked
”No, i don’t mean the sp-erm donor, i mean my father, a father is someone who loves and cherish you not necessarily the one who got your mother pregnant” she explained.
”you are right about that”
”Let’s head home, am really exhausted” she said and got up and i packed my things and followed her.
”wait a minute, let me get my bag from my dressing room”
she went in while i waited at the hallway. She c@m£ out few minutes later with her handbag and a black bagpack stra-pped to her back.
”i am curious about some thing”
”what is it”
”why are you enemies with Bella” i asked
”Am not her enemy, she clarified ”i got here throu-gh ha-rd work and she got her by slee-ping around, so that is why i am angry whenever she br@gs”
”how do you mean”
”story for another day” she said smiling.
We soon got to the car park and she got into her car and drove off but not without telling me to think thor0ûghly about what she told me earlier.