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Quarantine dairy Episode 9

Quarantine Diaries*
*Day 9*
Bill l@yin be-d all night, unable to sleep. Beside him, Bella twisted and turned in her own world of agony. Bill recalled the confrontation a few hours earlier.
“How could you!” Bill had yelled at her when she refused to speak.
“I trusted you. How could you, Bella?”
Bella had just stood there, her face expressionless.
“We’ve had a good marriage, Bella. I constantly gave the chance for us to evaluate the marriage. I kept asking you to let me know if there was anything I was doing wrong. Only a few days back I asked you to forgive me if I had done anything wrong. So, how could you?”
“Bill, I’m sorry I can’t do this right now. I’m sorry,” she had said as she bur-st into tears and walked past him into the be-droom.
Bill had spent the past three hours thinking throu-gh the whole marriage; how perfect it had seemed until now. What would make such a wonderful wife like Bella experiment with adûlt€ry? Was something wrong with him? He was wealthy enough and gave her all she ever asked for. He was there for her and Tilly. He made time for them to go out and have fun once a while. He was sure he satisfied her every need, physical, emotional…. Or…?
He picked up his phone went throu-gh WhatsApp. He saw that Mina had s£nt him three messages about two hours earlier.
“Hello Bill
What’s up at your end?
Big mess huh”
Bill replied.
“Yeah. Really big mess”
Mina was still online. She was typing.
“What are you going to do about it?”
“I don’t know. I’m confused. I don’t why she’d do that.”
“Same here….
Bill, let’s give it some time. I’m sure we’re going to figure things out together.”
“Sure. Thanks for that. I can sleep now”
“Yeah. You’re welcome. Have a good night.”
“You too.”
_Such a nice lady_. Bill smiled.
To be continued….

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