Quarantine dairy Episode 5

Quarantine Dairies*
*Day 5*
Dad called his school son back at s£nior high now a police officer in Prampram and feeds him with info about Louis and how to track him in Prampram.
Later that evening.
Wife: honey, I’ve prepared jollof rice and banku with palmnut soup for u and Tilly
Hope u like it?
Dad: Nods in agreement.
Wife: well, so I’ll be leaving early tomorrow, my jnr brother brou-ght me the permit so he advised I leave early.
Dad: OK dear. Hope uv got ur stuffs re-ady?
Wife: Yes honey. But I’m gonna miss home. U and Tilly…
Dad: we gonna miss u too, just come as u promised so we won’t miss u more OK.
Wife: Kk dear, I will.
Dad: That reminds me. It’s a new month and per ur calendar you should be menstruating by now or experiencing signs of it, but you didn’t add pad to the list we s£nt to the mall.
Wife: Come on babe, u are so caring but sorry I didn’t tell u, my menstrual cycle changed last month so I’m expecting this one a week from now.
Dad: Is that so? Well I was just thinking aloud.
Wife: I know dear. I love u honey.
Dad: Love u too.
Wife k!sses husband and leaves.
Dad on whatsapp with Mina.
Dad: Hello Mina, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy with stuffs in my mail.
Mina: Don’t worry, I got busy during the day too. Anyway, Louis left around 11am this morning, he left Mike behind.
Dad : OK, I’ve worked on how he will be tracked so keep calm OK.
Mina: Hmmm, seriously Bill I’m running out of patience. I can’t watch my husband cheat right in my face while I sit and watch. seriously loosing it.
Dad: Take it Easy Mina, we nee-d enough evidence to track them down, we can’t do anything now since we both have little info about their relationsh!p. So keep calm OK.
Mina: Alright, if u say so.
Dad: Yes, let’s keep our f!ngerscrossed OK.
Mina : OK, I’ve heard u.
Dad: Take care OK. Let’s chat another time I’ve got stuffs to do bye.