Quarantine dairy Episode 1

Quarantine Diaries*
*Day 1*
Wife: Tilly come take ur breakfast it’s getting cold.
Tilly: I wanna take it with dad together on the dinning table.
Dad: Tilly baby, I’ll soon join u dear, go start it.
Tilly: okay daddy.
Dad joins Tilly no sooner after she got to the table.
Tilly: Dad, my tea is too h0t.
Dad: Sorry dear, let me cool it down a little for u.
Wife joins from the kitchen.
Tilly: Mum are we going to school tomorrow?
Wife: No baby, u will go to school soon but not now OK.
Tilly: Okay mum.
Wife goes to the kitchen to pick something.
Tilly: I love u dad, u are not like the uncle who comes here when u go to work. He does not eat on the dinning table, he eats with mum in your room.
Dad in shock, st©ps taking the breakfast and sighs.
Wife: Honey u ain’t eating your food, are u OK?
Why the sudden mood swing?
Dad: I’m good dear I just lost appetite.
Wife: should I make something else for u?
Dad: not really babe, I think I’ll eat later. (He leaves the table)
Tilly: Mum, why did daddy st©p eating? Is he sick?
Wife: Daddy is fine, he nee-ds to do something inside.
Later that evening, Dad was watching TV in the hall.
Tilly runs to him.
Dad: Tilly baby, have u taken your bath alre-ady.
Tilly : Yes daddy.
Dad: good girl. So tell me, do u know the uncle who comes where any time I go to work?
Tilly: Yes daddy, one day he left something on the table so I took it and use it to pla-y, it’s in my school bag.
Dad: Go and bring it.
( Tilly brings a voters ? that fell from the said Uncle’s wallet)
Tilly: This is it dad.
Dad: Good girl, is that the only thing he left here?
Tilly: yes dad
Mum walks in from the be-droom.
Mum: Daddy and daughter, what are u guys discussing.
Dad: quic-kly he replied, we are watching movie and discussing it.
Mum: Smiles and asked Tilly to come for her medicine.