Rabbit Episode 31

Episode 31.
I yawned and opened my eyes to a very beautiful room.
It was nicely decorated with royal blue giving it a peaceful look.
For the very first time in months, i woke up with Joy that i couldn’t put a f!nger to why i was feeling that way.
I checked my phone and it was alre-ady 9AM.
I smiled, people usually loss track of time when they have an angelic sleep like i did.
I quic-kly had my bath and changed into a nice bu-m short and a stra-pless singlet.
I got to the kitchen and met Sam cooking but with his ear piece in his ears so he didn’t hear me enter.
He only turned when i t©uçhed his shoulder but the look he gave me s£nt h0t shivers down my spine.
”ehm, good morning” i said trying to stable my breathing rate.
”good morning, hope i didn’t wake you with all this noise” he said pointing to the pan he was washing.
”No you didn’t, the aroma of your food actually woke me” i jokingly said.
”I take that as a compliment, i know am a good cook” he said and win-ked at me and the wi-nk reminded me of Kelvin, speaking of Kelvin i wondered what he might be doing now, he’s probably gotten another girl to be warming his be-d, my stomach twisted at the thought of that.
”Have you heard from your brother” i asked sam who was busy turning the bre-ad he was toasting.
”yeah, i tried but he refused to take my calls”
”i didn’t get the chance to properly thank you for your yesterday’s intervention”
”you thanked me enough alre-ady”
”what were you doing there anyway” i asked.
”i c@m£ to get my remaining things, it seems God just directed me there at the right time, i never intended coming there by that time”
God! That is one word that i have never heard from Kelvin’s mouth.
”am still grateful to you and to God” i said to him.
”when you are done thanking for doing nothing plea-se help me carry that to the dinning table” he said putting to the breath taking omelet that was on the plate.
Sam had a nice t©uçh with food unlike Kelvin.
I shook my head and did as he said, it wasn’t the right time to start ma-king comparison.
Besides i never liked church-guys, they always justify what ever they do with Bible verses that suites them.
”Sam, can i ask you a question, it’s been bothering me since yesterday night” i asked after eating the breakfast that Sam prepared.
”go ahead, am listening”
”Who is Jemimah and how did she die” i asked and i could see that he was stunned by my question.
”Why do you want to know about her” he asked keeping his face neutral which was a character Kelvin also possessed.
They both keep a neutral expression when you ask them a personal question.
”am just eager, your brother said something about you and your friends killing her”
”well, we didn’t kill her”
”who was she” i asked again.
”She was Kelvin’s girlfriend, lover and anything you can call it, i will tell you cos i like you and i trust you to keep your mouth shut about this”
I nodded and waved at him to continue.
”They we so close, we all knew that they would get married when they get older, but death snatched her away from Kelvin, she was just Twenty one at that time, four years younger that Kelvin, she c@m£ to my 21st Birthday p@rty and after staying for a while she told me she was going upstairs to Kelvin’s room and the next thing we saw was that she fell Kelvin’s Balcony down to the floor and she died Instantly, I ran up to Kelvin’s room to check what made her fall and i realized it was my own girlfriend or so i thought, it turned out that she had eyes for Kelvin and she was in his room when Jemimah got in and they got into a fight and in the course of the fight they c@m£ out to the balcony and she mistakenly pushed her down” he finished with tears in his eyes.
”So why is he blaming you”
”well, the pepetrator of the act was my girlfriend and he thought i had a hand in it, cos i initially didn’t like her, i only started liking her few weeks to her death” he explained without looking up.
”It’s been Five years, why can’t he still get over the death” i asked with curiosity.
”Well, it turned out she was pregnant with his child when she died and he was planning to propose to her that night at my p@rty”
”what! now i know, he must have been heartbroken”
”heartbroken was an un-derstatement, i lost count of the times when he tried to committ suicide, he only st©pped attempting suicide when our very religious mother convinced him that he would go to hell if he takes his own life, so since then, he has been bahaving heartlessly, taking drugs, slee-ping with tons of woman and refusing to stay in the rehab”
i was shocked with the last p@rt.
”So he was in Rehab”
”yes, his last session in rehab ended when he said he was coming over to his friend’s wedding and he never returned to the U.S again, my dad decided to let him be thinking he has change..”
He didn’t even complete his last statement when we heard a knock on the door and when he went to answer it, i saw the last person i expected to see…Kelvin.