Rabbit love Episode 10

Rabbit love Episode 10.
”Baby, plea-se I am sorry, don’t let this little issue come between us”
Kelvin pleaded.
He had been pleading with me to forgive him since the ugly incident occurred.
It’s been two days since the incident and we were alre-ady back in Nigeria and i was getting re-ady to walk down the runway for the very first time.
”Leave me alone and go back to your girlfriend” i shunned him.
”you are my only girlfriend” he replied ”I am sorry for cheating on you”
”no, no, no, Bella is your girlfriend, have you forgotten what you said before realizing that i was the one standing outside”
”I am sincerely sorry, trust me it was my hormone’s talking not me” he pleaded.
Well, this is what my own hor-mones has to say ‘LEAVE ME ALONE, LET ME BE”
I brushed past him and walked into my room and made sure i locked the door.
After few minutes i heard him knocking on the door and i ignored him and put on my headphone.
I didn’t even know when i fell asleep, i only opened my eyes to see that it was alre-ady 5 AM.
It was the D-day, the day i have been waiting for.
I was really nervous, i nee-ded someone to talk to but unfortunately i was not in good terms with Kelvin.
I quic-kly got re-ady and packed my things, since we were asked to arrive on time so we could practice alittle before the main show starts.
When i was walking out of the ap@rtment i heard Kelvin calling me but i ignored him and went to my car and drove off.
I got there on time, and as expected my number one enemy; Bella was alre-ady there sitted like she was the queen of England, i ignored her and went ahead to socialize with the other models, some of them behaved like they owned the world, luckily for me Dency Watson was there and she kept me company, she was a very jovial girl and when she tries to speak our Nigerian-pidgin, it’s usually hilarious.
We soon finished the 1 hour practice and we went to the dressing room. I was sitted next to Bella the queen of England.
I totally ignored her and she kept herself busy with her phone taking selfies and ma-king some stupid faces while taking the selfies. I felt like strangling her.
”huh, what did you say” i asked her.
”are you deaf, i asked if Our boss would come for the show”
”i thought you were his mistress, how come he didn’t tell you”
I couldn’t believe she had the effontery to talk to me after what she did with Kelvin back in south Africa”
”Are you still angry about that little episode that happened in South Africa’ she asked me smiling and i felt like pu-lling all her teeths out.
”Am not angry” i replied her.
”welcome to the world of showbiz dearie, you have to be br@ve and smart to survive in this our world” she replied me.
”who are to advise me, you sl-ut” i replied her with anger.
”The last time i checked, we were both sl-uts, neither you nor I is married to him, yet we both sleep with him, what does that make us” she asked still smiling foolishly.
”am his girlfriend and we will soon get married” i replied her.
”soon? Soon to be wife and wife are actually different, baby check your dictionary, if you doubt me” she replied me obviously enjoying the exchange of words while i was alre-ady furious.
”If he sleeps with me, that is because i am his girlfriend and soon to be wife period, are you that dumb” i asked her.
”Miss, check your Bible, the two of us are in this together, we are both committing Fornincation, re-ad myl-ips F-O-R-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N’
”so you even re-ad the Bible”, i asked her, i was getting irritated with her words.
”Even the devil re-ads the Bible” she replied me sacarstically.
”well, if you re-ad the Bible, then you should know that you are nothing but are shameless who-re, slee-ping with a man in the restroom, were you so broke that you couldn’t even get a room” i asked her and she was visibly angry.
She made to sl@p me but dropped her hands, i was actually waiting for her to sl@p me so i could retaliate and give her the beating of her life.
She was smiling, the smile was obviously fake, i followed her gaze and was suprised to see that Kelvin was at the door.
Seeing him there made me happy but i didn’t show it, i only hissed and left that dressing room to another one and he didn’t even bother calling me back and that made me more angry.
The show soon commenced, and in little or no time it was time for the main event.
The runway show started with models like me, the amateur models, i was super nervous but i was relieved when i saw Kelvin sitting at the front row with other dignitaries, i felt this sudden joy and peace of mind.
And thanks to him and his smile i walked down the runway three times without messing up.
That day show soon c@m£ to an end.
”Baby, congratulations, you were awesome” Kelvin said to me at the backstage after the show.
”thanks” i replied and shrugged.
”I am sorry for everything, forgive me” he began pleading again.
”i have forgiven you” i replied and he k!$$£d me there without minding that we were in a public place.