Quarantine dairy Episode 2

Quarantine Diaries
*Day 2*
Dad woke up from be-d but didn’t give wife the usual good morning pe-ck on her forehead.
Wife: honey, my good morning k!ss?
Dad: stares at her for a while and walks away in silence.
Wife : Honey are u okay?
Dad: I’m fine!
Wife prepares breakfast but Dad refused to eat.
Tilly: Mum it’s like daddy is sick, call the Doctor.
Mum: Smiles, Dad is fine my dear don’t worry.
Dad: Tilly baby! Tilly baby!! he called out.
Tilly: Yes daddyyyy.
Dad: how are u
Tilly: I’m fine daddy but I know u are sick. U are not happy, I told mum to call the doctor for u ok?
Dad: smiles, picks up Tilly and taps her at the back, saying I’m fine my dear. I don’t nee-d a doctor OK.
Tilly : OK daddy then smile for me?
Dad: ???.
Wife gets closer and joins the conversation.
Wife: Tilly, how come u and dad are both smiling ?, what are u talking about.
Dad: We are talking about my health.
Wife: that reminds me, honey we nee-d to talk.
Dad: About what?
Wife: I think we should go inside.
Dad: Alright then. (Tilly, go watch TV in the hall I’ll be with u soon OK.)
Tilly: OK daddy
Wife and Dad begins conversation.
Wife: Honey, I’ve realised uv Bern behaving weird since yesterday after u abandoned my food on the dining table.
What’s the problem?
Have I done anything wrong.
Dad: Hmmmm, I’m sorry dear. It’s just about the lockdown and how I’ve been idle doing nothing. It’s getting me boring.
Wife : Is that enough reason to abandon my food? Honey the lock down is affecting us all but u shouldn’t make me feel I caused it by abandoning my food and acting weird towards me.
U refused me of the usual good morning pe-ck on be-d this morning, what about that?
Dad: I’m sorry love. It won’t happen again.
Wife: Honey, Thia is the time u got to spend with your family, I’ve always been all alone with Tilly whenever u leave this house for work.
I’ve missed u and this is the time I have u, old make this moment lovely for me.
Dad: I un-derstand babe, sorry for my actions ?.
Wife’s phone rings.
Wife picks.
Wife: can I call u back pls?
On phone : I miss u dear pls do call me when u are done with whatever you doing kk.
Wife: OK bye.
Dad: who was that?
Wife: Colleague from work.
Dad : Alright. So as I was saying, I’m sorry for everything OK.
Wife : OK dear. U still owe me that pe-ck?
Dad: smiles and pe-cks her on the forehead as he whisper I love u to his wife.
Later that day, mum was in the kitchen, her phone was on charge in the hall then a text c@m£ in.
It re-ads *” hello baby, I know he was around that’s why u couldn’t speak to me, I’m sure he has always been around u that’s why we can’t talk, but I still think about u all night. Our last meeting was a blast. How I wish this pandemic is over so u ride me again like a polo horse??. Take care baby, and don’t let him enjoy it all alone it’s mine too bye’*
Dad: takes a sh0t of it with phone and sits to watch TV.
Tilly goes to the kitchen.
Wife: where is dad
Tilly: He is watching TV in the hall.
Wife: Go get me my phone dear, it’s on charge in the hall.
Tilly brou-ght the phone and mum saw the text.
After meals.
Dad: Honey, have I done anything wrong that u didn’t tell me?
Wife: No honey.
Dad: Are u sure? I wanna apologize if I have.
Wife: Come on honey, u have done nothing against me, what I wasn’t happy about, we resolved that in the morning. I’m cool now.
Dad: Okay babe. But don’t forget I love u.
Wife: I love u too.
Moments later dad went out to have some fresh air outside.
Wife makes call with the number that texted her in the noon. Tilly hears p@rt of it and goes out to ask the meaning of statement from dad.
Tilly: Dad, what is the meaning of ban-ging, and I lost my period?
Dad: Shocked, where did u hear those words?
Tilly: Mum was telling someone on her phone so I want to know the meaning.
Dad: They mean nothing my dear, they are words u will un-derstand when u grow okay??
Tilly: Okay daddy.