Quarantine dairy Episode 11

Quarantine Diaries Reloaded*
*Episode 11*
Mr. Kim s£nds SMS to his daughter, Bella. It re-ads…
*Good morning my daughter. I hope u are doing well. I haven’t heard from u since u dropped the call on me the other day I tried questioning u. All the same my dear, don’t forget I am your father, I built a home before u were born, so I’m ahead of u when it comes to managing a home. What u have caused your home is a disgrace to my home as well, all the same u are no longer a kid, u should have explanations to your actions. Talk to me as a father, u nee-d someone to talk to, u really nee-d a motherly or fatherly advise. Let me hear from u my dear.*
Bella: (Reply) I’m so sorry dad. I’ll call u later in the evening so we talk about this pls.
Hours later, Bill calls his family doctor to enquire a few things from him.
*On phone*
Bill: Hello Doc. It’s been a while we spoke. I’m sure uv been busy at work with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hope you are coping well.
Dr. : Yh Bill, its actually been a while. U are lucky u got me on phone this morning. This is the only period I make calls, trying to hear from my children in Cuba.
Bill: Oh really, I’m a really lucky man tho. Anyway let me not waste your time, let me go straight to the point.
You have been our family Doc since I married my wife, she complains everything to u even headache. So I just want to know if she complained about any health problem to u recently.
Dr.: Ohk, I think two weeks ago she s£nt me a text that she was feeling feverish and nausea. So I recommended a drug for her to try and get back to me, so she later texted me that the feeling is getting severe over days so I wanted to get a free day so I can visit you guys at home to check up on her. But it won’t be anything serious than pregnancy if I may guess. Just take time to ask her. U know how they behave in times like this, and u should know ur wife better.
Bill: OK Doc, thanks so much. I’ll do exactly so. But kindly find time within the week and come check up on us. Pls come with temperature to test us OK. We stepped out days ago. We were careful anyway.
Dr. : U stepped out!! Pls Bill kindly stay home with your family, the pandemic is no joke . It’s more serious than what you see and hear on social media. We know what’s going on, so pls stay home, I beg you. I’ll come tomorrow morning to test you with the temperature. Stay safe, I got stuffs to do now. Later then. Bye
Louis and Mina in a conversation.
Mina: Louis, I’m seriously fed up with this your apology stuff. How can u continue telling lies and claim u are apologizing. I’ve been quiet as though I’ve not heard u speaking to your cheat p@rtner. Upon all the mess u caused the family with that slot, u still have the guts to speak to her.
Louis: Hmmm, Mina u won’t un-derstand. It’s just because I’m confused and don’t know how to go about this whole thing.
Mina: I’m highly dissapointed in you. I never expected this from u. U and I have had conversations worst than this when u wanna do something n@ûghty to keep something intact. Sometimes I put myslef in your shoes and allow u the chance just to make sure u don’t cheat. What business do u have with this lady that u never made mention of all this while? how do you want me to un-derstand and believe all u are saying today? My mum has realised I’m not fine and she is finding her way here to know what is happening to me. My mum knows me too well that she can determine from my speech when I’m worried. I can’t even ba-re the shame, telling anyone about this. How will they see me if they loose respect for my husband.
What have I done to deserve this from u Louis? ( Mina asked in tears) ?
Louis: Mina, I’m so sorry. Pls forgive me, I know u are hurt but I’m so sorry. I promise this won’t happen again. I’m very sorry dear. Pls don’t tell anyone about this, I can’t ba-re the shame.??‍♂
Mina: (still crying) Louis I want to be alone, just leave me alone pls. (Mina leaves Louis in the hall)
Moments later, Bill had a call from Bella’s dad. (Mr. Kim)
Mr. Kim: Bill, hope u are fine. Shortly I want you to do something for me. It’s very urgent. Pls.
Bill: Dad, I’m all ears.
Mr. Kim: pls try your best to get me the full name of the young man’s (Louis) mother. I seriously nee-d it.
Bill: But Dad…..
Mr. Kim: My son, u won’t un-derstand. Just do this for me pls.
Bill: Okay dad, I’ll try.
Mr. Kim: Pls do. Thanks.
Bill on phone with Mina.
Bill: Mina, how are u? Hope u are doing well by now?
Mina: I’m managing Bill, but for this lock down I’d have gone to my sister for a while to clear my head. I get hurt anytime I set eyes on Louis.
Bill: Just take heart dear. U can’t keep hurting yourself. Just keep calm, it shall soon pas-s away.
Mina: Hmmmm, what about Bella? What’s going on?
Bill: Talking about Bella, the whole thing is looking here as though I was rather caught by her. Cos any word I utter she uses it against me. We haven’t had the platform to discuss what happened. Her dad called to calm me down. But he called me moments ago and requested for something, that’s what made me call u even. He said he nee-ds the full name of Louis’s mother. I tried asking why but he wouldn’t allow me speak. Can u pls help with that?
Mina: Seriously Bill, I don’t want this to reach his family, my family will then hear this and this whole issue will just light up again. What for God’s sake will he nee-d the name for?
Bill: I seriously don’t know.
‘Bill’s background’ ( Bill! Bill!! Bill!!!)
Mina: Is that not your wife screaming?
Bill: Yes, let me check what’s wrong.
Bill rushed to check on Bella only to find her restless in be-d and has embr@ced her tommy with both hands.
Bill: Bella, what’s wrong with u, why are u holding your Tommy so ti-ght.
Bella: gro-an s in pain….Bill, I can’t stand it, my tommy hurts so bad.
Bill: what did u eat last night and this morning.
(Bella was silent)
Bill called an ambulance and rushed Bella to the hospital.
After test results were out, she was confirmed pregnant and the cause of the pain was because she took too much coffee the past night and took chilled water earlier that morning. She was then advised to desist from that else she can cause a miscarriage since the pregnancy is young.
They were later discharged and they went home.
That evening Bill got the full name of Louis’s mother and s£nt it to Mr. Kim.
Bella then confronted Louis to talk about the pregnancy.
Bella: Bill, I don’t know how to start it but I think we should try our best to settle whatever is between us and face the unborn baby.
Bill: What do u mean by face the unborn baby? Are u trying to pursue me because now you u are pregnant?
Bella: Not really, but I think it’s better we do away with whatever has pas-sed and face what’s current. I’m sorry for my actions after what happened but I had nothing doing with him. I was just offended at the scene you created to disgrace me and even in front of my parents. U went too far. U should have at least asked me. It was far different from what you thought.
Bill: Look Bella, I’m not re-ady for any fabricated stories right now, when u make your mind to tell me the truth, I’ll listen to u , otherwise excuse me. ( Bill walks away)