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Puzzle of my heart finale

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 43
“Piper Bryce,Draco and his Fellow assassins are here by sentence to life imprisonment with hard labour for the murder of late Amara Theodore and other innocent life’s taken. Mr Clifford Bryce is sentence to Death by firing squad for the murder of Mr and Mrs Brooks.
The society needs good people and not bad influence. Court…arise” The judge said and everyone present in the court stood up as the judge left.
We – Ryan, Charlotte, Ryan’s friends and I, present at the court, we stood up and hug each other. Thank God its all over…at least i can breath well now that my parents death has been avenged.
“Its all over now and I’m so happy” Charlotte said
“Yeah…how about we go out for some fun” Damian said
“By saying fun, you mean we should go and fuck some holes right?” Alexis ask
“That’s an irritating thing to say Alex” ryan said
“He’s just a dumb ass so what do you expect?” Damian said
“Fuck you dam” Alexis said
“Can you guys just shut the fuck up? You’re disturbing everyone in this building with your loud voices” Charlotte said
“Charlotte…how about we spend the night at a five stars hotel? Just the two of us” Damian ask
“I guess that two knots in your head has been loosed, come let me fix it” Charlotte said and everyone laugh.
“OMG! I’m hurt” Damian said faking a chest pain by placing his left hand on his chest and everyone laugh again.
“Please we should all go home and celebrate” I said
“I guess you’re right” Ryan said drawing me closer to him by my waist.
“Awwwwwwwn” Charlotte exclaim.
“So who’s in?” I ask
“I’m always in” Charlotte said
“I’m in” Damian said and Alexis was just there staring at what we don’t know and we all turn to the direction he was looking at.
“ALEXIS!!!” we shouted immediately we found out that he was staring at a pretty and well shaped lawyer who was walking to her car.
“Yes…what’s the problem?” He ask
“What have you been looking at?” Damian ask
“That’s none of your business…I’ll be right back guys” he said and realizing that he doesn’t know about the party that will be hosted at Ryan’s house,
“Make sure you’re part of the party in Ryan’s house this evening” I yell and he turn and gave a thumbs up.
“Let’s start going home…to be able to prepare on time before the party” Damian said and everyone agreed and enter the car.
Yeah…its been two weeks already and I’ve been discharged from the hospital. Ryan has been the best boyfriend ever and Charlotte won’t stop being a caring person.
I’m now the new CEO of B’s Wine Company which i changed to M&L Wine Company. Yeah…I made the other B’s to stop working by paying them to set another business for themselves.
I don’t need old people in my company thats why. Ryan has been on my neck for the merging of the two companies and finally, the merging will be done this week.
Liam has return back to his former school. Everything has been falling into place and I can’t be more than happy.
Music was blasting every corner of the Greenville’s mansion. There were more to eat and drink. I can’t believe that people can honour the invitation of Ryan and a very short time. Mr and Mrs Greenville are also here. They came back yesterday actually…After spending close to a month in their vacation. Liam is here too. Of course he should be here.
I’m actually looking for Ryan right now. I’ve not seen him after i finish dressing up. Charlotte told me that he was out here and here i am still looking for him.
Everywhere is filled up with maids attending to everyone. Lydia walk up to me in her red short gown. Not that short but it was above her knees.
In case you don’t know, I stop her from working as a maid and made her my personal assistant in the company. She’s a best friend anyone can ask for and she deserves nothing but the best.
“Hey girlfriend” she said as she got to where I was. I was dressed blue fitted gown with black heels.
“You look so gorgeous tonight” I said eyeing her gown.
“Common I’m just wearing the best of my clothes. I’m not as wealthy as you are and you know it” she said
“Common baby girl…stop downgrading yourself okay.” I said
“I’ve heard” she said
“I’m actually looking for Ryan…have you seen him around?” I ask and she smile at me.
“Lover girl…just look at the stage and see your prince charming” she said and I did as I was told.
I saw Ryan climb on the stage and collected the microphone from the mcee. What’s he doing there? I thought that we’ll be enjoying this party together?
“Attention everyone” he said and everyone turn to him in anxiety.
“First of all, I want to introduce the love of my life to you all…Maya Brooks” he said and i smiled i walk up to the stage and everyone started clapping.
“I’m so blessed to have a beautiful damsel as a girlfriend. Am I not lucky ?” He ask
“Sure you are jerk” Alexis yell from the crowd and everyone laugh.
“You’ve always been that jerk” Ryan said
“Thanks for the compliment” Alexis said and everyone laugh again.
“So as I was saying before the jerk interupted…” Ryan Said and everyone turn to him.
“…so I’m really lucky to have this beautiful damsel. She made me break out of the shell of so much pain and made me whole again. She made me to be strong and fight to be free. She doesn’t know what she might have done in my life but I just don’t think i want to let her go out of my life. She is my peace…my joy, my everything and thats why I want to make everything right today in front of you all by asking her to be my wife.
So miss Maya Brooks,will you marry me?” He ask as he went on his knee and brought out a gold ring and i felt my heart leap out of my chest.
Its just two weeks since Ryan ask me to be his girlfriend and he’s already asking me to be his wife. I felt tears building up in my eyes. How did he even get the ring? Well i don’t care… I have to give him an answer.
“I’ll marry you Mr Ryan Greenville” I said smiling through the tears that has already found its way out. Ryan smile and slide the ring into my finger and he stood up and hug me and everyone cheered.
Ryan disengage from the hug and gave me a passionate which I didn’t hesitate to respond to.
Gosh I’m engaged…
[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 44
“Wake up baby girl…its your wedding day” I heard Charlotte’s voice in my sleep.
“Please just give me five minutes more…I’m still sleepy” I said
“You won’t want to keep Ryan waiting at the church” she said and i open my eyes and saw Lydia and Charlotte looking into my face.
“What’s the stare all about ?” I ask
“We’ve been trying to wake you up but it seems like you’ve been dreaming about your wedding” Lydia said
“Oh please…but today is my wedding day…I don’t want to keep Ryan waiting” I said and sat on the bed.
“Thats why we’ve come to get you prepared. So go into the bathroom and take your bath. When you’re done, notify me by knocking the door. You wouldn’t want to be late for your wedding” Charlotte said and walk out.
“Be fast Maya…we don’t have all day” Lydia whisper before going out too. I sigh and walk out of the bed.
I’m still sleepy but I can’t keep my groom waiting. I walk into the bathroom and my bath has been prepared already.
I took off my clothes and walk into bathtub. The water scent like that of strawberry. I smile as I bath. Today is my wedding day and I’m so happy.
I finish bathing and I walk out of the bathtub back to the room with a white towel tied around my chest and my hair.
After I finish applying my body lotion,I knock on my door as i was told to do. After about five minutes, the door open and Charlotte and Lydia walk in with four other ladies and one was carrying a makeup box. I guess they’re the makeup artists.
“So this is the bride to be. I want you ladies to transform her to look more beautiful. I want Ryan’s and every other person’s mouth to left open immediately they see the bride” Charlotte said.
“We’re up to the task miss Charlotte. The bride is really beautiful. ” the lady who seems like the leader said.
“Yeah…she’s my brother’s wife to be. Her name is maya” Charlotte said smiling.
“She’s my friend” Lydia said giggling.
“And she’s my daughter in law” we all heard Mrs Greenville’s voice as everyone laugh.
“Mum…you’re not suppose to be here” Charlotte said
“Why can’t I be here?…I’m also a woman young lady” she said and everyone hold their laugh.
“Look around the room mum…there’s no one of your age here. You’re supposed to be with your husband” Charlotte said
“Charlotte…leave her alone…she’s our mum remember” I said
“Oh my beautiful daughter in law…don’t mind this lousy daughter of mine. How do you feel now that you’re getting married?” She ask as she got to where i was.
“I’m so nervous mum” I said
“Don’t be nervous my darling daughter. Just be happy because its a one in time things. Artist…start your job. Let’s not keep her groom waiting” she said
“Common miss Maya…let’s get you more beautiful” the leader of the makeup artist said and i went to sit on the makeup seat.
The keyboardist started playing the keyboard as I walk into the church in my long wedding gown and white heels. I was holding my bouquet with a white veil covering my face.
Liam was holding my hand as we walk through the aisle towards the alter. The gown was really long so I couldn’t raise up my head to look at what’s going on in front of me. I wouldn’t want to stumble and fall.
We finally got there and Liam handed me over to Ryan.
“You look so gorgeous my angel” ryan mutter to me.
“Thank you” I said blushing. Hope he no one can see me though.
We turn facing each other. Ryan was looking more cute today. Gosh I can’t wait for all these to be over so I can pull off these heels.
We said our vows and the priest pronounce us as a couple and we kissed. Everyone cheered and was happy for us.
At the reception, there were a lot to eat and drink. Everyone with his or her partner,either dancing or chatting. I was surprised to see Damian and Charlotte together all the time.
I hope something comes out from them though. I just want everyone to be happy.
It was time for Ryan and I to leave for our honeymoon which is going to take place in paris. The private jet was already waiting for us at the airport. We bade our loved ones before entering the limousine.
Immediately the car started driving, Ryan didn’t waste time in locking his his on mine and I didn’t hesitate to reciprocate.
“I miss this” he said after we broke the kiss.
“But we kissed in from of everyone hours ago” I said.
“Hours seems like forever to me” he said.
“Naughty Ryan…let’s get to our destination first” I said and immediately I said that, I realized that I was still a virgin.
Yeah…I didn’t allow Ryan have sex with me when we were dating because I thought it wasnt right and also i was scared.
I’m really nervous right now. I don’t know how first time sex is. I heard that its so painful. Gosh…I’m so nervous right now.
We got to our destination in Paris in no time and all my thoughts were how first time sex was.
It was Ryan’s penthouse in Paris and everything was in place. The maids welcome us with smiles on their faces as the take our bags. Ryan went to our room and everything was just in place.
I don’t know how long we’ll be staying here though but I just want the honeymoon to be memorable.
We took our baths and went to take dinner prepared by the chef. It was really nice and I enjoyed every part of it.
It was nighttime already, Ryan and I were just lying on the bed facing the ceiling fan. My heart was beating faster than it should.
“Maya…I need you” I heard Ryan say and i know that it was time. No escape now…I have to give myself to my husband.
His hand found its way to my thigh and I felt like Ryan just lit a fire in me. He came on top of me and took my lips on his and we started kissing so passionately.
I felt his hands raising the night gown that i wore.
The couples were both naked now and Maya won’t stop being scared. She felt heart limp at interval each time she felt Ryan’s erected dick but it got covered by the pressure of Ryan’s kisses and touch.
After all the pressure, Ryan went into her and the pain hit her in the head and a tear came out of her eye.
*Gosh this is so painful, its just two times of the pains during menstruation* maya thought. She felt her virgina tearing.
“Are you a virgin?” Ryan ask after noticing how tight Maya was down there. Maya nodded and Ryan was speechless. He couldn’t Imagine how he was.
Maya kept herself even during her worst situation. He suddenly started going slow so as to ease the pain he knows she was feeling.
As time goes on, maya couldn’t feel the pain that much, it was mixed with pressure. The couples moans could be heard around the room as Ryan come inside Maya and pull out.
Maya was happy that she gave her pride to the man she loves. She felt that she has fulfilled her mothers wish even though she was no more.
She felt so free. Ryan cuddled her and before they knew it, they were both asleep.
[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 45 [Finale]
I woke up from my sleep and the first thing I saw was Maya’s beautiful face. I smile as i stare at her the more. We were both naked due to the love making of last night.
She starr in her sleep and I smile the more. She’s just so beautiful. I started hearing some whisper from outside the room.
“Nichole let’s go in already” I heard Nicholas whisper.
“No Nicholas…why should we go in now? Let’s do it during breakfast” Nichole said
“You’re just so nervous when it comes to stuff like this” Nicholas said
“How do you expect me to react?” Nichole ask
“After we’ve finished planning everything, you just have to spoil it with your nervousness. I’m so tired of you. Just get out” I heard Nicholas yell. What are they even planning?
“Nicholas wait…okay fine let’s do it now” Nichole said.
“Now that’s it little sis” Nicholas said
“I’m not little okay” Nichole said
“You’re always nervous when it comes to stuff like this but you’re never nervous when it comes to talking back at me” Nicholas said and i almost laugh.
“That’s because you are always a jerk…now let’s go in” Nichole said and the door of the room started opening. I pretended to go back to sleep.
Not too long, I started hearing
By now, Maya has woken up already and I pretended to wake up too. Nicholas and Nichole we’re holding two cupcakes each in their hand.
“Awwwwwwwn thank you so much angels. Come give mummy a hug” maya said and six years Nichole and Nicholas went to hug their mum.
“We got some cakes for you mum” Nichole said
“Yeah…just to say thank you for being the best mum in the whole world” Nicholas said
“Gosh i feel so left out…you kids haven’t pay attention to me since you guys came in here. So you now love your mum more than me right” I ask pretending to be hurt.
“Common darling, don’t be jealous..its not your birthday”Maya said with her mouth full of cake.
Gosh….I can’t believe Maya has started eating when she hasn’t even freshen up. She’s pregnant and all she does is eat, eat and eat.
“Just allow mummy to enjoy her cake. How’s our baby brother doing in here?” Nicholas said
“Its a baby sister dumb ass” Nichole said
“You must be joking” Nicholas said
“Its a girl jerk…stop your silly talks” Nichole said
Gosh…this is how they argue all the time. Twins that insults each other but are very but are very co-operative.
“Common…its okay twins. Today is your mum’s birthday. Why not drop the argument just for today?” I yell and stop arguing.
“Nicholas started it first” Nichole said
“Shut up Nichole…I didn’t start anything first and besides, give me some respect as your big brother” Nicholas said and I know that he said that to piss Nichole off.
“You’re noway older than me. We celebrate our birthdays the same day and the same time. So shut the fuck up” Nichole said and both Maya and i were just looking at them.
“Alright its okay kids. Its my birthday so don’t stress me okay. You guys should go to your room and freshen up. Mummy is taking everyone out on her birthday” Maya said
“Like a picnic ?” Nichole ask
“Just go freshen up…I’ll decide where we’ll go” Maya said and the twins argue and left the room.
“Finally i can breath” she said and sigh
“Those kids are so noisy” I said
“They took after their father” she said and started laughing.
“Common you’re the one who’s noisy here. I’m still learning when you’re here” I said
“You must be joking. I need to take my bath. I’m not smelling nice” she said
“How about we bath together?” I ask
“You mean we should have sex in the bathroom?” She ask
“You’re naughty” I said
“Common Ryan…I know the man I married” she said going into the bathroom while I follow behind.
I put on the shower and yeah…its sex in the shower…
“Okay kids let’s start going since we’re all ready” Maya said to separate the argument going on between the twins.
“You heard mum…let’s go” Nicholas said
“I heard what she said. Stop being a jerk all the time Nicholas” Nichole said.
“I won’t take you guys out again if you argue one more time. I’ll just go out with my husband and leave you guys at home” maya said
“We’re sorry mum” they said in union
“Good…now let’s start going and no more arguments” she said.
We’re about leaving when we heard noise coming from outside. The door open and Charlotte walk in with her four years old daughter – Camille.
She got married to Damian after everything. We couldn’t believe it ourselves. The next thing we heard was they were engaged and got married.
Damian came in next with Alexis and his wife – Fiona. Fiona was ths barrier Alexis was looking at seven years ago. Mum and dad came in too and Maya’s best friend – Lydia who was holding a cake.
“I guess there’s no need for any outing. We’ve got all our families here”
“Yeah” I said.
“Where’s the birthday queen? Common let’s celebrate” mum said and Maya went to hug her.
“I’m always here” Maya said
“Happy birthday Maya” Charlotte said as she walk up to her and hug her.
“Thank you Charlotte” maya said
“Careful so you won’t hurt my baby” I said.
“Common bro, stop being so protective” Charlotte said and disengage the hug.
“Wow…our twins are growing so fast” Alexis said
“Should they remain as babies?” Damian ask
“Common dickhead…I’m just saying okay” Alexis said
“Don’t say that in front of my grand kids. Nicholas and Nichole, common…come and hug grandma” mum said and everyone laugh
“Let the celebration begin” Dad said and suddenly we head a loud noise and we turn to the door in fright waiting for the person to show him or herself.
“I’m sorry I’m late…hope I didn’t miss anything?” Liam said and everyone eave a sigh of relief.
“You’re just right in time little bro” maya said
“Heyyy…I’m a man now okay” liam said and everyone laugh and the celebration continues.
I walk up to Maya and grab her by the waist.
“Happy birthday my beautiful wife” I said and handed a small box to her.
“Thank you my handsome husband” she said and circled her hand around my neck.
“You look really beautiful in this dress and i feel like ripping it off and fucking you right away” I said
“You’re so naughty Ryan” she said smiling
“I’m so glad that I have you Maya. Thank you for coming into my life to bring me out of my dark world. Thank you for being the best wife and for giving me those beautiful kids and the one in here” I said pointing to her big tummy and she smile.
“Thank you too Ryan. For loving me and being by my side all the way. Thank you for being the best husband, for putting those beautiful kids in me and the one in here” she said
“I love you Mrs Maya Greenville” I said
“And i love you too Mr Ryan Greenville” she said smiling and I took her lips in mine as we kissed so passionately.
“Gosh…look at these couples. Go inside if you want to make love” Alexis loud voice brought us back from the realm of the kiss and Maya buried her head in my chest as everyone laugh.
The rest was fun….
Wow finally I’m through with this story. I want to thank you all for being the best fans ever. Even when i wanted to quit because of stress, your words made me not to quit.
I tried to create time and write something for you guys.
Thanks for all your likes and comments. It gave me more passion to continue writing. I can never love you guys less.
1. So what do you learn from this story?
2. Who was your best character?
3. One word for Nichole and Nicholas😂😂


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